One Year Ago – TAB Under ‘Attack’

It’s been a little over a year now since we presented you with this post. Not many more ironic things than a bunch of bush lawyers trying to censor our freedom of speech in the name of protecting their own freedom of speech. You know, it’s really funny watching these idiots spew their hatred all across the public forums. They honestly think they’re not hurting anyone. To be honest, we love knowing that they feel very hurt and offended knowing that we are criticising their words – God forbid!

These people are lunatics, and they simply cannot defend what can be found on the following pages. They won’t come here and debate the posts. All they do is stalk, intimidate, harass and assault. And for what? A better Australia?

Discrimination can never be excused. Let there be no mistake as to where morals and ethics lie. We don’t pretend to be the good guys – we do the dirty work by finding the crap and presenting it to you in digestible form, giving you the opportunity to comment without being identified, threatened or abused. But without the harmful, thoughtless, unsubstantiated discrimination – we would not need to exist. You want this website to close down? Stop with the hate. Win win.


28th December, 2010

Taken from:


defame |diˈfām|
verb [ trans. ]

damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel


Now, let’s have a look at some public comments, made public by the people whose names appear next to each post:


Now, what we’ve done, is taken ALREADY PUBLIC comments, and PUBLISHED them. We take NO responsibility over what people choose to say in a public forum, with their names and pictures attached. But of course, here come the ‘law enforcers’. (LOL):


Time and time again, bogans. If you’re going to say something in the public forum, using your name and your picture, that’s your stupidity. If you’re going to breach the Racial Discrimination Act 1976, The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 and the Telecommunications Act 1997, then don’t get on your high moral horse and threaten legal action from your sweaty computer chairs.

53 thoughts on “One Year Ago – TAB Under ‘Attack’

  1. Many thanks for exposing these, EVIL people. I hope they get a taste of their own medicine! So keep up the. GOOD work TAB! I LOVE it !!

  2. Just took a look at the “Ban the Burqua…” page on Facebook. About 90% of it seems devoted to attacking this blog. But what frightens me is that they all seem so preoccupied with committing and/or inciting acts of violence. Our gendy bendy friend Jayden is also very much in on the act. Their depictions of and claims about contributors to this blog also very much veer into the territory of defamation. Anyway, back to this love of violence these people have; if violence is essential to the “Aussie way of life” then I’ll be more than happy to have no part of it.

  3. These idiots and fools are too stupid to see their own rants is evidence that is public arena, are the ones who has broken laws including hatred, cyber-bullying and stalking Laws. SO I SAY TO THEM BRING ON THE LEGAL ACTION AND SEE YOUR OWN RANTS BEING USED AS EVIDENCE.

  4. So they think it’s wrong to take people’s photos and comments etc yet they do it. Not only that, they stalk people and their family members, plus photoshop photos (my face was put on an obese woman’s body). Hypocrites much?

  5. I really wish that TAB would let a few more of these idiots, besides Scott, through the spam filter. Just for the sport of it.

  6. Don’t have problem with exposing Racism and discrimination at all levels but let also remember that Racism and Discrimination is very much a two way street. in all
    area of our society and cultures… so perhaps the blog should from time to time highlight those other cultures that show signs on Discrimination here and abroad
    that way we can all work toward a better world not only better Australia.

    • It doesn’t work like that, Barry. You can’t say “we’re better than them” and then in the next breath say “we should treat them the same as they treat us”. Do you see how those two ideas contradict each other?

      • As a racist it’s perfectly natural for Barry to contradict himself, so of course he won’t see the problem. For a classic such example of how racists do this simply look at Scott’s take on Asian women in the thread “Words Fail Us”.

  7. How’s it wrong to take something that’s been posted in the public domain and then repost it? Newspapers and news journalists do it with media releases all the time.

    What these dolts fail to realise is that the concept of ‘free speech’ does not give you carte blanche to make outrageous sweeping statements of dubious fact, beg the question, set world records in leaps of logic etc and NOT get called out on it when people realise your vitriol is not worth the CGI space it’s taking up..

