The hunt for slackbastard theantibogan Josh Bornstein

The Times of Israel blog entry, which Josh Bornstein did not write. Photograph: Screengrab

The white supremacist ultra-nationalist far right in Australia, like its pathetic bath-house-braces-bad-tatts-and-bare-nipples buddies overseas, is barking and baying an empty message of hate and violence consisting of repackaged bits of Mein Kampf along with selections from ancient propaganda toilet paper like The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

In other words what they peddle as a “political philosophy/platform/vision” is totally devoid of a factual base.

Anyone with half a brain knows this, including their fellow travellers on the far right who are equally devoid of a factual basis for their own subset of bizarre beliefs. However these very same fellow travellers would indignantly deny they were associated with Nazis or were like them in any way despite ample evidence to the contrary.

The target du jour is Islam and Muslims: tomorrow it will be yet another group, probably the Jews who have never really lost their position as Hate Object No 1 with the nutzis.

The fact that Muslims are a multi-ethnic group and that Islam is a universal religious faith like Christianity is not a problem for the brain-dead racist zombies of Nutzidom. Nor is the notion and regular use of stalking, intimidation, slander and identity theft as an attempt to silence those they do not approve of.

Lacking any solid basis for the lies they peddle, the white supremacist/neo-Nazi/white nationalist collective have resorted to a number of illegal activities apparently designed to convey to their prospective recruits the impression that they have no opposition and that they are somehow “mainstream”.

Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with these criminals on social media will know that they employ a variety of strategies to silence their critics. These range from out and out threats, usually under a fake profile, continuing gender-, racial- and sexuality-based bullying and harassment, nuisance calls, publication of pictures and details of opponents’ young children (there’s a name for that beginning with “p”), vandalism to property and spurious complaints to workplaces (all of which are ignored by employers).

The latest person to have engaged their obsession is this man.

Josh Bornstein

Josh Bornstein is a prominent Melbourne human rights and industrial relations lawyer with an impressive record of taking on society’s nasties, ranging from rorting employers and companies to the institutional child abusers and their deniers in his own Jewish community.

You may remember the 2007 ABC series Bastard Boys based on the 1998 wharf dispute where Bornstein took on stevedoring company Patrick Corporation alongside the union movement.

So it raised eyebrows when this high-profile Australian lawyer came to the attention of a bunch of Internet maggots in their strenuous efforts to kick along their own war against Jews and Muslims by sabotaging the smallest amount of progress in the Middle Eastern peace process.

And as we have seen in similar instances of identity theft pulled off by these and similar extremists they started off by creating a fake “Josh Bornstein” blogger which managed to fool the editorial staff of the Times of Israel, a Jerusalem-based independent newspaper.

The story surfaced in the media in April, Crikey picked it up and it culminated in Bornstein himself writing an article for The Guardian detailing the stalking, harassment and identity theft.

Social media itself was not blameless.

A fake account was enthusiastically welcomed by Twitter who were happy to receive money to promote a tweet urging the killing of Arabs made by the fake Josh.

In Josh’s case perhaps the next to last word comes from Flavorwire

The insidious tactics of these hoaxers, combined with the speed and fury which which online “outrages” snowball and become major scandals, are also something to be on alert for in this brave new world in which trolls adapt and change tactics.

In the end, this mini-blowup is a good reminder to all of us, particularly the pugnacious and sensitive among us, that when we see something that seems as though it were explicitly designed to gin up a high level outrage and disgust, that might actually be the case.

And far from silencing Josh Bornstein, this has impelled him and others to redouble their efforts to work towards a just and tolerant world.

And we strongly suspect that quite a few of the enemy will be feeling the heavy hand of the law in due course – in this country and elsewhere.

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Between neo-Nazis and jihadis, Melbourne lawyer Josh Bornstein won’t be silenced by identity theft

Some detritus – WARNING offensive content

Another Aussie company bullied by bigots

It seems like the new sport of choice for the couch potatoes at #TeamStraya is the bullying and intimidation of small Australian businesses who wish to cater for Muslim customers.

After all there aren’t too many suburban trains or trams in the yobbo rural heartland where they can threaten, bully and satisfy their yearnings to parade their hate.

Maybe this will become a new sports rivalry for teams of sweaty bigots like City V Country NRL or some sort of State of Origin. (*apologies to the NRL)

As reported by the ABC:


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$50 000 for a small business is a serious setback and will probably result in local  job losses and a cutback to working hours. It will also impact on local dairy farmers.

But of course the loathsome traitorous rabble will not see this in their senseless idiocy and hate.

Here’s the first one off the bench on the Fleurieu Milk Company Compass Cup community page


Pete manages to have a go at yet another Aussie Company.So we expect he will offer a job to anyone displaced by his bigotry. Not!

And we hope Spring Gully’s lawyers are paying attention.

