Chris Merrett aka Billy Hill – 14words SS 88 WPWW KKK BIA AB C18

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134 thoughts on “Chris Merrett aka Billy Hill – 14words SS 88 WPWW KKK BIA AB C18

  1. Not a bad pair of man-boobs you’ve got there, Chris.

    (I repeat my earlier observation — there’s a disturbing resemblance shared by all of these sad hammerheads. They all look as though they’ve got not quite enough testosterone, and have that soft lardy look about them. Comes from never mentally growing past puberty, I guess).

  2. Doesn’t the dude’s comments regarding “race traitors,” and “race mixing,” sound remarkably like the Death Eaters in Harry Potter against Mudbloods?


  3. I find this especially offensive as one of his followers also puts down the disabled. I have a form of autism which is also sometimes referred to by some ignorant people as “retarded”. Since a lot of people don’t regard my condition as a real disability I know what it’s like to be discriminated against.

  4. thanks for helping to get the word out guys, no such thing as bad publicity,, I’ll get even more work out of this,, hate sites always help, ta.

  5. Don’t worry though,,, i’ve reposted the page all over the place, so you may even make it up to doublr figures in terms of “hits” to your WordPress site. And because you’ve been sitting on this for over 2 years, you’ve made a great contribution to help us document what’s been happening in the world, we do like to record our history, as you’d no doubt be aware, so keeping our lost memorabilia is a much appreciated contribution to the “struggle”.

    • Chris, good to see you’re not afraid to slum down here with the left wing, communist, oppressors of free speech. Support the cause, and all of that.

      I’ve been following your work for some time and I’ve been a fan. I can’t wait for the white master race, etc.

      I’m concerned though. Clearly the master race should be physically and mentally superior specimens of white supremacy. Tall, fit, muscular, blonde, intelligent.

      Alas, seeing photos of you for the first time has me concerned. You seem to be overweight, dark/greying hair, and somewhat dim witted (head torch and sunnies?).

      I maintain my dream of a white master race, but regrettably you are no longer a part of the dream. You can go and slum it with the non-pure Muslims, Asian and lefties because when it comes to white supremacy you don’t quite make the grade.

      I hope you understand.

  6. Chris, you are an irrational, silly old man. Get your flabby, pale bogan ass out of this country – you are an embarassment and a disgrace to everything this country has fought for. I have a newsflash for ya sweetheart: the Nazis lost. Basing your belief system on them is the most failtarded thing imaginable.

    I agree with the other poster – stop pretending you’re Voldemort. If I ever met you, I would spit on you. Your contribution to the “advancement of the white race” consists of spreading hatred and bigotry. What a waste of oxygen you are.

  7. I very much doubt that you are anything other than a rather unpleasant fantasist with a massive chip on your shoulder and a borderline delusional sense of entitlement who skirts around the fringes of organised hate groups.

  8. Why do douchebags like Chris and his ignorant cronies always assume that “immigrants” are non-white and/or contribute nothing to Australian society? How sad that you’re so stupid you can’t even tell the difference between an immigrant and a refugee/asylum seeker.
    And how ridiculous that you believe there is such a thing as racial ‘purity’, I’d laugh if the idea wasn’t so dangerous.

  9. Chris, it’s a shame you’re not living in Nazi Germany. You would have been sterilised or better still, euthanised under Hitler’s eugenics programme. Hitler didn’t have some knuckle-dragging hillbilly with man-boobs in mind when he conceived the master race. Alas, it’s too late for sterilisation – it seems you’re already spawned a couple of morons in your image.

    According to your many profiles, you’re unemployed (read: unemployable). Does this mean my taxes are funding your indolence? You should get a real job and stop whining about people of races you don’t know nothing about.

    PS: producing defective offspring is not a real job.

  10. I should tell my Persian brother to hurry up and get his Anglo wife pregnant so I can show off my mixed niece/nephew to Chris dearest. He’ll love it.