  8. sorry to say mindmadeup, spend very little time in pubs, but if did its unlikely would take any notice, as it usually just hot air and bullshit..
    So guess the world media and internet must just be lot of outrageous Rubbish am pleased to now know what we see and read on internet is just false media reporting….so perhaps in your view Australian are the only people in the world that discriminate and are uneducated Racist.
    Again I will say Racism and discrimination is two way street, so wake -up as you do good job showing up those that come out in public with Racist views, so please be honest and admit that other cultures have racist views, yes here in Australia they are not stupid enough to highlight those views in public .

    • I yet have to see any evidence of anglo-saxon or Christians being discriminated against in Australia, with the exception of in the deluded minds of those who swear that there is some conspiracy to implement Shariah law in Australia. But I have come across discrimination of whites from non-English speaking backgrounds, such as that experienced by myself and family members in the ’80s and ’90s. This discrimination was leveled at us by the very same people who had issues with Asians and the Indigenous (“they’re not farkin’ white ya know!”), and who nowadays no doubt also have issues with Muslims. Now Barry, would you be so kind as to explain the sense in that one? And please, do supply some sort of example, one that can be substantiated by a source other than the KKK website, Fox News or Today Tonight, where you, as a white person, have experienced discrimination. Or any other instances… and I bet you can’t because they don’t exist, unless it has been perpetrated by small-minded, confused and impotent xenophobes such as the ones I have described here, ones who have it in for anyone that doesn’t fit their pathetic little world of meat pies, Cold Chisel, FPV/HSV utes, porn and UFC. And then go fuck yourself Barry.

      • well well Warrior Tom, Think you should take good hard look at yourself, as you refer to me as being white, which to me clearly show you yourself are Discriminating as you have no idea what culture i come from.
        why do you bring up Shariah Law as didn’t make mention anything about Muslin..
        Really are you that one eyed that anything written pointing out Racism that support your views is the truth and the hole truth, but when the world media points out Discrimination against a culture group whether they are white, black or Asia
        is pack liars…. the fact you mention the KKK insults me the most Racists group of people in the world.
        My Point was only to say that Racism and Discrimination is two way street.. yes
        I have experienced Discrimination, but you know what I don’t carry it around on my shoulder like you are doing.. 80 and 90 let go and move on and stop attacking people because you feel they don’t share your point of view, its far better to work toward changing people outlook without attacking .

        As for closing comment, that only bring discredit to yourself .

        • As for the closing moment, well, you’re simply taking on the guise of a “reasonable” person so as in order to act in the role of an apologist for racists everywhere. So you kind of ask for it. I can see through you. Everyone else can here as well. You claim that whites are being discriminated against, yet you seem to have a problem conveying any evidence. I gave you an example of where whites have been discriminated against, yet you brush it off as a “chip on (my) shoulder”. Per chance you brush it off as such because the discrimination was levelled by other whites; those very same ones that you are seeking to act as an apologist for? I’m one-eyed about this because experience has shown me that whites are generally far more prone to racist behaviour than other “races”. Even to those of their own skin colour. Now, once again Barry, allow me to reiterate that I have provided you an example of a whites being discriminated against. And it was by whites… is your problem with the fact that it wasn’t by Asians? Or any of those nasty refugees? And no, you deserved that KKK remark; after all, by attempting to justify racism as a “two way street” you’re acting as an apologist for them, and for every neo-Nazi that walks the Earth, Tony F****** Abbott, Pauline Hanson etc. Oh, by the way, your somewhat less than perfect use of grammar and inadequate use of capitalisation perfectly betray your braindead right-wing roots.
          May I also suggest that you grab a dictionary and refer to “discriminate”. Yes, I referred to you as white. That is not a discriminatory act. That is simply stating a presumption. On the other hand, words such as “nigger”, “kike” and “wog” are discriminatory, as these are slurs. Referring to one as “white” is not a slur. It seems that you’re the one with a chip on your shoulder judging by your somewhat questionable and overly broad definition of “discriminate”. But once again, you’ve barely managed to show yourself as a master of the English language.
          Oh, by the way, what’s a “hole truth”?