Here’s some more phobes crawling out of the woodwork


Danny Bell is a proud member of hate group Patriots Defence League – you know the far right extremist group  which enjoys threatening and intimidating Muslims?

He is also a member of some Seventh Day Adventist groups. You know, the church that owns the lucrative Aussie Sanitarium food company which caters for the vegetarian dietary requirements of its church members – just like halal and kosher ?

Maybe Danny will want to run a crusade against Weet-Bix.


Favourite breakfast or terrorism threat?

Oh look, just about the whole Sanitarium range is halal.

Never mind,Danny, one of your fellow Muslim haters featured below lives in Newcastle and can march to nearby Cooranbong and stare down the San factory.TABFleurieu5

Karen wants to let us know that she alone can define what “the Aussie way” is – obviously in her universe it is the one that says it is OK to bully a small business providing jobs and an income to people in economically depressed regional South Australia.

Way to go #TeamStupid!

Yep and General Evi Davis is all locked and loaded up with Wild Turkey ready to take on the evil Muslamic halals. She even belongs to a page that tells us it is against the halal religion.

And if that is not enough,  adding to the (vomit) bucket list, spreading his shit on the page is Islamophobe Mike.


“Restore Australia” to what?  This?

Stay classy #TeamStupid!

Our 1000th post – One Nation’s Mike Holt supports malicious food tampering

We like to think that when we shop for food in Australia we can be sure that from the producer to the shop floor our food is safe from contaminants and malicious tampering.

Apparently not the case when the Islamophobes are on the prowl.

Take a look at this story

A 26-year-old Kingston woman will appear in court on Friday charged over an anti-Islam sticker scandal that has embroiled One Nation’s Fairfax candidate and lead to scathing criticism from the state government.

Earlier this month, a jar of coffee with its seal broken was allegedly found at a Woolworths supermarket at Underwood, south of Brisbane, featuring a sticker stating “Beware! Halal food funds terrorists”.

The stickers can be purchased from Restore Australia, whose chief executive officer is One Nation candidate Mike Holt.

The Queensland One Nation candidate remains unapologetic for selling the stickers.

You may be interested to know that the woman concerned has been charged and is appearing in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Friday 26th July.

However Mike Holt himself has not been charged with aiding and abetting. Nice of him to let one of his fans take the flak. Really says a lot about the ethics of the nutjob right.

Mr Holt had been condemned by his Greens opponent David Knobel and LNP Member for Noosa Glen Elmes, but he is undeterred. “I say to these Greens and the member up in Noosa, ‘Get an education about the Muslim religion and what it’s all about and you will be horrified’,” Mr Holt said.

Mr Elmes condemned the stickers as “offensive, grotesque and designed to inflame hatred”. Mr Knobel described Mr Holt’s behaviour as “appalling”, adding that the “dog-whistling” style of politics should be condemned.

And perhaps you would like to know what One Nation’s founder thinks of interference with our food and with her candidate’s stance on the matter?

We actually know that “Muslim/Islam is not a race”. Judaism is not strictly speaking “a race” either though it is part of an ethnic identity. You can theoretically choose to belong to a religion but you do not have much say in your ethnicity.

However it is bigotry to attack people on the basis of their religion and in Queensland it attracts equal sanctions to racism.

So if you come across any of these contaminants you can do the following:

  • inform the supermarket manager
  • inform the company
  • report the incident to your local Council Health Inspector and your state EPA

Oh by the way there is no such thing as a “halal tax”. There is not even GST on fresh foodstuffs in Australia.

So if you have issues with what your supermarket charges for food take it up with them or do some comparison shopping like wise consumers do.

And check out our past shite of fools here

Islamophobia Lingo for Dummies

By Yasmina Reality on May 3, 2013

Being a Muslim, #MyJihad Activist has been like boot camp.

I learn more about my faith and get stronger in my faith through activism.


I also get the opportunity to interact with Islamophobes of various degrees.

(Tip: Islamophobes are OFFENDED when you call them ISLAMOPHOBES. Weird huh?)

Degree 1 = Degree 1 Islamophobes are those who hate Muslims and hate Islam bar none. They are not changing their minds. No way. No how. Wilful ignorance is the name of the game with Degree 1 Phobes- and any lingo goes- including cursing! (Say what? You ask. I know! I say back.) A degree 1′s best friend is their computer. Their only knowledge of Islam is from Islamophobic websites. They drink a lot of milk to get Vitamin D since they don’t go outside much into the real world. If they do step outside once in awhile to get the mail, you will see them squinting at the sun and screaming, “My eyes! My eyes!”
Degree 2 = Those who thought they hated Muslims and weren’t afraid to say it until they met a few Muslims and learnt a few things that changed their minds quite quickly. It’s like they didn’t mean to be Islamophobes to begin with- but they just didn’t know any better. These are peeps that eventually become happy to call Muslims friends and will hang out with Muslims and think its pretty cool.
Degree 3 = These folks truly have unfounded fears of Muslims and Islam. They think that Muslims are hiding under their beds, are going to enter their nightmares and scare them silly, and are going to take over the world with Sharia, Taqiyya and other really scary “IAs” that they haven’t learned of yet- but that they are sure are out there! There is hope for Degree Three-ers! If they would just come out from under the covers and TALK with Muslims in real life.