  11. hahahaha You people don’t even know your own genetic history, the white race comes from 2 distinct ethnic groups, Red Nordic and Halstaat Nordic, Halstaat have blonde hair and blue eyes, Red Nordic brown hair and hazel ees,, LOL you fell for the blonde haired, blue eyed scam,, LOL and as for my weight, totally agree, trouble is, the most recent photo you can get ahold of is over 2 years old, made some lifestyle and dietry changes, now a nice, fit 86kg at 187 cms, I’m doing pretty well for almost 50. And I love it when you guys try using age and grammar as a weapon, shit that helps win arguements LOL

  12. LOL @ unemployed,,, you wish,,, not one penny from the government in my pocket, can you say the same ? And yes, by the same token, they don’t get any money from me either, no voting, no filling out census forms, etc etc,, quite simple not to be controlled by a corrupt system, just drop out of it ! lol

    • I note that you look like a prime candidate for ischaemic heart disease, diabetes and stroke. You also look as if you’d struggle to run ten metres. Besides that, your inability to adhere to the proper rules of spelling and grammar (you know, so essential to the English language you know doubt would claim to love) betrays an intellect not at all to be feared. I also note that one of your buddies, Kathleen Scott, cannot spell “Sieg” properly. So what exactly, besides the lack of melanin in your skin, makes you so elite? May I also point out that aforementioned lack of melanin certainly puts one at a disadvantage in Australian climes, thanks to the increased risk of skin cancer. Once again, a failure to have biologically adapted to one’s natural environment is hardly a quality of a “superior” organism.

    • Not one penny from The USA Government Chrissy? As Penny is US Currency.

      But no money from The Australian Government, meaning illegal way of getting money?

  13. another thing you guys just don’t get,,, publishing our comments etc this way only assists us, we clearly aren’t trying to hide our views, pics etc, we posted them in the 1st place, publically, so why would reposting bother anyone ?

    • Another thing you forget Chris/Billy/other Facebook fake names, is that what you post can and has been used as evidence under many laws like Hatred and Anti-Terror Laws.

      So kept posting, as they need the evidence. LOL

  14. I just showed this to my fiancee who is a doctor. She is very concerned with the idea that anyone could be “white inside”. She’d be recommending that they take themselves off to a tropical diseases hospital for immediate treatment with anti-fungals.

  15. If anyone is a “race traitor” it’s chris – traitor to the human race and all that is good about it. Putting his written views aside – for just a moment- the photos show he’s clearly one shabby looking human specimen. And looks like he leads a pretty boring life.

  16. You’ve got to wonder if he’s ever had a real conversation with an immigrant. (pro tip, Merrett: getting blind drunk and bawling racial slurs at strangers on the bus doesn’t count).

  17. hahahaha We people don’t even know our own genetic history an stuff, the white race comes from 5 distinct ethnic groups, Ginger Nordic, Posh Nordic, Scary Nordic, Baby Nordic and Sporty Nordic. Baby Nordic have blonde hair and blue eyes, Posh Nordic brown hair and hazel ees,,ceees and deees and stuff. LOL we fell for the blonde haired, blue eyed scam and the repetative punctuation mistake and crap English skills scam,,,,,,,, LOL,,,, and as for his weight, totally agree, trouble is, the most recent photo wees can get ahold of is over 2 years old, an his made some lifestyle and dietry changes (Like he now swallow shit an not just spout it, like), now, his, a, nice, fat, 86kg at 187 cms, His doing pretty well for almost 50. LOL His is almost sounding like a 18 year old like in fact like LOL like LMAO! And his love it when us guys try using age and grammar as a weapon, shit that helps win arguements and stuff in law courts and parlamient and FUCKIN LOL Coz THAT iz how his rollz LOL Fuckin like ROFL an shit like LOL and almost 50 years old an shit an we is simply Grammar Commies and like LOL.

