Racist Couple Complain About Filthy ‘Boong’ Children and the Irony is Missed


We definitely believe that true beauty lies on the inside and when a soppy, bigoted couple type their racist opinions on a public website for us to have to read, it really does make them appear as fugly as they come.

And in such instances where a person (or persons) have called someone else ‘filthy’ and used a racist slur without bothering to see how internally and externally filthy they are, well, we just have to share them with the world. Enjoy.

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50 thoughts on “Racist Couple Complain About Filthy ‘Boong’ Children and the Irony is Missed

  1. I don’t believe they are actually real humans. Quite possibly the best photoshop job ever. That, or they take all of their photos with one of those “make me look busted up as fuck” apps.

    • You clearly don’t know those two at all. Bry and Ian are people who are brave enough to stand up against social injustice no matter what. Good on them for raising awareness.

  2. I actually think they both look pretty good apart from the tatts on the chubby nerd (I like tatts but fucking videogame tattoos? NO NO NO).
    We should be focusing more on why a couple who probably whine online about being discriminated against because they look different are using such foul words and think such foul things.

  3. This has to be a joke right?

    This article is publicly defaming a couple because they posted a bigoted slur. So this site posts a bigoted article on how these people are physically dirty and unattractive.

    I guess that’s the true irony of this article, it’s using bigoted opinions to fight bigoted opinions.

      • Actually I do have something to say but just so you know, I can’t reply instantaneously due to the format of the discussion.

        However I don’t have anything to say about the aboriginal children they were insulting because I know nothing about them. All I can say is, what was said about them is wrong.

        Being intolerant towards the intolerant doesn’t make any sense either.

        Firstly because you being ‘intolerant towards the intolerant’ makes you intolerant, which is the social problem your trying to overcome in the first place.

        But more importantly, this article is aimed at humiliating these people on there appearances, which has nothing to do with their racists beliefs. This just creates a negative association (dirty, unattractive, filthy) towards people who look this way (Long hair, piercings, tattoos, etc). Hence creating and/or supporting a bigoted belief towards people who look this way.

        What I’m trying to say is, you can’t criticise another person’s opinions by criticising their external appearances. In another words, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, judge it for being a shit book. Because in essence, Homophobic, Racist, Sexist (etc) beliefs all stem from judging a book by it’s cover.

        • Their pictures were public. It was ironic that they had the nerve to call other people filthy. If they ever end up seeing this page, maybe they’ll take the bitter pill and realise that they shouldn’t be so judgemental.

          The only time we will criticise someone’s appearance is if it helps in proving how hypocritical they are.

  4. To be fair, I actually know the guy in real life and to say he is the scummiest human being that I have ever met would be putting it lightly. He believes he is entitled to everything without doing anything to earn it, he uses people for all they are worth and then treats them like crap, he’s emotionally abusive, and his ex nearly died from the chlamydia he gave her.

  5. Okay guys, first up, when people here (western Australia) say ‘filthy boong’ they are not talking about how disgusting they look.

    They are more talking about how rude and disruptive they are to the public. This status is the LEAST derogatory post you will see from someone here in WA. The amount of aborigionals that wander around starting a fight with whoever they want is atrocious and I do not blame Ty for what he wrote.

    These kind of Aborigionals, if they went to a real aborigional community, would be killed for their behavior or beaten senseless.

    The main reason being they have absolutely no respect for anyone at all.

    Yes, you do get the really nice aborigionals, and they are pretty cool people, but the ones who abuse the fact that we ‘took their land away’ and get drunk as fuck out of a brown paper bag and have kids for the centerlink money is what is making our society fall to fucking shit. Those are the ones he is talking about.

    I wouldn’t even be surprised if this is someone who just dislikes Ty and is too weak to just tell him straight up what they think.

    This post actually makes me more mad than people who can’t function in society properly.

    • Okay guys, first up, when people here (western Australia) say ‘filthy boong’ they are not talking about how disgusting they look.

      So you think Noongah people are disgusting? Yes or no?

      They are more talking about how rude and disruptive they are to the public.

      You mean Noongah people are not part of “the public”? Ah of course – you are talking about white people.

      These kind of Aborigionals, if they went to a real aborigional community, would be killed for their behavior or beaten senseless.

      How would you know? With your attitudes the mob wouldn’t let you near their communities.

      • I do not think they are disgusting, I think that some are just not curtious to those around them and these are the ones you see wandering the streets drunk out of their minds and disrupting.
        Which leads me to my ‘the public’ statement. The public are the people around them. Good job on twisting my words though. You’re doing well.

