Our 1000th post – One Nation’s Mike Holt supports malicious food tampering

We like to think that when we shop for food in Australia we can be sure that from the producer to the shop floor our food is safe from contaminants and malicious tampering.

Apparently not the case when the Islamophobes are on the prowl.

Take a look at this story

A 26-year-old Kingston woman will appear in court on Friday charged over an anti-Islam sticker scandal that has embroiled One Nation’s Fairfax candidate and lead to scathing criticism from the state government.

Earlier this month, a jar of coffee with its seal broken was allegedly found at a Woolworths supermarket at Underwood, south of Brisbane, featuring a sticker stating “Beware! Halal food funds terrorists”.

The stickers can be purchased from Restore Australia, whose chief executive officer is One Nation candidate Mike Holt.

The Queensland One Nation candidate remains unapologetic for selling the stickers.

You may be interested to know that the woman concerned has been charged and is appearing in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Friday 26th July.

However Mike Holt himself has not been charged with aiding and abetting. Nice of him to let one of his fans take the flak. Really says a lot about the ethics of the nutjob right.

Mr Holt had been condemned by his Greens opponent David Knobel and LNP Member for Noosa Glen Elmes, but he is undeterred. “I say to these Greens and the member up in Noosa, ‘Get an education about the Muslim religion and what it’s all about and you will be horrified’,” Mr Holt said.

Mr Elmes condemned the stickers as “offensive, grotesque and designed to inflame hatred”. Mr Knobel described Mr Holt’s behaviour as “appalling”, adding that the “dog-whistling” style of politics should be condemned.

And perhaps you would like to know what One Nation’s founder thinks of interference with our food and with her candidate’s stance on the matter?

We actually know that “Muslim/Islam is not a race”. Judaism is not strictly speaking “a race” either though it is part of an ethnic identity. You can theoretically choose to belong to a religion but you do not have much say in your ethnicity.

However it is bigotry to attack people on the basis of their religion and in Queensland it attracts equal sanctions to racism.

So if you come across any of these contaminants you can do the following:

  • inform the supermarket manager
  • inform the company
  • report the incident to your local Council Health Inspector and your state EPA

Oh by the way there is no such thing as a “halal tax”. There is not even GST on fresh foodstuffs in Australia.

So if you have issues with what your supermarket charges for food take it up with them or do some comparison shopping like wise consumers do.

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159 thoughts on “Our 1000th post – One Nation’s Mike Holt supports malicious food tampering

  1. And I say to Mr Bolt don’t be an idiot and only get an education about the Muslim religion from The Media especially Today Tonight.

    • Perhaps you could educate me: Is Islam a religion of peace?

      Can you guarantee that none of the money from halal certification is funding terrorism?

      • Alice people like you have proven no matter how much facts are put in front of you, you still won’t believe in it, as others have to believe in your claims no matter how much BS is it.

      • And perhaps no you need a education that is not the media especially News Ltd Papers and Today Tonight.

        Have a nice life, not accepting reality that you are a fool in accepting stories from The Media as ‘Facts’.

      • Alice perhaps you could educate me: Is Christianity a religion of peace? (And if you say NO, I could help, you forgot Wars of the Papacy and the Papal States) Do you and others like Fred Nile as a Christians follows what is in The Bible? In fact do you actually read The Bible?

      • Regarding the issue of “religion of peace”…
        Alice, if at all you were to take off the blinkers you would notice that ALL religions have their extremists. And extremists tend to have violent tendencies. Yes, Islam has its extremists, and thanks to those that own the media (e.g. a certain Mr Murdoch springs to mind), the focus is put upon Islam’s extremists.
        Christianity certainly has its violent extremists as well. We can go back as far as the Crusades or, for a more contemporary take, look at the violence that is perpetrated on the staff of abortion clinics in the US, and the long and prolific history of bombings on such clinics by Christian extremists. You just don’t read about it on the front page of the Herald Sun because it would conflict with what Mr Murdoch wants you to believe.
        There is violence perpetrated by Orthodox Jews in Israel against liberal and secular Jews as well as Arabs and Palestinians. Heck, even Buddhists have their extremists, and were you to pay attention to the news there have been some rather nasty Buddhist-on-Muslim incidents (perpetrated by Buddhists) in Myanmar this year.
        So, get over it. Where there is religion, there will be extremism. And where there are extremists there is violence. The “Aussie Pride” brigade that you belong to are extremists. Without them, there would not have been shit such as the Cronulla riots. And you are clearly a member and facilitator of such extremist culture. But that’s a bit too hard a truth to face, isn’t it?

