Game, set, match, sexism?

Attacking From The Left

For a second, just imagine that one of the highest ranked male tennis players in the world, be it Nadal, Federer, Murray, Djokovic or any of the others, had just won a marathon five setter. Now imagine them taking part in the obligatory post game interview with a commentator who starred in the game for decades, and no doubt knows it inside out. Now imagine the first question they get asked is “so who would you most like to date?” or “So how is married life treating you?”. Having a difficult time imagining the last step in that sequence ever eventuating? That’s because it’s incredibly unlikely at best.

These are the sexist double standards that female tennis players and athletes in general have to put up with. The latest case of this was at the Australian Open in the past few days. Having just won her way through to the…

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2 thoughts on “Game, set, match, sexism?

  1. We get the media we deserve. I agree with the complaint being made but the fact is, if this was not what people want to hear, it would not get asked. The people asking have no agenda beyond getting people to watch them, so they can sell advertising.

  2. They do ask the male players about their relationships, but it’s always the last question. A joking, silly question. Which actually come to think of it tend to focus on how hot their partners are, never really anything of substance. There’s a place for silly, fun questions, but they’re after actually talking tennis. And especially if it’s Jim Courier.

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