18 thoughts on “Would You Put a Nazi Flag in a Baby’s Nursery?

  1. The douchebag probably doesn’t even know what a real skinhead is. Guaranteed the majority of them (outside of the US) would beat the shit out of a bigot any day of the week. Being on the fringe of a fringe group, what a special little snowflake.

  2. did anybody else notice tht jay verrills idiot’s comment about getting the baby a face tattoo for his 1st bday or was i just imaging tht??? pls tell me tht i’m imaging it…

  3. This why we have a special paradox in Australia. We have no Bill of Rights, perse’, (on the face of it a problem), but what we have is the law. Racists have no inalienable ‘rights’ hereand so no power to effect their agenda, if they cannot form a cohesive political action and Australia’s liberal (in the US sense), system is not going to be conducive to that. The Federal Court will shut them down long before any chance at an Einschluss, with Tasmania presumably. But while the lack of a Right’s driven agenda on the part of neo-fascists in Australia means they have no leverage on the system, it doesn’t stop them from participating in society and committing crimes. What Australia’s system does preserve is the power to deny such groups purchase through judicial moderation. And changing the judiciary means getting elected first. Never gonna happen.

    • We don’t need a bill of rights. We have the constitution. The bill of rights in the US are simply constitutional ammendments.

  4. Does Jamie know that the symbol is thousands of years old, it has been used as a religious symbol by the Egyptians, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and even Native Americans and.the Swastika is associated with the elephant-headed god Ganesha the “remover of obstacles and not he thinks?

  5. Been visiting this website for nearly 4 years daily reading posts, comments and occasionally commenting myself) but this is the worst shit I’ve seen so far, the poor kid doesn’t even get to start off with a blank slate for life -I don’t know what else to say.

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