    ….this man is a modern-day Henry Lawson…

    • Well, Chris sure as heck doesn’t resemble of Leni Riefenstahl’s specimens on display in “Triumph of the Will”. A modicum of intelligence and refinement was also expected of these elite; qualities that Chris clearly lacks also. Now, MMU is yet to answer my question… why this re-run?

        • Stalking, even electronically, is a criminal offence in all the Australian jurisdictions. I myself would be inclined to present any such evidence to the relevant authorities and hopefully have this untermensch’s activities put to a temporary halt at least.

  18. Now that I think about it, Chris seems to exhibit all the qualities which would have made him an ideal recruit for the SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger.

  19. Thanks Susan Beeny, you just outed yourself. From bread rolls to cleaning dirty arses for you hey? Too bad your poxy little tafe course is going nowhere. Back to the bakery with you chubby. That makes 12 verified id’s. Keep talking kids. LOL

    • 1. You’re truly an idiot.
      2. Who are you even talking to? Susan Beeny made one comment in this thread, begging a question that you didn’t touch. (*cough*youworkingisanotherofyourmanymanylies*cough*)
      3. While we’re talking about irrelevant shit – you filming a sleeping girl on a bus, what’s that all about Chris? (You didn’t answer PeteJPete in the other thread.)

      Basically, you’ve verified 0 I.D.’s – and proved to be a paranoid wreck over who may be writing these things about you.

      (Proof; the fact that your universe is clearly so small that you believe all of these people, many of whom have been loyal readers and posted comments on hundreds of articles about hundreds of different bogots are people that are from ‘your universe’ and that you are capable of identifying. Yes, Chris. It’s all a conspiracy. This whole site was made and all these aliases were made simply so that we could eventually strike at you. You got us! Tooooooo smart for us…

      In short, not only are you incredibly stupid, but as I said, you are a paranoid wreck. It’s clear you’re incredibly insecure by nature, it comes out in each and every one of your posts and is probably how you originally met your current mindset, and also the web of lies you have built, broken and then tried to rebuild – that being who you claim to be online…The ‘real’ Chris
      Merrett? And I have no doubt that all this attention is making your paranoia and insecurities worse. Not that I care since a) I don’t know you and b) I believe if holding your beliefs becomes too hard for you to defend, then they’re clearly wrong and that if you can’t cope in society, you need to make some life changes.


      Sorry about that rant, that you probably can’t even follow.
      Basically to sum up:

      – You’re an idiot.
      – You’ve probably correctly identified no one (though it wouldn’t surprise me if you believe you have. You believe you’re king shit of intellect, we all plainly see that you’re not.)
      – You make it obvious you’re a nervous and paranoid wreck of a person teeming with disorders.
      – Seek mental help.
      – You’re an idiot.

  20. It appears that our beloved Chris Merrett is now in the USA?
    Running from what?
    What a sooky baby!!
    We all know. See you on Friday March 16th 2012, Chris…..if you have the balls!
    You do the crime, you do the time.
    By the way, Susan Beeney was not Daniel’s sister…how wrong can you get it?
    It is the last person he will ever anticipate! We are really keeping an eye on you Chris. I will say no more

  21. I was just surfing the Net and came accros this Blog. Interesting!
    I know Chris Merrett, work with his mother on a weekly basis.
    Chris has definitely lived with his mother for a lot more than two days running over the past 23 years. To the best of my recollection – 3 months at a time or maybe more, if he has nowhere else to go! Trust me, Chris is not a pleasant guy to be around, so I guess he will have absolutely now where else to go? Sad man!
    He really is an absolute liar.
    I make this observation after looking at his blogs!
    All he says it total lies. Don’t believe any of his crap.

    • Hey Trish!
      So Chris was lying? We’re all very, VERY surprised. *Rolls eyes*
      Don’t worry, we already knew that him not living with his mother was a lie. We also already knew that he never did live in Wood’s Point.

      Basically, Chris is a very interesting specimen, if I may say. Honestly. He intrigues me.

