8 thoughts on “Islamophobia and Antisemitism: Same message, different minority.

  1. I just don’t understand. So the Jews & Muslims/Arabs are persecuted by Christians & Anglos, yet they are killing each other.

  2. Many muslims take the koran quite literally.Its Madinan suras contain many exhortations to hatred and violent behaviour against infidels, and there is nothing in its text to suggest that these commands to expand Islam though violence and intimidation had any sort of time limit, or that they only had relevance to 7th century Arabia. The Old Testament, by comparison, is a dead letter to Christians. Perhaps you should concern yourself with ‘Christianophobia’, because unlike ‘Islamophobia’, it is a real problem. The Maspero massacre in Egypt is a chilling example. Around 100,000 Christians have been driven out of Egypt since the onset of the ‘Arab Spring’. The Christian population of Iraq, one of the oldest Christian communities in the world, has been decimated. The Sunni and Shia communities of Iraq slaughter each other on a daily basis with relentless suicide bombing. Both of these communities persecute the Sufis and Alawites and other minority sects.The intolerance underlying this is unrelenting. One Muslim cannot abide the thought of another Muslim who believes just slightly differently. Last December, hundreds of Nigerian Christians had their Christmas celebrations (and lives) abruptly terminated by the machine-guns and grenades of Boko Harem.
    Your comparison of Robert Spencer with Julius Streicher is a piece of breath-taking intellectual dishonesty. Streicher was the mendacious propagandist of a powerful and aggressive totalitarian regime, which targeted and exterminated a relatively small racial (and religious) minority.
    Spencer is warning about the activities of a powerful, supremacist, global religious ideology, which has a grip on the minds of 1.5 billion people. We have seen their terrorist violence. Much of it is directed at that same small racial group that the Nazis tried to wipe from the face of the Earth. What many of us have not noticed is the campaign by the OIC, the Muslim Brotherhood and their various lobby groups in Western countries to islamize our societies slowly but surely. They have made quite a lot of progress in Europe, especially the UK, which now has a limited implementation of sharia.The assistance of the ‘progressive left’ has been invaluable to them.
    Islamophobia implies an irrational fear. I am not an Islamophobe. There are numerous good reasons for a rational secularist to fear Islam.

    • Many muslims take the koran quite literally.Its Madinan suras contain many exhortations to hatred and violent behaviour against infidels

      Many Christians take the Bible literally. Many Hindus interpret their scriptures literally.

      The Old Testament, by comparison, is a dead letter to Christians.

      Shall we list all the Christian sects and cults who take the OT as a literal history?

      Why mention Iraq, Egypt and Nigeria, all of which are societies where civil governance has either broken down or is in jeopardy due to war, civil war or economic and social change and try and make out that this is the norm for all societies where Muslims live? You have a naive attitude to international affairs indeed if you believe that. Colonialism and imperialism have more to answer for than religion.

      We stand by our comparison of Spencer with Streicher. We do not regard Spencer as an authority on anything, since his self-appointment as such is in his own mind. We are also rational secularists who regard all religions with scepticism, especially those ones where one man like Spencer sets himself up as the go-to guru guy for the “truth”. America is full of snake-oil salesmen and hatred of Muslims is a fertile field with easy pickings among the gullible.

      We also regard someone who paints himself as a secularist but who seems to plead a special case for Christians with scepticism.

      Communal violence is communal violence. Hindus and Sikhs routinely commit violence against each other, different sects of Islam do so as well. The Buddhist majority government of Sri Lanka persecutes its Hindu Tamils. Christians have been fighting other Christians since Christianity began. No religion has a monopoly on violence or non-violence.

      For someone who says he is not an Islamophobe you do a pretty good impersonation. It must be very difficult to walk around a country like Australia, where only 1.7% of the population is Muslim, and a goodly part of that children and the elderly, and be constantly fearful. You need to see a doctor about that.

  3. Well I must admit to being a former Roman Catholic, but that was all a long time ago.
    Just can’t help feeling sorry for those Christians being shot by snipers, run over by tanks, having their churches and homes burnt to the ground, just for being Christians. Seems so unfair, somehow.
    Compare this to the chorus of whining from the Muslim community when something really terrible happens to them, like Robert Spencer saying a few harsh words. I guess in Victoria they can always activate the Muslim Emergency Plan when this happens.

    When I was at school enduring 12 years of religious brainwashing, I can’t recall any of us lads feeling the urge to strap on a bomber-belt so that we could go and teach the Canaanites or the Moabites a lesson. This was principally because they had been eradicated for about three thousand years, so there was no-one to subjugate and slaughter even if we felt like it.
    The Jews and Christians are described in the Koran as morally blameful people who have wilfully and sinfully refused to recognise the obvious truth of Allah’s revelation through Mohammad. This relatively young religion offers 3 choices to the People of the Book, who still exist and are numbered in the billions- conversion, dhimmitude or death. For so-called idolators, such as Hindus and Buddhists, conversion or death are the only options. This is the basic reason for the rising genocide against Christians in the Middle East and Africa, which you obviously don’t want to know about and don’t care about. Those whacko beliefs about loving your neighbour and turning the other cheek make them so easy to kill, and the Religion of Peace just can’t resist the temptation.