        • Well done for attempting to establish an equivalence between. Islam & the rest.

          20,500 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11. Get a grip.

        • Alice has been asked to prove she had no involvement in 9/11, as she believes proving a negative is easy, or at least possible.

          She has refused to do this. I therefore conclude that Alice was heavily involved in the planning and undertaking of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

        • Do u see Christians in sweden raping girls in the name of Allah? Do u see Christians slicing off heads of others screaming God is good??? Do you see women burried chest deep and being stoned to death with Christians yelling God is good?? Nope I hear allah allah allah allah akbar…. And we are talking in this day and age not 200 years ago. There are bad people everywhere but no other religion KILLS IN THE NAME OF THEIR RELIGION!!!

        • We see plenty of so-called Christians raping and slaughtering people. There are Christian militia groups in places like Africa who use child soldiers.

          The rapes and murders in the Congo and Rwanda were done by – Christians.

          Muslims were murdered by Christians in the former Yugoslavia. These Christians are always turning on each other – again in the former Yugoslavia and also in Ireland.

      • So, instead of proving “Hallal certiication funds terorrism”, the burden of proof is now on “Prove that hallal certification does not fund terrorism”

        Fair enough, Alice. I will, as soon as you can prove you are not a terrorist. After all, if proving a negative is so easy, you can prove to us that you had no involvement in 9/11.

  2. Well, we all know Pauline Hanson started the use of bigoted dog whistling which was then perfected by John Howard who used it to great effect on the electorate at large. The result is disgusting idiots such as Mike Holt & those who prop up his scaremongering by buying his ridiculous stickers.

    No wonder he hasn’t been disendorsed by Pauline Hanson as he is an ideal One Nation candidate. Makes me ill.

    • I thought Pauline Hanson was running as an independent and not connected to One Divided Nation? But then again, if Pauline (Ex-Liberal) was connected she is acting like Abbott, candidates not being disendorsed by him for writing stupid and racist comments, breaking the law like shop lifting, drink driving etc etc

        • Alice, get your facts right. On 7 March 2013 Hanson announced that she intends to stand in the 2013 federal election. She has rejoined the One Nation party and will be a Senate candidate in New South Wales.

          So yes, she is connected to the dreadful One Nation party.

        • Pauline hanson is now connected to One Nation that Alice is a supporter and member of?

          Well at least they well get one vote?

    • You can blame Meg Lees for that. She deemed some foodstuffs weren’t good for us so she had GST placed on them, after arguing for food to be free of GST. For example, she felt that hot cooked chicken was “bad” so your hot BBQ’d chook from the supermarket attracts GST but if you buy the same chook the next day when it is cold then it is GST-free. Go figure.

      • Ah Meg Lees new member of The Liberals and destroyer of The Democrats and with her strange way of thinking perfect for The Liberals?

  3. PS Congrats on your 1000th post. Just shows there are plenty of offensive & repugnant people out there in cyberland. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. PPS Why is it groups uses the words One Nation or United Australia or Restore Australia, when they know with their racist abuse, they don’t want Australia to be One Nation, United or to Be Restore?

    • It’s much like those so-called local community “progress” associations. The very last thing they want is to see is any progress in their area & fight any council (or other) suggestions of it tooth & nail.

    • Kinda like the Australia Party for Freedom which, at last count is against:

      -Gay marriages, or gay expression of any kind
      -Religion that is not christian and maybe Jewish
      -Brown people
      -Halal food certification
      -Against foreign ownership of anything
      -People who disagree with them….

      And many more.. where’s george orwell when you need him?

