Election special No 10 – Muslims paying Aborigines to convert to Islam, Rise Up candidate claims


August 30, 2013 – 12:01AM

Amy Remeikis
State political reporter

A federal election candidate in western Queensland has accused Muslims of paying Aborigines to convert to Islam.

Rise Up Australia candidate Pam Hecht says Muslims are paying Aborigines to convert to Islam.
Photo: riseupaustraliaparty.com

Speaking to ABC Western Queensland, Rise Up Australia candidate Pam Hecht said the biggest issue facing people in the electorate of Kennedy, which Bob Katter holds by 18.3 per cent, was the conversion of Indigenous people to Islam.

“I don’t know whether people are aware, but many of the Aboriginal people in northern Australia are being targeted by Muslims and in some cases are being paid to convert to Islam,” she said, describing herself and the electorate as “farmers … just ordinary everyday people”, who “want to be free to go about our business”.

“Our concern with that is, the Muslim belief, that converting the first peoples of the land to Islam means that the land belongs to Allah, and Islam should be the only religion.

“There is an Aboriginal lady who works with the people up in northern Australia and she has spoken directly with the leader of our party, Daniel Nalliah [and told him about the practice].”

Of the 340,393 Australians who identified as Muslims in the 2006 Census, just 1011 were Indigenous.

Comparatively, 290,630 Indigenous people identified as Christian.

Academics believe Aborigines came into contact with those who practised the Islamic faith even before they came into contact with Christianity, first through trade links with Indonesia and later through cameleers.

Mr Nalliah, the leader of Rise Up Australia, states in his Catch the Fire Ministries biography, that he first knew “the Lord had called him” after an Australian missionary visited his Sri Lankan town in 1976.

He made national headlines in 2002 when anti-Muslim comments he made became the subject of the first case heard under Victoria’s newly-created Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. Mediation ended the case five years later.

Ms Hecht, who says she is a “fifth generation Australian on her mother’s side” in her biography, said the growth of Islam was “an important issue for the whole of Australia and definitely Kennedy”. She denied the party wanted to restrict religionist choice and said the core issue was a matter of law.

“What we don’t support is their hijacking of our laws and our system,” she said.

“It really is many races, but one law and that’s Australian law.”

Earlier this month, the One Nation Party dropped their candidate for the seat of Rankin, Stephanie Banister, after a gaffe-filled interview with the 27-year-old aired on Channel Seven, showed Ms Banister mistaking Islam for a country.

Ms Banister said she had been misrepresented.

Fairfax Media attempted to contact both Ms Hecht and Mr Nalliah for comment.


17 thoughts on “Election special No 10 – Muslims paying Aborigines to convert to Islam, Rise Up candidate claims

  1. Just what this elections needs, more nutters & self-servers.

    So all Pam Hecht wants is to be free to go about her business. Well, I say go for it but don’t, like other farmers, expect to socialise your losses & privatise your profits. Stop telling porkies too.

  2. At least this nutter has the courage to run and flout her idiocy.
    Gronks like Chris Merrett just do it on closed mutual masturbation groups.

  3. How can I possibly teach a class about Australian Government and what a serious topic it is and this comedic genius raises her head (blond hair and blue eyes presumably – especially with the name Hecht) and im supposed to keep a straight face

  4. Um…. wow. I am in Dallas right now, and I registered for postal vote, looked in to it and realised that there’s NO-ONE I am willing to vote for, but the plethora of idiot fringe parties that have come up in this election is really worrying. They all have the same platform. First, we won’t help asylum seekers. Second, we deny global warming ( as if that will help ). Third, we oppose gay marriage ( because it would ruin the great track record straight people have of respecting the institution, apparently ). It made me realise, if everyone is saying it, most people must believe it. I want to live somewhere else….

      • Had I been able to vote, I planned to write something to make clear that I thought about it, and could not with a clear conscience, vote for any of them.

        • I found it hard to decide who to put last. Plus I was amazed there is a party that denies climate change, plus another one called ‘stop the greens’. Makes me think I might start my own nonsense party and try to get some money next time.

          Honestly couldn’t decide whether I was amused or shocked when I saw the ballot. Thankfully i got to vote early, so I wasn’t confronted by reps of all these ‘parties’ on election day

  5. I live in the Kennedy electorate. I live in an Indigenous community and have for over ten years. I am married to an Indigenous woman and we have three kids. I have NEVER heard anyone attempting to install Islam here. I have never heard of anyone talking about religion AT ALL except old ladies who were formed to the Christian Gospel during the Mission days and some Mormons who irregularly appear from inside the community to hand out literature with a comic good will. There are no active Muslims here and if there were I would probably want to know them, because they DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL (or at least don’t worship the Great God Grog). Moderate Islam would probably be GOOD for Indigenous people but we can’t have that can we? I am going to try and contact this woman and give her the good word on Christians telling lies about Indigenous people! I am Catholic, by the way, not Muslim or out-of-your-tree right-wing fundamentalist Christian. My church has big problems with pedophile priests. I haven’t heard anything about Islamic child abusers except in the context of some out of context prejudice! Whatever helps Indigenous people live free and healthy lives will get my help and support, even if right-wing whackos are terrified of both the mechanism and the eventuality!

  6. where are all these muslims finding money to do all the this stuff…. 1st they fund terrorism n now they’re paying ppl to convert… FMD where are they… maybe i could get some money off them too…

      • I am consistently astonished at the low level of proofreading in the media, today. ( by which I mean, the paid media, not this blog )

        • Wow. I guess that speaking English is no more needed there, than to talk to people on the phone. I don’t begrudge the right of people in an other country to make a quid, but the people deciding that these folks are qualified to do this work, are clearly assuming that everyone is going to accept the same low standard ( I guess they are right, so far )

        • Not just here – it’s a losing battle, trying to find people [like you, MMU!] who care enough to go back and edit when an error is pointed out. Mistakes are made, sure – but when that’s the norm rather than the exception, and corrections are often received in the spirit of “you know what I meant!”… Well, yes and no. I *guessed* what you meant, and so will a lot of other people, but news especially isn’t supposed to be a Wordsearch puzzle!

          /end rant.

  7. Riiiigghhht…. Quite the smorgasbord of suggestions there, half of which seem semi-viable, none of which seem related to the topic. Or is that just me?

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