        I had an aboriginal best friend in highschool who told me all about how the actual tribes function. They have respect and they don’t take things lightly if rules are broken.

    • Hi Tegan. As you’re busy determining who Australia needs and who it does not need, do you mind telling us all why Australia needs you?

    • Hey, wow, there are actually some of us here in WA who would never consider using the slur ‘boong’ in ANY. CONTEXT. EVER.

      Do NOT speak for WA! You clearly stick to a charming niche where this stuff is cool, fine and dandy, but there are plenty of us from WA who find that sort of thinking totally vile and extremely blinkered.

      And seriously – ‘aborigionals’?

      • Correction, I said that someone in WA will have posted something more derivative than this. It happens every day.

        Australia is one of the most racist countries and will probably remain that way.

        I don’t see why people do it, but there is some scum in Australia that write things worse than this.

        • Correction, you said: “Okay guys, first up, when people here (western Australia) say ‘filthy boong’ they are not talking about how disgusting they look.”

          Yes, you went on to water it down to ‘someone’ in the next paragraph, only after your assertion suggesting the norm for a Western Australian is very narrow-minded indeed. And I refute that notion.

          You are normalising racism and excusing it, and you go on to presume Australia ‘will probably remain this way’ — well yes, perhaps it will if the comfortably complacent such as yourself keep defending that behaviour!

        • Sorry, where was I defending the behavior?

          I was more pointing out certain things about the post in general.

          I’m not racist in the slightest. I actually look down on it. I look at everyone equally and if someone, whether white, black, tan, purple, happens to make a scene of them selves in public, I am disgusted regardless.

        • You go on and on and on about how it could be worse and it’s kind of normal, etc etc. Excusing and normalising, thereby defending — and then shifting the goalposts. I’m bored of replying to the content of your posts, only for you to claim you didn’t say that or you’re actually a neutral, lofty observer. Tedious and pointless.

      • You need to actually get out into communities if you want to have something to say. A lot of black city folk have lost touch with their roots.

  6. Oh wow, so only the mod can shit talk anonymously? I was supporting your statement, dickwad. Maybe I wanted to be anonymous to avoid conflict in my life that is already ripe with it? Cheers.

  7. It seems this post has created a lot of conflict among readers. I really have to respond to ‘Hounddog’. Why do you use the term ‘they’? Be brave and say what you mean. I am of the opinion that you want to say ‘aboriginals’, or perhaps even ‘boong’, or ‘coon’. Or am I completely wrong, and you really wanted to say, drunk people who cause distress to others by their actions?
    You see Hounddog, in all cities and towns, you will see people drunk on the street causing trouble and distress to others.
    These drunk people are from many racial backgrounds. In fact, many are ‘white’ anglo-saxon people. These drunk people also come from varied social backgrounds; professionals, labourers and unemployed to name three. Drunken anti social behaviour is not restricted to one race. It is something that is spread throughout society. The problem is excessive alcohol consumption, not race. Some folk are even known to be rude and disruptive even when sober. I spent my younger years in Perth and recall being scared by ‘skinheads’ because of their anti-social behaviour.
    I think that the reason why you have this ‘they’ attitude is because as a society we have allowed prejudice and racism free reign for too long. People become indoctrinated into an ‘Us and Them’ attitude, promoted by the media, extremist organisations, and ignorance. In larger communities, the mob mentality that is inherent in humans perpetuates this divide, leading to more racialisation, bigotry, sexism and discrimination.
    I live in a very small, yet widespread community in Far north Queensland. Due to our population (around 400) we are not dominated by ‘mob mentality’, nor are the majority of us overly influenced by mass media. Up here we don’t acknowledge ‘racism’. We see the issue you are concerned about as originating from other factors, ie: alcohol, or more importantly alcohol abuse. The problems you see on the street are not race related, they are societal. If you doubt me, head out into your city on any Friday or Saturday night and watch the violence, rudeness and disruption caused by alcohol abuse.
    We will *never* see an end to racism while people maintain an ideology of ‘Us and Them’. We as humans need to change our thought process and realise that we are all on this little rock together, and we ALL deserve mutual respect.

  8. The pictures are hilarious, especially the one kissing. They might think twice about what they say on face book or they might change their settings to private.

  9. You are all a bunch of idiots, fancy not even knowing these people you are as bad as them with the comments you are making you bunch of hypocrites!

  10. I just about vomited when I saw the picture of the couple “licking” Such a harsh thing to say about children, especially when a lot of people probably think that him and his girlfriend are filthy.

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