      At last check of their website, the freedoms they espouse are limited to the following:
      -The Freedom to be hateful to people who are non-white, non-right wing, non-racist, or otherwise disagreeing to the party.
      -The Freedom to see a prostitute. Not the freedom to be a prostitute however (Yep-this actually is supported by the party)
      -The freedom to not turn up to a protest

  5. Mike has perfected the practice of not answering questions about his personal ethics (from what paid work he does to whether he draws government benefits) from interested people on his website Restore Australia. From this platform he holds forth on many topics from supporting Assange to his raison d’etre: a new constitution.

    He crudely bags and slags (there is never any analysis) just about everyone, thereby ensuring he covers a broad base, sweeping up the support of the disgruntled, the feeling disenfrachised and the just nuts. His tactic is to throw the stone and then sit back and watch as they all foam at the mouth as they comment. Some of his supporters have genuine concerns and express them moderately and clearly on the site. Most have their own anti-govt/anti-socialist/anti-immigration agenda.

    His Islamophobia is never far from the surface, neither is his sexism or paternalism.
    Unbelievably and thankfully, his comments, his posting of crude and silly jokes and his lack of intellect have been preserved in cyberspace forever and for all to see…he has a very short shelf-life as a political candidate…

    By the way, what does he want to “restore” Australia to?

    • Well we know what you have in store for Australia; which is to turn it into a Muslim arse licking sharia shit hole.

      Get your hijab ready honey

      • You have theories, that need to be disproven, so tell me this Alice. Is there anything that you would accept as evidence your theories on Islam (A religion I doubt you’ve had any direct personal involvement with) being incorrect?

        I mean, as I often say, if every Islamic man woman and child rise up and try to convert the populace, I’ll admit I was wrong. But here’s the thing, I work with Muslims, have many as friends, and no one seems to mind my Christianity. But if that change happens, I’ll admit my mistake.

        So, what would it take for you to think maybe you are wrong? Or will it be the case that you will spend the rest of your life fearing a civil war that will never happen, and even on your death bed, state to your assembled family “The Muslims will attack….any minute now”?

        Wouldn’t that be a waste of a life? Waiting on a civil attack that even by your own theories, you must accept, might never ever happen?

        • Theories?

          How about facts:

          1. Lebanese civil war- Lebanon once Christian, now Muslim.
          2. Egypt – Once Christian , now muslim.

          When did I say there would be a civil war?

          Those must be good magic mushies you ‘re on.

  6. PS. on his website he is calling the recent criticisms of his opinions in the press “insults”, whilst he calls his own dissemination of anti-muslim material is THE TRUTH. Dickhead – there’s an insult for you…mediocre to fit the man.

      • i know thts why i was asking…. when… coz i havent heard anything about australia being “christian” but then if Holt says so then it must be gospel…. :-/

    • So Saudi is not Islamic? Iran is not Islamic? The majority of Austrralians are culturally Christian.

      Well doné for buying into the rhetoric of the multicultural industry.

        • Bit like ‘cultural Muslims’currently being investigated for leaving bombs at sydney police stations, right boss?

        • So to be clear, some Muslims commit crime, therefore all should be arrested.

          Some white non-muslim people set bombs, call for people who disagree with them to be executed-should all white non-muslim people therefore be arrested?

      • Alice in writing “The majority of Austrralians are culturally Christian” well doné for buying into the rhetoric of the media industry, because you cannot think for yourself.

        • They are not culturally Christian.

          Tell me it isn’t true.

          Perhaps u could enlighten me.- what your interpretation of Australian culture is.

  7. What a clown. This halal certification is for export to lucrative markets in Indonesia and the Gulf. Anyone who has been to Malaysia or Indonesia knows that it’s not unusual for even toothpaste to have a halal certification on it. Australia wants to get into these markets and halal certification gives us an edge. An edge that xenophobic dickwads like Holt want us to lose.

    Besides which, in many cultures, being Muslim is part of the national identity. At one stage in Yugoslavia they even used the word “Muslim” to describe Bosniaks so as not to inflame Croatian and Serbian Bosnians. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslims_(nationality)

    There are plenty of people who identify as Muslims who have never been to a mosque or read the Qur’an and some who do not even believe in God (“secular Muslims”). Extremist Muslims have a very narrow and bigoted interpretation of Islam which they insist is the only one. Extremist Muslim-haters agree with this interpretation. Go figure.

