Narcissistic nobody – the Jason Gibson files

Jason checks his eyelashes and nose hairs before taking a selfie

Self-absorbed self-referencing troll addicted to selfies and as racist as fuck.

The use-by date on his condoms has expired.

Congratulations pin-head you’ve been NOTICED – but not in a good way.


Don’t leave lip marks on the iPhone

You can find the pale race warrior here


We even found a theme song for you dating from the era of the White Australia Policy.

White man speaks…

We came across this on tumblr. It encompasses all of those complaints from self-styled “white people” that they are not heard, appreciated or sufficiently worshipped. Since according to them they make up an overwhelmingly large proportion of the Australian population we decided to air their whinges and whines concerns as collected by Tim Colwill.


Tim Colwill is the editor-in-chief of and can be found here