      While most humans need rationality to secure their world view. Not Christopher though. Otherwise, rather than just using harsh (often misspelled, and incoherent) language against the opposition, he would actually use some kind of sensible arguments to explain why his beliefs in regards to superiority/inferiority are as they are.
      Like, surely at least one of his white supremacist loser friends would have scribbled up something about anything about why someone is inherently superior to the other that he could rip off word for word (it’s certainly not above him). No? So basically, he’s gullible and devoid of any capability of thought? Suppose so.

      Anywho, if he believes he’s superior cos ‘he says so’ – Well, I say that I am superior to him? What does this mean Chris? Have we found an impasse?

      He’s going about claiming others are liar – yet all of his contradictions just go on to reveal the fact that he’s a pathological liar.
      He goes around claiming others are violent, criminals, etc. Yet, he’s constantly threatening violence and clearly doesn’t have the cleanest criminal record going around.
      Perhaps I can sum that up with the word ‘Self-Righteous’.

  22. Just a quick one. Busy Busy Busy. Apart from the myriad of outright lies above that yes, granted I can’t prove 100% who posted them, I’d just like to thank Trish Burke ( above ) for the demonstrable lies she posetd above. I just telephoned my Mother and she will be speaking to Ms Burke on this coming Wednesday re same. Pending the outcome of that particular conversation. I will then make a decision whether or not to contact Baw Baw shire re Ms Burke’s clear breaches of privacy regulations re my Mother.

    While we can’t prove 100% who posted the other multitude of lies contained herein, my mother has her own very strong feelings re the identity of most of them. Instead of posting lies about the old girl, why not pop in and see her or give her a call, something none of her family apart from myself have bothered to do in years. I on the other hand only got of the phone with her 5 minutes ago. She’s not happy trish. But that’s your problem, and may become Baw Baw Shire’s problem pending your explanation re your lies when Mum bails you up about them on Wednesday. Anyway kids, carry on.

    • It’s so funny that you should be talking about lies Chris! You really are too much!
      See that’s the problem with targeting a few people. You have no idea what kind of shitstorm of anger and support networks form around the sole purpose of bringing you down. It’s a double edged sword because not only do those people shrug off your shit but in their defense you create new enemies.

      So go and cry to your mother Chris. She’s probably needed a man since 2003 but you’re such a giant pile of fail and nothing at all like what a man should be. Your dad would be so disappointed at what you’ve become.

      Feel free to email your phone number to us Chris. There are interested people wanting to speak to you too.

    • Firstly “busy busy busy.” made me laugh. You’re obviously a no lifer, what could you possibly be busy with?

      Chris, it’s actually widely known that you were living with your mother, and the fact that no one else visited her is likely because no one wants to clean up the resulting splatters of projectile puke of seeing you. You’re a disgusting human being, or to put it words you understand: You’re filth!

  23. Wrong again, but never mind. As for bringing me down, all I’ve seen here so far in your efforts to bring me down is a prodigious number or provable lies, made up by people who only have cursory contact with the outcasts of my family. This is clearly demonstrated for all to see by the fact you’ve admitted to above re not even knowing my phone number. LOL.

    Why would I email you my number? To receive a pile of childish hang-ups and nuisance calls from anonymous school kids. I don’t think so. If anyone wishes to speak with me on the phone they need to email their number and name to me. But if it’s anyone called Legge, Maskelyn, Gollan, Lobo or Lorensini they needn’t bother.

    If you were in touch with anyone in my family that matters 2 shits to me you’d have my phone number and whereabouts. The fact you don’t proves for all to see that you’re not.

    So keep publishing your lies. Example, you constantly say I’ve threatened people here. Example. No, I’m the one who’s been threatened, like you do everyone you try to “bring down” on this site. Armed with nothing but lies you’ve never managed to bring anyone down. Why would you want to bother trying anyway? You need to get lives.