    • And I am wondering how many of those Muslim Haters and calling themselves Christians has actually been in Church, read the Bible and follow what is in it?

      Well what I heard of Fred Nile and his supporters sprewing, I guess none?

      • Yeah anybody that raises concerns about sharia is a hater. Just like bob brown labelled News Corp the ‘hate ‘press because thety raised issues uncomfortable to bob’s shit wagon.

        Perhaps those Christians are aware of the fate of Christians in west Papua- under the current Muslim perpetrated genocide- but, better stop there – that could be hate, don’t want to upset the Muslims right?

        • “Perhaps those Christians are aware of the fate of Christians in west Papua- under the current Muslim perpetrated genocide- but” better stop there Alice and see your Doctor for more help for your f**ked up way of thinking based on believing The Media as you don’t want to be a danger to the community.

        • I guess Alice has never actually been in Church, never read the Bible and never follow what is in it?

          As they are too busy being a danger to the community.

        • Come on Alice stop proving evidence you are full of it? As you know you never spoke to “anybody” On 2nd thoughts you did but only in your wet dreams.

    • actually we (bosnians) were referred to as turks in yugoslavia… n when they saw tht didnt offend us they started referring to us as “bosnjaks” which was to take another stab at the kozak heritage of some of the bosnian population… those of us tht actually have turk/kozak dont care about it… even those tht dont have turk/kozak blood have taken tht as a compliment n now refer to themselves as bosnjaks… i’m also surprised tht they didnt throw in kinez to try n insult those of us tht have mongolian blood as well…

      the proper term is bosanci… or in english… bosnian..

    • In that case, if halal is for export markets, only that product should be halal certified, right?

      Plenty of Muslims who identify as such but don’t go to mosque. So what? While they are not part of the problem, they are not part of the answer either. They do nothing to weed out extremism- and are irrelevant to any debate regarding the extremism that is inherent in Islam.

      Explain why Australians should be paying more for their food to be halal certified when they are not Muslim?

  8. So they’re putting stickers on food? For fucks sake, that doesn’t affect anyone except the poor kid being paid next to nothing and is now having to clean every one of them. Every time bullshit like this happens it only affects innocent bystanders and not the people they target (I should probably point out that I think their aim is racist and gross but it’s a similar thing that is happening with GMO food and as a retail worker I just get all twitchy about this stuff)

        • Alice, as much as I don’t like “feeding trolls” I do realise you would not have noticed my comment further up informing you that Pauline Hanson HAS rejoined the woeful One Nation party & is standing for the senate for NSW.

          Not that right wing nutjob troll ever respond to anyone’s comments correcting the nonsense.they spout.

        • “Oh God yes, lots of deaths there buddy.”

          So you accept food tampering could kill someone, but it’s okay, because it hasn’t happened yet?

      • I love that you., a person who believes in the “Halal tax” hoax, even you admits that the money “Could” be used to finance terrorism?

        Alice….couldn’t all money potentially be used to finance terrorism or other criminal activities? Couldn’t the non-hallal item you pay for also be connected to an extremist group, serial killer, thief, or general super villain?

        Those fish and chips you buy-are you sure they’re not financing the repression of the Chinese government?

    • How does this affect innocent bystanders?

      The kid at Woolies gets paid regardless.

      The targets have been hit fair and square luvvy.

      That would be Muslims, sharia and the halal food racket.

      • You endorse a religion that backs child marriage and that has spawned a FGM problem in Australia. 300 cases in WA annually alone. prue Goward has reported that the cases to reach the MSM are the tip of the iceberg.

        Also various honour killings.


      • You’ve never worked a shitty job and been forced to clean the messes everyone’s made AND still do your regular job or else you get an earful from your boss, have you?

      • How exactly are Muslims hurt by this? “Hey-this jar has been opened already and an offensive message put inside-better get a different jar then!”

        How exactly is sharia effected by this? “Boss-we were just about to impose sharia world wide with our magical minaret-burqa ray, but damnit, they put stickets on our jars! Plan over!”

        How exactly is the halal industry effected by this? “Hey-this company needs more certification because some idiot opened a jar then didn’t pay for it”

        The only person effected is the poor workers who now had to clean up the mess you guys have made.