        • Barry, you have no idea what it’s like being discriminated against unless you are black, Arab or Asian. If your boss or colleagues are a pack of racists, your work life is made hell. Your livelihood is at stake. Do you know how horrible it is to work with or under racists? That is, if you can get a job in the first place, provided the interviewers are not racists.

  9. I get what you’re trying to say, barry. The law of averages would suggest bigots and racists in almost every culture. The thing is, evidence, like what you see above is what’s needed.

    I guess what needs be done is that if you have some of this evidence of racism and bigotry that you might want to let the admins here know.

    • Thank you, Nozzer, finally somebody agree that Racism is two way street and have to say don’t go around every minute of the day looking for Racism and Discrimination in Australia from other culture as its bad enough reading about Aussie and they don’t have to be white Australian, as Racism is not confined to
      Whites and how i hate that word white sooner we all learn we are one in this country the better.

      • Barry,
        It is a no brainer that racism is in fact a two way street. Everyone agrees with you. All you or me or anyone need is to provide the admins with some evidence. So far I have not come across one 😦 but if you do? Please submit it to the admins or just post a link, what ever is easier for you & we’ll be grateful.
        Thank You. 🙂

        • Dear Mindmadeup,
          you worry me, when your being nice.. being you asked so nicely will try to find the time for English lessons.
          please go to web and type in Holland new anti-discrimination Laws, yes am aware
          it has nothing to do with Australia.. but maybe and mean maybe it has some good points and do say some good points.. would be very interested in your feedback..

          as to why people have got so uptight for saying Racism is Two way Street,is it so hard to except..

        • you’re lack of reesing skils, hard evidense and inabiltee to grasp the troo definishun of diskriminate is reely buging mee.

        • Barry,
          I don’t give a fuck about Holland. We are trying to exterminate racism in Australia & make it a better place for everyone. We want to prevent another Cronulla riot. Is it so hard to understand mate?

        • I like Holland. It’s nice. Mind you, my recollections of the time I have spent there are very, very hazy indeed 😉

        • that’s the trouble you are part of the problem, try getting out of your own backyard for once as you will find another world that is full Racism Hate and discrimination in
          all culture and religions, unless we look at what other government are trying to do to combat those issue. how in the Hell do you expect our governments to work toward resolving this issue let alone we as Australian.
          as for providing facts and website that point-out the other side of discrimination that is not going to happen, as have no desire to supply ammunition to those i consider to be clowns.

        • @barry the fact is that yes, there is plenty of discrimination happening in many other parts of the world. Arabs are discriminated against in Israel, women are discriminated against in Saudi Arabia, Christians and Muslims discriminate against each other in Nigeria, Romany are discriminated against Europe-wide, the Irish have been discriminated for centuries in England, whites are discriminated against in Zimbabwe, etc etc etc. None of this is right. But none of this also serves to justify any of the discrimination that is nowadays so prevalent in Australia. Over the years a vast culture of hate for Muslims has arisen, based on nothing but lies, a right-wing media, fear and paranoia. Indians are despised for no other reason than… well, fuck knows, but whatever it is it’s irrational. And the refugee debate is one that really we shouldn’t be having. Prior to 2001 and Howard’s desperate ploy to remain PM nobody cared who came here as refugees. But in an effort to galvanise the electorate with xenophobia the Coalition made it a debate. Consequently both major parties are now in a race to the bottom as to who can be toughest on those seeking refuge from persecution. It is absolutely sickening to hear people say that the refugees should drown. To hear them say that they should all be sent back to “where they came from”, countries such as Iran and Syria where, upon their return, they will usually be imprisoned, tortured and/or executed. And usually so will their families as well. There are documented instances of asylum-seekers who have been returned by Australia to their country of origin only to be killed by the authorities on return. Can you live with that on your conscience? Can anyone? Simply because of this idiotic “Fuck off we’re full” and “Aussie way of life. Fit in or fuck off” mentality that has so polluted the sociopolitical discourse in this country. Anglo-Saxons have it pretty darn good in Australia; they have no cause for complaint. They have nothing to fear from racist employers. They can walk down the street. knowing that it is unlikely that they’ll be beaten up by a gang of thugs because of their ethnic background or religious beliefs. So how, exactly, are you as a white person being discriminated against in Australia? That is the point. And as I have said already, I too am white. But my family and I have in the past been discriminated against by white Australians on the basis of that we came from a non-English speaking background. This, of course, was by the same morons who pay out on Asians, Muslims, Africans etc. Those proud defenders of “The Aussie way of life”. Seeking to argue that racism, in the Australian context, is a “two way street” is quite tenuous thus.