    • Well somebody is just awfully private now! Closing email accounts, Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, denying this that and the other, pretending to live overseas.

      And you say we’ve achieved nothing by exposing your crap. Hmmm

    • Chris wants anyone that wishes to speak with him on the phone they need to email their number and name to him, so he can take time out from busy day like attending an interview at Centrelink, so he leave a pile of childish hang-ups and nuisance calls from anonymous school kid that he is?

  24. And as for their failure to visit my Mother in over 3 years. Me having spent a couple of nights here and there at her place is a very lame excuse. It’s hardly unusual for someone to stay at their Mum’s place from time to time. That being said, I haven’t spent a night there since August so that excuse for selfishness and neglect falls a little flat wouldn’t you say? LOL

  25. There’s been no email or twitter accounts closed, I closed a little used youtube account after downloading all videos I wished to keep to cut off one of your sources of entertainment. What twitter of email account do you claim I’ve closed ? Once again, that’s simply a lie.

  26. And the lies you tell don’t matter.The only people who will believe these lies are ones that have either had no contact with me in many years, and others who have never had any real world contact with me at all. So why would the opinions of a bunch of anonymous schoolkids concern me?

    Although some of the lies told here are going to matter when one of you is sanctioned and possibly fired at work this week. Then at least you’ll have something true to throw my way. LOL

  27. And just wondering, is there some artistic or symbolic meaning behind the blank black square you’ve posted above? Or is it just an epic failure at attempting to post something ? LOL

  28. Jail? 10 years ago? Yeah, it wasn’t that bad actually. Certainly not all it’s cracked up to be. I managed to fill most of the time going fishing, selling raffle tickets in partnership with Wayne Duncan, the bass player for Daddy Cool, and spent the bulk of the time doing endless tafe courses. Not that much different in some respects to the lives of your subscribers I guess you could say.

    And yes, you’re right, this connection is a little iffy at times. Well done though. That’s the 2nd thing you’ve said on this site today that’s true. That must be some kind of a record for tab wouldn’t you say ? LOL

    • Penny Wong is your profile avatar now? Oh dear.

      So, the white Aussie pride nazi lover has been to jail. Are you going to share the reason why, like we don’t already know? Or are you going to hide that away too.

      You’re not Australian Christopher. And on the 16th of March, you may just become an official repeat offender.

    • “I managed to fill most of the time going fishing” yes fishing for dreams like “selling raffle tickets in partnership with Wayne Duncan, the bass player for Daddy Cool”.

    • Why did you go to jail Christopher John Merrett? You’re a criminal thug. What makes you think you’re better than anyone? How do you stack up against non-whites and even Muslims who haven’t been to jail?

      Nice try with the Google map too. Watching you is like watching a freshly landed fish flapping around on the floor of a dinghy.

  29. And just a little bit of info you might be interested in. If you knew me at all you’d know I have quite a few acquaintances who are Coorie, Muslim, Asian etc. And they know that while I may have posted a few ill advised things on the internet eg: The reference to aborigines and tight arses, which was in fact a copy and paste I found humorous, that I don’t actually “hate” anyone based on their race or religion. “hate” is your word, not mine. I merely feel that in many ways some aspects of their culture is incompatible to our own. And I, like many others including my nephew’s own parents would prefer miscegenation was kept out of our families. Many other races frown upon miscegenation, not just white anglos. I think you kids get a little carried away with it all. What do you actually hope to achieve? Are you trying to bully people into changing their views? If so, can you give an example where this has been achieved? Remember, your guru Alex Gollan was once what you describe as “racist” until he realised it was more trendy to be ANTI racist.

    And stop saying I’ve threatened violence. I haven’t. At least when attempting to discredit someone, stick to the truth. You may just succeed.

    • “If you knew me at all you’d know I have quite a few acquaintances who are Coorie, Muslim, Asian etc. And they know that while I may have posted a few ill advised things on the internet eg: The reference to aborigines and tight arses, which was in fact a copy and paste I found humorous, that I don’t actually “hate” anyone based on their race or religion” Chris has spew so much shit, his arse is jealous.