        Now, if I’m wrong, you’ll have demonstrative success stories from your protests. A store, or industry, which is refusing to add halal certification, or promises to remove it perhaps?

  9. $2 Trillion a year? Fuck that is more than our GDP isn’t it? Must say Pauline never lets the truth or facts get in the way of a good bit of ignorant grand standing lol

  10. i’ve actually been having some fun with those websites tht list the “halal” products on them by emailing them to let them know they missed 2 items on their lists… which is water n oxygen…

    coz they are also pure products tht are halal approved…

  11. What ‘contaminants’ were in the coffee, brains trust?

    More bullshit from the hysteria brigade you and your minions inhabit.

        • So it had to be lab anaylsed. You going to pay for that? Come on, your group has contaminated items, are you going to pay for the cost of that?

          So you ignore laws when they don’t suit you, ignore how your actions effect other, and don;t take any responsibility for you actions-why exactly should anyone support you?

          And are you so young/stupid/blind that you don’t see why food contamination my be important to check out? I remember when arnotts biscuits were pulled off the shelf because a guy stated he would be posioning them until police gave into his demands-but the police should just trust you guys to do the right thing. It’s not like anti-muslims groups ever break the law or hurt people, right?

  12. You can now state for the record: do you or do you not endorse the Halal certification of food that Australians eat.

    Is it appropriate for 98% of the population paying for halal certification for the 2%?

    Please explain?

    Halal compliance is also sharia compliance> Please state whether or not you and this blog endorse sharia law or Australian law?

    • We don’t have to “declare” anything at the behest of the likes of you.

      The fact that something is marked halal or kosher does not bother us. There are kosher restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne that serve delicious Eastern European-style food. There are halal restaurants in Sydney that serve a variety of national cuisines (Lebanese, South Asian, Egyptian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai) We patronise them.

      What do bogots offer? Nothing.

      When we shop we tend to see if food is free-range/cruelty free. We check out fat and salt content. We check for possible allergens. We check for country of origin.

      Like most normal people do.

      • Halal and therefore sharia does not bother you?

        Glad we cleared that one up.

        And sharia for the record, is not cruelty free.

        Seems that Rudd is currently at the behest of the ‘bogots’. tell me it isn’t true.

        • He and Abbott are pandering to you lot because they want those seats. Not to be surprised at given that you lot have been yammering loudly away with your psychotic myths.

          The last democratic government we can remember who tried to appeal to racists and bigots like you ended up being overturned after an election. It was the Weimar Republic in 1933, and Hitler became the Chancellor.

          Millions of people died as a result.

          But you are being revealed as the haters and criminal elements you really are. Normal Australians don’t want you.

          And next time you are threatened by natural disasters in your swamps where you cower, next time there’s an economic downturn that affects you don’t come crying to us.

        • Doesn’t affect us personally any more than a handful of asylum seeker boats ever affected you bigots. The ones who will suffer will be the people stuck in those concentration camps indefinitely for the “crime” of upsetting Australia’s rednecks.

          But don’t let that get in the way of yet another whinging rant from the street thug class.

        • How exactly is sharia law is effecting you? Please be specific on how shaira law is effecting you anymore than jewish law, catholic law, Aboriginal law or the laws I just made up in my head (From now on, youtube clips cannot be considered news! So saws the law!)

      • As a communist yourself, why bring Hitler into it?

        Heard of Stalin? Mao?

        You’re are at heart as extreme as these icons of mass murder.

        One thing in common: All leftists, all socialists. all extreme.

        That is where you reside.

        With extremists.

        • Alice, since we’re talking about mass murderers, please tell us exactly in what ways you’re different from Ander Behring Breivik.

        • How is sharia law affecting me?

          How are drive by shootings affecting you? Does that mean you should not be concerned? Fuck are you on drugs?

      • If Alice concerned about Halal food, why is Alice not bothered about foods being labeled free-range/cruelty free, what is the fat and salt content. etc etc etc?

  13. So TAB, what a farce your little Australian Greens ‘open borders’ policy has turned into.

    You must be proud. Are you?

    How does it feel to have blood on your hands?

    • What policy? You do realise the Greens never formed government, and the Labor party repeatedly ignored their police regarding asylum seekers.

