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      ” 1.6 Do Aboriginal and Torres Strait
      Islander peoples get special treatment
      from the government?
      Generally, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
      receive the same level of public benefits as non-
      Indigenous people. Individuals do not receive additional
      public benefits because they are from an Aboriginal or
      Torres Strait Islander background.
      Specific government programs – not additional income
      – have been introduced for Aboriginal and Torres
      Strait Islander peoples because they are the most
      economically and socially disadvantaged group in
      Examples include:
      • Community Development Employment Projects,
      in remote Aboriginal communities
      • Aboriginal Medical Services and Aboriginal Legal
      • Indigenous Employment Program
      • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’
      education programs, such as the Indigenous
      Tutorial Assistance Scheme.”

      • An anonymous source who worked for a job/training organisation in Far North Queensland once explained to me how some of these companies work. Unfortunately, it is not for the benefit of the client. The client ends up in a perpetual cycle of training (I know some people in my community who have upwards of 7 different heavy machinery tickets), then a subsidised job placement for 12 to 18 weeks. They then go back into the system and get cycled again because the job becomes non-existent after the subsidy runs out. I mention this, because a friend and I discussed this very issue only days ago. We concurred that the *only* way to massively reduce inbred and socialised racism is to make concreted effort to create new jobs and new positions in established companies. Make Australia an attractive place to do business in as an Australian company. Then, employ indigenous and other peoples in a mixed environment. Don’t create jobs that end up with predominantly one race in the payroll. I have seen this in heavy industry employing majority caucasian. Manufacturing processing plants employing predominantly Asian people, short to mid-term roadwork and construction jobs employing predominantly indigenous people, and meat processing plants employing predominantly Brazilians. Encourage and reward businesses to balance the mix of employees and all those people whose racism is based on the ignorance and fear of the unknown, will learn about the culture they fear and realise that we are ALL humans, that feel. I know this sounds like a an unreachable utopian type goal, but it came from the mind of a white boy that’s been around a bit, and an indigenous bloke who grew up in a tiny community and has also travelled half way ’round the world. We both live in the same area he was born now. Anyway, it was just a thought…

  1. Pointing out racism is fine, but can you also research the age of these posters?
    When a 15yo says something like that, it’s easy to ignore, and put aside as an as yet uneducated mind.
    When it’s someone in their 30’s, it makes more sense to give them slander. They should have more wisdom than this.

  2. There are a lot of white people who know how to look up the facts and are aware of how systemic racism against Aboriginal people works, to this day as an institutionalised facet of every corner of this otherwise beautiful country your people have looked after for scores, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. To any Aboriginal person reading this, I am so so so sorry for the ignorant and hateful comments made by these dimwits. They don’t speak for all white Aussies, and they are far too stupid and full of insecurity and fear to ever get their facts straight, in way the system has let them down too. Don’t give them the benefit of being affected by this, they want you to be upset and ruin your day… Just feel sorry for them and their poor suffering kids (imagine having parents like them), and know that there are millions of white people who know the truth and are not so stupid we believe any old bullshit. Theseeople do not speak for us. The government is letting us all down, and these morons are so thick they are voting for the same racists who are screwing us all over one way or another. 🙂 peace, have a lovely day and forget about these arseholes!

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