  30. Like I said, if you knew anything remotely true about me you wouldn’t ask silly questions. And I’ve never said I’m “better” or “superior” to anyone. Show me an example where I have. Once again, your words, not mine.

      • Yes, I do disagree. I don’t and never have described myself as a “white supremacist ” Once again, your words, not mine.
        Now stop pretending I’m not answering your questions. Allow my posts and stop editing them. Your credibility isn’t enhanced by this practice. If I was as evil as you try to make me out to be, why haven’t I publicized the workplaces, home addresses etc of some of the subscribers to this site? Yes I’ve alluded to the fact that I may do this, but I haven’t, and will only do so in retaliation.

        ” And just interested whether or not you care to discuss with our members how you can continue to identify as some kind of righteous Australian after spending time behind bars. ”

        Plenty of people have been to jail and subsequently become productive members of society. Sure I have a chequered past, something I’ve never tried to hide. It might interest you to know I’m not proud of my past. I was a drug addict. Suffice to say I no longer use drugs or commit crime. But to suggest someone can’t have spent time in jail and later get their shit together and become productive is just silly. Despite your thoughts I am now gainfully employed and lead a relatively quiet life, as compared to the madness of my past.

        But no, I won’t discuss anything further while you persist in disallowing some posts and editing others.

        • …why haven’t I publicized the workplaces, home addresses etc of some of the subscribers to this site?

          Because you do not have them.

          But no, I won’t discuss anything further while you persist in disallowing some posts and editing others.

          You do not mention the names of innocent people here. Have I made myself clear? And we don’t really give a stuff whether you attempt to post or not. You have nothing worthwhile to say.

    • “LOL True Aussie, it that your best attempt at speaking English?”

      Chris the word is supposed to be is not “it”.

      So thanks for proving to others, that you fucked up at attempting to write English.


  31. No, I agree, pretty much meaningless, about as meaningless as you guys posting people’s details, true and otherwise. Tell me, why do you claim to only repost public comments when many of your posts are marked “friends only” on facebook? Granted you haven’t done that with me, but that’s only because you can’t find my facebook account. Kinda dents your credibility a little don’t you think ?

    “unless of course you plan on going there and visiting them”

    Perhaps i will one day, perhaps I won’t. Who knows what the future holds? But if I ever do visit them, it’ll be by invitation and with no negative intent on my part. All these accusations of threats of violence serves to prove clearly you know zip about me. Only what you’ve gleaned from here.

    • No bushtuckerman, we’ve got your Facebook profile handy don’t worry!

      The point about ‘friends-only’ profiles is that often when a person is embarrassed here they lock their profile down afterwards.

      Did you have a point to make about Deni Pasic?

  32. As [NAME REDACTED] will tell you, as I’ve told her many times, whilst I thoroughly disagree with your left wing views I’d be most alarmed if a law was passed in an attempt to stop you from expressing them. Once again, anyone that really knows me will confirm this.

  33. LOL the “bushtuckerman” account is like the youtube account. Pretty much unused. Something you’d know if you could get past the profile page. Last posted on 26/9/2011

  34. 1. You don’t understand nuance, do you.

    2. You said before you already knew that. So why ask questions you already know the answer to? LOL

    • Well there was a story behind your last profile pic of a dark skinned lady Chris. Disagree?
      And just interested whether or not you care to discuss with our members how you can continue to identify as some kind of righteous Australian after spending time behind bars.

  35. 1. You don’t understand nuance, do you.

    2. You said before you already knew that. So why ask questions you already know the answer to? LOL

  36. I’ll explain it for you. Obviously I wouldn’t vote Labor, even though I’m sure you guys would like it to be illegal to vote anywhere right of center. And before you ask who I vote for, the answer is, I don’t. I describe myself as a political athiest.