      You must be proud of your ignorance-are you?

      “How does it feel to have blood on your hands?”

      Oh, so you are concerned about asylum seekers now are you? The Muslims asylum seekers you otherwise accuse of being extremists as well? When did this happen?

    • Mmmmmm not a good look is it, Alice and concerned citizen? That you cannot or well not see your own rants is not based on facts, but emotions, no research and The Media.

    • Rudd isn’t left wing. He’s centre right.

      And I don’t support Rudd’s plan. Never did. Though I do think it’s better than the far righ’ts plan of “Shoot the boats”!

        • He’s a Green stooge? Which is why the Greens party is absolutely being able to get every policy they push approved and passed through the house and the senate, right? Like…..what exactly?

          Talking about liars though, what do you think of Abbot’s statement that not everything he says, as in everything that Abbot says, should be trusted at face value?

  14. I am concerned about how accommodating people are being to immigrants. This is a Western country that was built by westerners. The others just arrived and took advantage of what we have here. The irony is we allowed these people to come here. I don’t really understand what halal food is, all I know is that they don’t eat pork, but biscuits are fine?

    Australia is a place that has sat here for ages and at a time when other races lived a completely different life to Westerners, the world was a different place. Western Europeans built Australia, we used to eat our own foods like fish and chips, cheese and milk and oats potatoe bakes, pork and lamb bacon and eggs now you hardly see a fish and chip shop, it’s all kababs and Indian, all halal food. Australians have lost their way.

    • This country has been inhabited by Indigenous people for over 60 000 years. Then a bunch of pasty disease-ridden convicts arrived.

      Their descendants actually killed off a large number of Indigenous people with their diseases – that is the ones they didn’t massacre via guns and lynchings.

      We love our multi-ethnic cuisine.

      • Sad fact is the indigenous population at the time of the British surveys and subsequent landings was only 400,000 or so. If the boat people of the day didn’t kill them with firearms or violence they wiped out whole communities with influenza, smallpox, STD’s and a myriad of lovely conditions that were all introduced to a closed eco system, hence decimating the people who had, as you say, lived here for well over 40,000 or more years. I am shaking my head at the “Halal Tax, Sharia Compliance” comments, the beef at the supermarket is not 10, 20 or 30 cents dearer because of certification, the process relates to the method of slaughter in Australian abattoirs where MSA and live stock inspectors and vets oversee the process from feed lot to fridge. All costs related to meat products or other products are already incorporated into the sale price at retail outlets, there is not some shady shadow organisation raking in 20 cents on every dollar to send to Zawahiri or some other despotic intolerant terrorist, but the facts once again do not fit the narrative so the likes of Alice ignore them and spout the same shit over and over, thinking if you do that long enough and loud enough you will convince everyone it is true. Asshats galore.

      • In that case pay rent to the Aboriginals then. – seems as though u feel so guilty about it all.

        does your house sit on australian soil? Pay rent. empty words.

        • We ask Alice for proof of a halal tax. Instead she tells us we should pay rent to Aborigines as a tax on caring about Aboriginal issues.

          Seems typical.

      • have u ever noticed tht the morgue n the kitchen are in close proximity to each other in the hospitals??? it would explain a lot about hospital food tho lol

    • How can someone be a concerned citizen when they are not concerned that own rants is BS not based on research and they have lost the plot? Like Westerners or the first “boat people” taking advantange of The Indigenous people, fish and chips, cheese and milk and oats potatoe bakes, pork and lamb bacon and eggs were brought to Australia by Migrants etc etc

    • “I don’t really understand what halal food is, all I know is that they don’t eat pork, but biscuits are fine? ”

      Don’t understand it, but still concerned about it. Could try and find out more, but no-concern has already been made.

      “now you hardly see a fish and chip shop,”


      Seriously, are you blind? Do you only live in a box hidden six feet underground or something?

      I live in Shepparton. I previously lived in Collingwood and Geelong. All places have a mix of migrants, but we had plenty of choices of fish and chip shops-usually between 5-6 in one suburb! I think the only place fish and chips shops were being reduced was Collingwood, but that’s due to hipsters refusing fish and chips as not being trendy. Still could get it though-just in Ivanhoe, Carlton, Melbourne-easy!

