The ADL desecrates ANZAC commemoration

#DavidHurley_CDF     #cityofsydneyRSL    #seanrubinsztein

Do you like enemies of Australia hanging around ANZAC ceremonies and crawling around our veterans and our service men and women?

Do you want them recruiting ADF personnel to their hate groups?


Didn’t think so. But apparently the ADL think it is OK to intrude on the day when we commemorate those who served our country.

These clowns also think it is OK to wear their bigotry on their persons, forgetting the 40 000 Australian men and women who died in WWII fighting their Fascist kind.

Here’s the ADL’s self-styled “Charter President”  lurking around one of our servicemen. No doubt he told the young sailor about his own less-than-salubrious service in the ADF ?



Did you Ralphski?

13 thoughts on “The ADL desecrates ANZAC commemoration

  1. Those sleezy creeps have all the dumb Aussies brain washed ,unbelievable how we have traitors right under our noses ,but the dumb Aussies are clueless ,and when you tell them the truth they can’t handle it is this Isralia or Australia , great story thanks

  2. I’ve contacted ADL via facebook regarding Ralph’s service history. Their response to ANZMI’s information was that it is akin to cyber bullying and that they wouldn’t judge anyone that hadn’t been tried by a jury of their peers.

    Sort of makes their whole existence redundant

  3. I bet it would screw with their tiny minds to know there are muslims in the defence force, both current and previous.

  4. Your young sailor in the photo has spent over 17 years in service to his country. When I’m out in public on the job in ceremonial uniform I’m asked for photos quite often. So when a member of the public asked for a photo before the dawn service, I thought nothing of it until I read his t-shirt afterwards. No. Ralph did not tell me who he was, nor of his affiliations. You’ll noticed he latched on quite firmly. He knew exactly what he was doing, unfortunately I had no idea at the time.
    To the admins of @theantibogan, please consider my email request.

    • We obscured your face in the photo. No one knows who you are – the focus of the blog post is on the bizarre behaviour of an extremist.

      You could have been General Hurley for that matter. The point is that Ralph Cerminara is a disgrace and should not be anywhere near our service personnel.

  5. Mind blurring the markings on my sleeves? I’m the only person in the Navy with that combination of markings and medals.

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