  10. Cruelty to animals is a two-way street. After all, sharks eat people and cats have been known to piss in people’s bedrooms.

    • Warrior Tom,
      Please get your fact right.. shark eat people as part of the food chain as they do not discriminate between human and marine life, as for cat pissing in people bedroom’s that come about for two reason,1 it locked in the home without means to exit, and second it has never been house trained.. just like Racist they need to be educated
      to do what is right,. now i find this website does publish lot interesting fact and is very worthwhile website,..

  11. Warrior Tom,
    sorry mate cant agree we are just another part of the food chain..
    Look let get something clear, I don’t support and form of Racism in any shape.
    tell me have you ever been spat on ???. I will not go into the background of that issue, except to tell you I have. I’m not your enemy, I hate Racism perhaps more than you do, just believe we have to look at everything in life from all angles.
    Now read your earlier remarks, why do you say to call a black person a nigger is discrimination and racist, yet to call white skin person whitey is not ???…

    Do you know where the word nigger come from ?? it was in fact a misunderstanding of the word Negro in southern states back in the days of Spanish. the word Negro is Spanish and Portuguese which refer to Black Africans
    or black skin and was not a Racist remark at that point in time.. it was purely misunderstanding of the word they where hearing. as for your remark about KKK
    be assured that is not a remark. you would want to say face to face, as i have the up-most contempt for them

    • 1. We are part of the food chain. Sharks are apex predators who feast on tigers that feast on raccoons that feast on crocodiles that feast on us who subsist on mainly saturated fats and carbohydrates.
      2. There is not really to take from the other side here. Perpetrators of race hate are genuinely beyond reason. In my opinion they do suffer some sort of genuine thought disorder. How else would you explain their willingness to believe all the conspiracy crap they do (e.g. such as that of a Muslim plot to implement Shariah law in Australia). Plus they tend to be keen advocates of violence. As soon as anyone calls for violence they are genuinely beyond reason.
      3. I haven’t been spat on, and I cannot imagine it being pleasant. But as a child and a young teenager I certainly did cop it physically based on the excuse of my ethnic background.
      4. I never said that calling someone “whitey” is not discriminatory. I never even used the term. And as far as the term “nigger” goes, why not find the first black person you see and go up to them and call them “nigger”. I am sure that their reaction will explain to you just why it is a discriminatory term.
      5. I never said that you supported or had any affiliations with the KKK, or any sort of sympathy for them whatsoever. The reason why I mentioned the KKK as a “source” to refer to, for examples of where white people in Australia are discriminated against, is because websites run by white supremacist groups tend to carry lots of white power sob stories, detailing just how it is that white people are being discriminated against etc and so justifying their own hatred. I was not referring to you specifically as such, and I apologise should you feel that I did. But, once again, I was referring to the type of source that some who seek to jsutify discriminatory practices may engage in order to find the aforementioned sob stories for the aforementioned reasons. Hence I would have no problem saying it to you face to face as it was not and is not something intended of a personal nature. Amen.

      • Warrior Tom,
        Think both of us could have very pleasant and fruitful debate over a range of subject to do with discrimination over a beer, when I say about looking at things from all angles in life, I’m sure not including those pea-brains that you mention, one only has to look at stupid picture etc they post and really just don’t have time for those kind of idiots as most Australian don’t..also that’s the very reason I’m not pointing out media and website etc to use to support Racist thinking.. // lets put it this way for those clowns that think because I don’t post such information I’m a supporter and a Racist and cant back-up my comments that Racism is very much a two way street the world over.. ask yourself this Q if you where in a war ?? would you run over to the enemy when they run-out ammunition and supply them with ammunition so they could continue to fight ??? I think not as really racism is war that has to be put to rest and live as one..

