Kristy and Joel form a group

One day Kristy walked into Centrelink at Liverpool, an activity which no doubt occurs regularly with her. Suddenly she saw some musicians.

We know things are tough for Australian musicians since poker machines overran the pubs. But we had no idea they had ten kids – well we know established stars like Barnesy have fair-sized families, but your average Aussie muso is a scrawny male who can barely scratch together enough money to feed himself and afford the petrol to go to gigs let alone have ten kids. And there’s the APRA fees, and paying your roadies and sound engineers…

Kristy Lacko Joel Rickard

Joel Rickard apparently wants a voice in “parliment” (sic). So is he proposing a rock concert at the opening of Parliament each year?

Sorry Joel I don’t think SOUTHERN CROSS SOLIDERS PARTY really makes it as a band name.

And then Joel goes off because Vegemite is halal. Guess what Joel, most of what you consume is technically halal. But we have no problems with you and your “soliders” (sic) boycotting food and drink. Best stop breathing too.

Your demise will make more room for better Australians!

7 thoughts on “Kristy and Joel form a group

  1. Lol, NO!! NOT VEGEMITE!!! -The choice food of your local music act. Who the hell has time to analyse a jar of Vegemite like that? I love “fInal strawness” of it all, i.e “we need a political party (because I’ve just realised Vegemite is halal)”.

  2. Soliders? So these guys must really hate liquids, huh? How un-Australian, especially when you account for the fact that most of the piss any real Aussie cunt sinks comes in liquid form.

  3. 2213 people? thats bugger all in a country of 22+ million. when will these idiots stop wasting my tax dollars and get a job? or better yet, leave?

  4. Now what was Kristy, Michelle and Joel doing in “cemtrelink”?

    Having an interview, pleading their case not to have their Newstart Allowance reduced. because they failed at their spelling and grammar classes?

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