    You accuse me of cherry-picking only those Muslim countries that are in a state of disarray. With the exception of Turkey, deliberately secularized by Ataturk in the 1920s, I don’t know what counties to choose. Morocco, perhaps is peaceful and prosperous, and so is Brunei, but any other Muslim land is either in upheaval, or under theocratic or secular dictatorship. Pakistan is nearly a failed state (with nukes). It openly and unapologetically discriminates against non-Muslims in its constitution. Even in Turkey non-Muslims do not have full civil rights. Would you really want to live in one of these countries and bring up a family there?
    Imperialism? Heard about the Ottoman Empire, which only collapsed at the end of World War I after 600 years? The Caliph was the religious leader of the Muslim world, as well as being the Sultan. Heard about the genocide of 1 million Armenians in 1915? Heard about the abduction and enslavement of 1.25 million Europeans by the navies of the Barbary states between 1530 and 1750. Heard about the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates which carved a path of slaughter, plunder and enslavement from Arabia to the East Indies? They were at the game of imperialism long before Europe, and bitterly resent being bested at it.

    I don’t walk around in a state of fear, but is there reason to be worried about what Muslims might do? Well when you consider the record I think so.
    Until 1999 the Indonesian army was remorselessly carrying out a genocide in East Timor. They murdered 150,000 out of a population of 650,000 (yeah, I know, they were only Christians). We had the temerity to send our military there under U.N. auspices to secure the establishment of a new nation.
    As punishment for this 202 people including 88 Australians were murdered by a bombing in Bali in 2002. 4 More Australians died in a second bombing in 2005. Osama bin Laden, in his 2001 manifesto, had listed this grievance in 3rd position. We had taken land from a Muslim nation. Unforgivable!
    Then there have been 4 major home-grown terrorist plots which have been thwarted by Australian Police forces (according to former Attorney-General Robert McClelland). There will be more. We clearly have a need for never-ending vigilance.

    You may recall the Lebanese rape gang that terrorized the women of Sydney about 10 years ago. The victims of these nasty thugs were taunted with racial slurs as they were violated (Racism from the Muslims?- what am I saying?!). You might think that these were an atypical group of young deviants whom no decent Muslim would seek to excuse. However what should happen next, but the Mufti of Australia (in a secretly recorded sermon) asking what do these young women expect if they ‘leave the cat-meat uncovered’? In other words, it was the girls’ fault, so they better learn to cover up. Apparently red-blooded young Muslim blokes can’t be expected to exercise any moral restraint at the site of exposed female flesh. It’s always the women’s fault- this is one of the great themes running though Islamic theology and sharia.

    If you are gay…The only controversy about the punishment of homosexuality under sharia is whether you should be thrown from the top of a mountain or from a minaret. Down on the plains it is permissible to resort to stoning. In the sharia-deprived Australian environment they would have to content themselves with intimidation and bashing.

    I would be most grateful if you would list all those Christian sects that take the OT literally, and tell me what violent deeds they’ve done as a result of their beliefs. If you can point out to me any Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto or Zoroastrian terror plots I would also be most grateful. As you say, violence between communities happens for a variety of reasons. What I would like to know about is premeditated, unprovoked, religiously-motivated murder. This is a Muslim specialty, as far as I can see.

    And Robert Spencer- who is supposed to appoint him? Barack Obama? A joint sitting of Congress? The Council for Muslim-American Relations? Hezbollah? I think Mr Spencer is exercising his right to a thing called free speech. You can listen to him and make up your own mind, take it or leave it, or make a counter-argument. Who appointed you or me for that matter?

    Should I see a doctor?- well maybe you’re right. Lobotomy ( coupled with precautionary sterilization) is probably the only way I’ll ever be cured of my propensity to thought crime. The Soviet Union pioneered this approach to treatment of politically diseased minds in the 60s and 70s.

    Remember not to walk your dog in front of the mosque.

    • Not once will you ever hear anyone on this blog suggest that history isn’t full of religious conflict.

      What you’re intimating by commenting here, at this blog, is that somehow Australia will either find itself under Islamic rule where men will strap bombs on themselves, rape women in packs and throw homosexuals off mountains, or that our army will somehow become a Muslim majority and that it will turn on our Christian citizens, killing hundreds of thousands of them.

      And if you’re NOT intimating that any of that will happen here, you’re using the fact that fundamentalist nutbags have for centuries inflicted pain and suffering on people worldwide to suggest that all Muslims need to be tarred with the same brush.

      So some questions:

      1. Do you believe Australia will ever be run by Muslims?
      2. Will Muslims ever outnumber non-Muslims in Australia?
      3. Do you believe Australian legislation will ever be changed, making it legal to kill homosexuals?
      4. Do you believe that gang-rape is something exclusive to Muslim men, based on the Skaf gang-rapes a decade ago?
      5. Do you believe there is a religious connection to any of the US-led occupations over history?

      6. What point were you trying to make by commenting at our blog? (Please keep this down to one or two sentences). Eg. ‘I wanted to suggest that Muslims are inherently evil, raping, murdering, invading terrorists.’

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