20 thoughts on “Natalie Mason – Taking Her Clothes Off to Kill All Muslims

  1. A disgusting and ignorant post. Take your clothes off Natalie, you will be the one looking like a dickhead. And honestly, my muslim friends aren’t half as stupid as you, if we had to lose anyone right now, i’d prefer it was you.

  2. This woman’s attitude is disgraceful and deserves comment but do you really think negative comments about her weight are the way to make your point about how much more accepting you are?

  3. I like how much magical-thinking there is about Muslims: you can ward them off with pig’s blood (like garlic for vampires!), if they see a woman naked they automatically self-destruct. I get that Muslims are kind of new to our society and perhaps a bit mysterious, but really, they’re Muslims, not aliens from another galaxy or something. Get out and meet some people Natalie, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

    • Good comment nerdypants which I agree with almost entirely but,sorry, being a bit of a history pedant I just want to note that there have actually been Muslims in Australia far longer than most folks realise – the afghan camel drivers that gave the Ghan railway its name and the early Macassan (Indonesian) traders who traded with the indigenous folks for beche de mer (I think?) possibly, memory serving, even before the first European settlers arrived.

      • I just knew someone would pull me up for that! You massive pedant. But yes, point taken, there have been Muslims in Australia for a long time. I suppose I mean in the broader context, that it is new to have this number arriving, and they have higher visibility now and in the political context of this post-911(tm) world.

  4. So according to Natalie Mason’s “reasoning” here; Muslims kill themselves on seeing a naked woman* and thus she asks”Why aren’t we all nude?”

    Well, aside from the (more than) slight issue with wanting to wipe out a whole religious group there’s the small point that half of us** are actually male and thus presumably would have no impact on forcing Muslims to mass suicide.

    * To be fair, she does add the word “If” at the start here. Seems a pretty whopping “if” to me. Any basis in fact at all? I doubt it.

    ** Well, a bit under half if memory serves but but roughly speaking here.

  5. We could probably lobby our govt to swap asylum seekers for the culturally paranoid/racist folk. Send the culturally paranoid to the detention centres…and increase the homestay numbers for refugees/seekers/immigrants.

  6. I am the person that said this. First of all I want to apologise to anyone that I have offended.
    My only excuse for that post is ignorance.
    I have grown since then and learnt a lot about religion and many posts I have put up since are about equality of all people regardless of faith. I feel ashamed to have been so horrible and to anyone that I offended I apologise and wish you love and peace.
    To any of my Muslim friends that see this. You know I respect you and value our friendship and you are the ones that opened my eyes to the real faith and not what the media put in our face. Really ashamed of myself and I am sorry.

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