      “we used to eat our own foods like fish and chips, cheese and milk and oats potatoe bakes, pork and lamb bacon and eggs ”

      Yes, lovely healthy goods like bacon and eggs, And these foods, apparently, impossible to find in every single supermarket. I go to my milk section-it’s just an empty void, which if I explore deeper, will eventually lead to Narnia.

      “it’s all kababs and Indian, all halal food.”

      Indian food is not necessarily hallal food. Incidentally-if everything is hallal food-how come I can always have a nice pork meal if I want it?

      Again, I’ve never seen a street in Australia which had multiple restaurants that only sold kebabs and indian food. Could you name me one?

      “Australians have lost their way.”

      Since this is the 1000th post, it’s worth looking back on the history of “Australia losing its way”=we’ve often heard this dramatic term, but never heard a description. Now….at last, we have a defintion.

      Australia’s way is eating unhealthy, bland, uninteresting food, and ignoring the far more spicy, and delicious food from other cultures.
      To restore Australia, all we need to do is eat fish and chips, cheese, milk, oats, potato bakes, pork, lamb, bacon, and nothing else. Bread is illegal-and you dare talk about pasta, or stir fry you commie!

      Glad we cleared this up.

      • In Sydney first the Greeks ran fish and chips shops. Now the Asians are running them as well.

        At least you can now get grilled fish rather than fish locked up in an impenetrable flour-and-water jacket, and you can also get various salads.

        Pluto pups have disappeared, for which we should be eternally grateful.

      • It is a pity some do not understand and accept that “fish and chips, cheese and milk and oats potatoe bakes, pork and lamb bacon and eggs” were brought to Australia by migrants?

        • So “Concerned citizen” you are not concerned that Bacon and eggs and Edan Cheese, was brought to Australia by migrants from England and The Netherlands?

        • Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait.so the problem isn’t those damn ethnics coming in and introducing there terrible foods, it’s junk food which was invented not by western people, nope, but by…someone else because it can’t be classified as western food.

          And just to be clear-Western culture apparently exists now? Please define it-show us what white culture is, because last time the Netherlands, England, Australia, France, etc were entirely different from one another.

          “Traditional western food is hearty and healthy, like all indigenous cultures it relies on an absence of refined foods and beverages.”

          How exactly are you being prevented from eating stews, bacon, eggs etc? I made a stew last week-yet to be arrested for it! And it was for someone who was Asian-I know! The Scandal!

          Incidentally-non-western food like Stir fries, sushi, also can be very healthy if cooked properly.

          “not halal food.”

          What do you even think halal food is? If halal lamb is cooked in a western style stew-is that halal or western?

          “When was the last time you had a trout or salmon soup Keith?”

          When did you last make one? Here’s the truth-it’s not foreigners invading our food-if you want to cook any sort of food you can! If, on the other hand, you want to buy ready made local food, well it will have to be popular enough to be successful in the market, cost effective, timely and affordable. But that’s not the “Invasion of the Halal food!” that’s just capitalism.

          Sushi and stir fires are popular because they’re quick to make, cheap to prepare, and taste great. A decent stew will taste great but take hours to prepare, require an extensive amount of meat to stop it from being a soup, and so therefore is harder to be cost effective. A soup can take even longer.

          But if you want to, you can make these things. People choose not to, not because they are brainwashed or forced at gunpoint to eat noodles, but because they don’t have the time to cook a good soup, pie, or stew. Restaurants choose not to serve these things because it will take too long to prepare the dish, leading to either long waits by customers, or excessive amounts of food being prepared in the hope that someone will order it.

          You may not like it. Fine, it’s your choice. But what would you want the alternative to be? Banning people from cooking meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare? Stuffing a potato into anything (Though that was an evil foreign ingredient as well once upon a time). I’m not (just) poking fun, I’m literally asking you how you would like your food manifesto to actually implemented in a way that is not an example of a crazy despotic state!

        • And why do they called themselves “concerned citizen” when they are not concerned with backing up their claims with evidence like “All those Arab countries suffer high rates pf diabetes because of their coffee”?

