“Peter W Hill” and threats of rape – “It’s in my DNA”

Here’s keen Liberal Party and Geelong Cats’supporter (and twit) “Peter W Hill”. Is he fake or not? We are not sure.


What we are sure of is that he is a misogynist. And he likes to stalk journalist Clementine Ford troll journalist Clementine Ford’s Twitter.


Here’s the full story on Clementine Ford’s Tumblr blog


These obsessed old guys sure get agitated when women disagree with them.

Seems like old “Peter” has a bit of a thing with rape because soon after he’d tweeted that he tweeted this.

We know Clementine Ford doesn’t support rape. Not sure about old “Peter” though.

Here he is What a twat!

7 thoughts on ““Peter W Hill” and threats of rape – “It’s in my DNA”

  1. Slow news day, Hmmm?. There is no such thing as islamophobia, it was invented by leftist tree huggers that want this country to be occupied by illegal welfare leeches. Get a real job.

  2. What’s with these guys? Do they think they are invincible or that no one else can see the crap they write? He should be arrested, pronto, for threatening behaviour & stalking.

  3. I find it so hard to imagine having such a perspective towards other people so when someone does display such hatred and cruelty I completely stumped! Look forward to finding out Geelong’s response.

  4. In answer to your initial question, yes, this creature is for real with absolutely no ethics whatsoever. Through it’s business dealings, it is hated from Perth to Auckland, southern Tasmania to Cape York. I’ts misogyny is on display plainly from your experience and if there was a line of victims seeking retribution to be formed. it would be visible from the moon. This lonely, pathetic example of human excrement lies in wait for anyone willing to snap back at it’s outrageous comments and actually regards it s friendly banter. Obvious deluded with it’s station in society, it seeks to inflict whatever damage that it can to compensate for the emptiness in it’s purile banal existence.

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