14 thoughts on “TheAntiBogan Website is So Embarrassing

  1. Does it ever occur to these people that it’s a good thing that we don’t give that douche the attention that he craves? Ironically, by going on about him all the time they ultimately serve his agenda and spead his views amongst the public.

    • Conlon knows we exist and where we are. He would know we disagree strongly with his beliefs and that we do not think he represents the vast majority of Muslims in Australia, any more than the Christian Taliban and the priestly paedophiles represent most Christians.

      However he doesn’t harass our members, create nasty fake profiles, threaten our families or stalk our supporters.

  2. This is what they say:
    A pro gay pro communist pro immigration pro carbon tax pro pedophile pro defamation group THE ANTI BOGAN is attacking any Australians they can find who have anything to say that opposes their views they are nothing more than COMMUNIST
    TERRORISTS and political national traitors out to hurt and destroy good Australians and our way of living. This group has been created to support victims of the Anti bogan and to provide links to information that is now being prepared and will be posted shortly, we also invite supporters as well as victims to participate in our fight for the right to have an opinion without being attacked by communists.

  3. One has to click “like” to comment on most Facebook groups – most people in their right mind wouldn’t click to comment, so these idiots are just left to agree with each other and re-affirm their views with each other.

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