          PS I hate to know what they think are “Traditional western foods”? Frozen meals? KFC? McDonals?

        • And thanks to their own comments, Concerned Citizen have proven many times they are stuck in their way not to provided evidence to many claims.

          Maybe no yes they need someone else to point out this fact, because they are too weak or stupid or both to do this themselves?

        • What is so hard for “concerned citizen” to back up their claims with evidence? Is it because they know their evidence is a bit fishy?

        • Pity “not concerned about evidence citizen” replied before knowing,others, as apart from Asian food, I would and have eaten many types food including snails and haggis.

          PS They say you are what you eat, so I guess they are a BS Artist?

          PPS They should rent themselves out to put people to sleep, as with their claims they are so borizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

        • How stupid and weak is “concerned citizen” to see they have no evidence whatsoever to their many BS?

          But then again, the link is evidence?

        • ‘concerned citizen” with false claims about food that is based on emotions and no evidence that is detrimental to their health, they are perfect for One divided Nation.

          Case closed

    • Wilf’s been dead for a long time. Necrophilia seems to be something you enjoy.

      We aren’t Communists and never have been you moron. Communism died in 1989.

      We have noticed you never answer questions, nor do you provide any information to suggest that you and your “movement” are anything more than a bunch of non-contributing bludgers who whinge and whine at the smallest hints that Australia might be building a better future for everyone.

      Wish you’d all pack up and fuck off somewhere else. Don’t spoil this country for our children.

    • Alice got anything better then a link to a Media Outlet well known for stirring up hatred based on lies and fearmongering?

      • Keep watchiong the GAY B C. Buddy.

        Fairfax? They’re your buddies. Muslim arse kissers all.

        Tony Jones and you? I bet you kiss the TV set when Tones comes on. Eh pal?

        • Asking for evidence, Alice makes a gay slur, and calls random people names.

          Sounds typical. No evidence, no facts, just gay-obsessed insults.

      • Fear mongering? You stupid left wing arse hole.

        Who wrote the article?

        None other than a leftist refugee ass kissing Robert Manne- one of your little freak buddies. Piss off,

      • Who certifys a food is halal dunce? Would they need a Muslim certifier? Too much for you pea brain to comprehend?

        & would that certifier have to be paid?
        And would that be built into the cost of the product?


        • So we ask you for evidence of a halal tax. You instead talk about a dead journalist. When brought up on this, you state:

          “Obviously ther’es a halal tax. You’d need to be stupid not to believe it!”

          Yet not actually evidence. You know why we don’t believe you? Because there’s also a conspiracy theory that there is a kosher tax, which jewish organisations use to fund their evil zionist activities. It’s totally bollocks of course, but people still believe it.

          Is there any evidence that a halal tax is any more real than a kosher tax?

  15. This is how MikeHoltOneNation, aspiring politician, responds to criticism on one of his own admin.ed Restore Australia Supporters Page (200 plus!), after posting a One Nation event. Classy guy. Shame he can’t read Diputs’ name backwards.

    Restore Australia Supporters Page
    20 July

    Public Meeting Pauline Hanson
    5 August at 18:00
    Maroochy RSL in Maroochydore, Queensland
    Join · 7 people are going
    Like · · Share

    Diputs Stogib: Racist ratbags and fringe dwellers. Australia does not want your brand of hysterical bigotry. Fail fail fail.
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 14:20

    MikeHolt OneNation: ah yes Dipshit…er sorry…Diputs….nice to see some intelligent discussion from the lunatic fringe. Now, go play with your muzrat friends. You are stinking up the place.
    Like · 4 hours ago

    • Only 7 are going? More like The APP and ADL protest.

      Maybe these 3 groups can get together and get say 20 to come along and talk crap?


  16. I am sick of the whole ‘Islam is not a race, so I’m not racist’ line. It’s correct. These people are merely bigotted. Which is clearly MUCH better.

  17. There is a story called Alice in Wonderland, thanks to her (Fake, could be a male covering their arse?) own rants, there is a new story Alice in Wacko Land.

  18. JM regarding your reply August 5, 2013 at 4:20 pm aren’t you directing it to the wrong person? Especially as I didn’t write the comments that you quoted in your comments.

    Thanks 🙂

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