  37. An awful lot of people have been to jail and became productive afterwards. That’s a silly thing to say.

    A story behind the “dark skinned lady”? Was there? Tell me. Thrill me with your insight.

  38. I will tell you this once only. Mention the names of innocent people and your posts get edited, or not published. They do not wish to be associated with Internet detritus. You have been warned.

    • You’re lying. I haven’t mentioned the names iof anyone not associated in the posts you’ve disallowed or edited. Or are you trying to pretend [NAME REDACTED] isn’t an admin here? It’s common knowledge [NAMES REDACTED] function as admins here.

  39. ” We would be very concerned if a mentally unstable neo-Nazi was employed in aged care.”

    Well be concerned, because I am, once again something you’d know if you had the contact with my family you pretend to have. And before you ask, I tend to and care for all my clients equally, regardless of ethnicity or religion. As I’ve already pointed out, I don’t “hate” anyone,try as you might to pretend I do by playing the “hate” card.

    • Full of shit again Ferret. Even a nursing home desperate for staff would think twice before employing someone like you with some of the most vulnerable people you could imagine at your mercy.

  40. Aged care? Haha! Where, Chris?
    I’m pretty sure most aged care facilities do background checks…
    Did you get March 16th off? Or has your imaginary friend ‘The employer’ not been told?

    I really do love how much your tone has changed too. Like a dog with his tail between his legs….

  41. Just before I leave you, I’d really like you guys to watch this video. I’m genuinely interested in any observations you might have. See ya later “Trendsetters”,, lol

  42. I’ve been following for a while, this doesn’t seem like Chris at all…He’s not well spoken, we know that. He doesn’t even possess the skills!
    Sorry, not buying this shit. He’s called in a favor from someone slightly more intelligent for this damage control.

    • His posts read like the ones we are familiar with – adopting a sneeringly patronising tone because the only way he can cope is if he can imagine his audience to be inferior to him in some way…yeah I know, but narcissists are known to do that.

      • Well, either way guys. We’ve all gotten to know a fair bit about Chris Merrett over the course of his postings – this certainly is the first time we’ve seen THIS Chris Merrett. No matter how much he tries to assert this is the real him we know the following:

        – He’s a liar. A constant liar. (And I don’t believe for a second he’s working, especially in aged care.)
        – He’s an insecure wreck.
        – He’s a creep. (Haven’t forgotten the sleeping girl video)
        – He is a proud racist, and a neo nazi. He showed these colours in private (so he thought it was), and in public on many occasions, shamelessly
        – He has a Criminal (from what I’ve seen….) court date approaching. Thus, recent offenses.
        – As MMU said, these posts from him are simply a coping mechanism.

      • Note: Microsoft Word does a wonderful job at correcting one’s spelling and grammar… Don’t forget that as an option at this stage – especially if he’s trying to adopt a different persona via fake profiles.

  43. That is the trouble with a loser like Chris, they claim others have problems with English.

    When Chris has problems with English many times.

    “yeah they do background checks” start of sentence you need a capital letter.

    “ya” supposed to be you.

    “1. You don’t understand nuance, do you” if asking a question, you need a question mark.

    “Perhaps i will one day” you need I not “i”.

    “LOL True Aussie, it that your best attempt at speaking English?” you need is not “it”

    etc etc

  44. Hello everyone my names Rick I am a close friend of chris’ former son Luke.
    I no everything Chris has ever done from years
    Of alcohol and drug abuse to
    Also physically abusing his lovers Mother and Luke as a child aswell all the time having known criminals come in and out of houses he has rented also possessed guns on numerous occasions..He is a criminal with numerous assault charges against people both male and female, had had numerous AVO’s taken out against him.He’s even tried claiming carer’s allowance on people wit disabilities and they had no clue.If you would like the truth on this dog feel free to email me
    Male and female and has really never held a full time job and has relied on centerlink most his adult life.

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