Look At What the Mining Giants Have Planned For Our Media!

Australians need to know what the mining giants have planned for our media. Can you share this with your friends?

Read first:

Gina Rinehart:


Lord Monckton:







5 thoughts on “Look At What the Mining Giants Have Planned For Our Media!

  1. “Keep the news free, fair and balanced” The Fake Lord ‘expert in nothing’ is so out of touch with reality he needs a GPS to find himself back into it.

    On 2nd thoughts if he did get in touch with reality, he wouldn’t believe it as like Bolt it doesn’t agree with their BS based on lies, abuse, name calling, scare mongering etc etc

  2. Sounds like Rinehart has finally cottoned onto the fact that money can buy political influence. In this case using the media a la Murdoch and News Ltd. Why settle for being the 1% when you can be the 0.000001%?

    Lord Fruit Loop is a good example of how News Ltd practices their interpretation of ‘fair and balanced’ reporting. Or maybe I’m just biased against people who look like that guy who exploded in the movie Total Recall.

  3. We already knew that Bolt was a Cyclops, but this is evidence enough that he’s been bought and paid for. The video of Monckton sub rosa with mining executives just left me feeling nauseated. And there are still otherwise intelligent and sensible people in Australia who believe climate change denial is based on “science”: they also believe economics is a science.

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