      • Warrior TOM

        You Pointed out 5 points in your reply the first i think we would agree animal do not discriminate .
        2 you once again bring up SHARIAH LAW, with no disrespect intended are you of the Muslin faith.. if so will not debate on such issue without full understanding
        other than to say after reading what valued information I can, it does leave a lot of question to be answered, now in saying that, the same can be said about the christian faith. Respect your opinion on racist being beyond reason, when anybody spread hate and violence its usually they are very insecure people and usually they hiding at back of the pack and most of all cowardly.. just like terrorist bomber who kill for whatever reason, nobody can justify killing or spreading Racism and discrimination regardless of what culture you come from.
        3Thank you for being honest about not being spat on, no its not very nice feeling specially when you are not permitted at the time to re-act, but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as having red paint thrown at you and being called lot untruths,
        4 Yes i know you did not use the word whitey or honky,, the point is this, a white skin person has every right, as far as I’m concerned to take dark skin person before anti-discrimination board the question is would he be successful in his case.
        Now you said call the first Black person I see a nigger, firstly have couple of American friends who are black and they have called me a white ar—hole as I have also called them a black nigger with no disrespect to each other… How hell
        do you think I got to learn about the misunderstanding of the word negro in first place,by asking both of them the question.. but with regret the word negro has been made into a Racist remark…
        Have also asked in very polite manner a muslin women question about head dress etc when I was in very strong muslin country, and it was very interesting conversation… if one wants to learn and understand, then one has to be prepared to ask and debate with open mind and without hate..
        5 yes excepted, thanks as have nothing but contempt for the KKK and agree with you in part about supremacist groups but does not all supremacist groups whether they be white or whatever races tend to only highlight how they are the underdog
        and only want to justify themselves and never address the issue as to why they really have such Racist view and really don’t want to work toward resolving such issue….
        As for all remark I have read in reply to my comments about Racism and discrimination being two way street, really think have the most respect for
        your comments and think it would be pleasure to been able to have open discussion over a beer, but have to admit much prefer coffee.


    • Barry, I do sincerely apologise if I have caused offence. I also appreciate what you are saying about looking at an issue from all different angles. Generally that is the way to approach any issue. If this was a relationship issue, an engineering problem, an economic problem etc then fine. Such can be examined from all angles so as to gain a fresh and hopefully useful perspective on matters. But we are not dealing with reasonable people here. Take a look at some of the white supremacist websites. Examine the hate groups on Facebook, a prime example being “Ban the Burqua in Australia”. Look at the quality of people such as Mick Potts. One thing, besides xenophobia, that all these have in common is a predisposition for violence. There is a website which has published all the personal details (mobile included) of one of the bloggers here. On the same website, when I last looked only a few days ago, they had also published a picture of a young man (who I presume is an anti-racist) stating where to find this person and where, with an invitation that people inflict violence upon him. They also published the name and picture of a young lady, initials HR, who again they invited ill will on to. There is no point trying to see things from their view, and that view does involve that they will cough up plenty of stories of whites being discriminated against. Stories that are invariably bullshit. Look also at the likes of Scott Pengeally, and his confusion. Whites are supreme according to him, yet he (for the sake of his own dick) has a most awful take on Asian women (essentially, as far as he’s concerned Asians suck but it’s okay to jack off over them. How confused is that?).
      Look, if you’re anti-racist then good on you and I’ll always be happy to buy you a beer thus. But do jettison any notions that we’re dealing with people with a view worth taking anything from, or trying to see the world through their eyes or that they at all have a genuine grievance. It just comes down to that we are dealing with genuinely not nice people hear.

  12. Barry,

    you are the real problem here by rationalizing racism. You made the assertion that racism is two way street. Yet when challenged, all you can say: “no desire to supply ammunition to those i consider to be clowns.” You have lost the debate & fallen flat on your face. Why don’t you admit that you are a racist sympathizer or a true racist in disguise?

  13. As the recently departed Christopher Hitchens put it: “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

    While I can see where barry’s trying to go, his continual lack of producing the goods makes him look less credible by the minute.

    Oh and very nicely put above there Warrior Tom, too.

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