22 thoughts on “Election Special 11: Liberals Pretending to be Greens Representatives Handing Out Fake How To Vote Cards

  1. Just goes to show the lengths these born-to-rulers will go to. It is 100% deceit & deception which despite what the guy from AEC said, such contemptible tactics should not be legal

    These are the despicable Young Liberals who would aspire to a career in politics. Imagine the hue & cry if any other party did this? Disgraceful.

    • It’s the standard for the youth politicians. I remember at Monash the Young Liberals woudl do whatever they could to get their party elected, usually by making up false minor parties which would direct al ltheir votes to the Liberals (“Fuck Howard” being one, “Free travel for international students” being another). It never worked, but it’s from these student political groups that we get tomorrow’s government.

      In the case of fairness-the young labour party were just as bad, with one friend of mine being investigated for electoral fraud as she finished her degree.

  2. I have mostly voted Labor,but not this time.Labor has spent projected income(mining boom) and thrown away too much of OUR money.Conservatives/Liberals certaintly dont have vision but they are better money managers.Last week I was grieving for Labor,,then I came to the conclusion that they have done this to themselves.Pity.. the leadership circus has done them no good,they should have stuck to Rudd

    • Ah, we have a concern troll. Neville, any true Labor voter would NEVER EVER believe that crap about the Coalition being “better money managers”. Menzies himself & his government had SIXTEEN (16) straight budget deficits!! Howard, as treasurer, ran double digit inflation, interest rates & unemployment. As PM he did not provide much in the way of infrastructure, despite being in government during the biggest mining boom ever, only initiated a dreadful sense of entitlement amongst the so-called “middle classes” with his tossing them money (welfare) they did not need.

      Governments aren’t in the business of running surpluses. If they do then the people ie the taxpayers are missing out on much needed services & infrastructure. Currently, Australia’s economy is the envy of the rest of the world.

      You want to vote conservative, Neville? Look to the UK to see what happens when such a government gets into power.

    • That’s right, I’m gonna support the part that conscripted my father and uncle to go fight in Vietnam because they are “better money managers”. Pull your head in mate.

  3. Seems I am all alone in my view Joy.I guess if you are right,on Sunday next I will regret that I never voted Labor We will see..However a TRUE Labor voter type person,who simply votes on some sort of knee jerk doesn’t seem that bright a person to my way of thinking.

    • Typical, attack the intellect & intelligence of those who do not agree with you. The thought of an Abbott-led government is something that should never even be contemplated. A government for the rich manipulated by the rich. Just look at those who are pulling the strings & think, why are they doing this? Certainly it’s not for the good of Australia or its people.

      Look also at the shadow ministry & think of them on the government benches. That alone should give you pause for thought.

  4. Dont mention the U.K Joy Look at that religious dickhead Blair,(Labour)and how he followed that other dickhead Bush into Iraq.The mess that has created.Wisdom?Ugh.Bad example.

    • Bad example?!? Do you even KNOW what the living conditions for the average person is like in the UK?? Think they would be very nostalgic for the days of Blair right now.

      As for the war he dragged the UK into, it was the very same war Howard dragged Australia into.

    • And why is Neville silent on a former Australian Liberal PM following The UK and Bush in the same attack on Iraq?

      Is it because Neville thinks Liberal Leaders would shock horror never ever do such a thing?

  5. Howard followed Bush and Blair,and of course it was wrong to send troops to Afghanistan,and Iraq,and the interesting thing about that is that the Bali bombing was after Australia became involved in the Afgfhanistan mess.But to be rusted on to a political party and shift ground as you do( eg living conditions in the U.K) doesnt exhibit much grey matter.

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