This B&H is a different sort of health hazard

Meanwhile in Perth



And if you have never heard hate music before imagine this. A bunch of lunatics let loose with saucepans and lids, all screeching out of tune.

So our advice? Don’t bother with it.

7 thoughts on “This B&H is a different sort of health hazard

  1. Ahhh, the old “Nazi rock band on Anzac Day” routine ay? This type of ridiculousness has become such a standard forehead slap I am getting a sore forehead from slapping it. I’m sure our current and ex-servicemen should appreciate the notion of supporting the people their predecessors fought to rid the world of.

  2. They do realise that the nazis lost ww2 right? Primarily due to a communist country? Seriously why do these idiots continue to adhere to an ideology that is objectively bankrupt and that has objectively failed?

  3. I have no idea why they even see Hitler as an inspirational figure. Sure he was intelligent and motivated, but he was a miserable failed artist turned hateful-and-even-more-miserable genocidal maniac, who shot himself in his cowardly head after realising that he was in too deeper shit when the world finished owning his pathetic ass (and political ideology). He also had a urine fetish, which even just there is a dealbreaker for me.

    Surely you’d think it’d be a cautionary tale for everyone, but I guess some people were obviously sourced from the piss in our gene pool.

  4. I’m not sure if they are actually Aboriginals, probably not, but have you heard this

    they have a facebook page too

  5. Violence is their culture and their expectation. They would love people to act on the feelings they inspire and firebomb the stage while they are performing. This would then justify, in their minds. their immature outlook. All racist cultural nonsense like this and that spewed from any group is an expression of powerlessness. I mean pushing people around who are quietly fishing isn’t exactly the proud march of righteous arms, is it? They are a canker on the arse of society and will always remain so, because if they build power they also strengthen the invitation to destroy them, a self-fulfilling philosophy of death and extinction. ANZAC day commemorates (amongst many other things), the defeat of the nazis, not the erradication of fuckwitism as can be see by the presence of these kind of microbic nobodies.

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