There is common lingo among Islamophobic circles. Some use real words with made-up, distorted definitions. Others use words that are seemingly made up. In any case, these Islamophobic words seem to be like security blankets to the Phobes. The more they use them, the more they think they are getting ahead in the life of Islamophobic hysteria.


Supremacist, terrorist, Islamist, Imperialist, Fascist, Communist etc. No Islamophobic rant would be complete without spewing lots of ISTs at Muslims online. When Islamophobic blogger, Pam Geller, tweeted at me and fellow Activist, Angie, calling us “Islamic Supremacists!” we were flattered that she recognized our SuperMom powers. We are Supremacists, darn it!


No- not tequila, but taqiyya. This is a word Islamophobes use when a Muslim (or other person properly versed in Islam,) provides truthful information that they can’t argue with. When an Islamophobe is at a loss for a counter-punch, they scream TAQIYYA! implying that Muslims are allowed to LIE at will according to Islamic doctrine. TAQIYYA! (For the real scoop on taqiyya- read this: Taqiyya Explained)


Sharia is a word that Islamophobes use much more than actual Muslims use. Sharia is a favorite word of Degree 3 Phobes because it represents the essence of manic hysteria. Sharia is certainly a supremacist, imperialist THING that is coming to get you! Get us! GET THE UNIVERSE! MWAAAAAAH (For the real scoop on Sharia, read this: Sharia explained by an actual Muslim who actually understands actual Islam- no really— I’m being serious … ) (Where is the mass hysteria about getting struck by lightning? I urge you to write your Congressman and insist on anti-lightening strike legislation. It only makes sense.)


This is another one Islamophobes like to use WAY more than Muslims ever say in real life. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard anyone BUT Islamophobes use this word. They love to hear themselves say that Muslims hate infidels and want to put them on sticks and roast them over an open pit fire whilst screaming “SHARIA FOR EVERYONE!” Here is the real scoop on how Islam views INFIDELS:

Do Muslims Hate Infidels?

Wait for it …..

Wait for it ….


Islamophobes love this word because they have decided that it means blood and guts and war and everything that is bad about anything anywhere- but oh yea- only when Muslims are involved.

Nope! Gotcha again, Islamophobes. Jihad does not mean blood and guts and war and all that. Jihad means struggle. (I know. Sorry to burst your bubble. Jihad can actually be boring.) There is an entire, world-wide, public education campaign dedicated to explaining the proper meaning of Jihad: The MyJihad Public Education Campaign

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived life as an example of how a perfect man should live. As an example for humankind. He was humble, moderate, patient and selfless. And whenever us Muslims get into a jam or are confused about what to do next, we often ask ourselves (or ask each other): “What would the Prophet do?” And then usually someone (who actually knows the real stories about the Prophet) will remind us of an instance from his life that relates to the circumstance at hand. They will draw a comparison offering inspiration and guidance as how to behave today.

Islamophobes love tearing into the Prophet which is very offensive to Muslims. Tearing into any Prophet (ie Moses, Jesus, Abraham etc. peace be upon them all) is offensive to Muslims. Here are a few articles that address Islamophobic misconceptions about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

Was Prophet Muhammad a terrorist who killed innocent people? (Yeah, right.)

No- our beloved Prophet was not a pedophile.

Did the Prophet plan genocide against the Jews? The story of banu qurayza

Did the Prophet kill apostates?


Are there some bad men on this planet of ALL faiths that treat women badly? Yeah. Are there women on this planet that take crap from bad men who treat them badly? Yeah. Does Islam teach that women are inferior to men and should be abused?


Women are put on a pedestal in Islam. Big time. Don’t believe me? Go out and talk with some Muslim women and ask them about this topic. Women are treated better in Islamic doctrine—- than any other doctrine I have ever known or learned about. So enough about this women are oppressed business. It’s getting old, Islamophobes. What else ya’ got?

There are SO many great websites for, about and by Muslim women. Here is just one that I happen to like that explains just how empowered and respected women are in Islam. It answers questions about marriage, the hijab (head covering) and great women in Islam: Islams Women

Trust me. I am a stubborn Muslim woman. I would never subscribe to a doctrine that would make me a second class citizen. It is one of the primary reasons I love my faith and am drawn to it. Islam empowers me to be who I am- a strong woman- sister, daughter, mother, wife, friend, neighbor, activist, worker. Islam gives me that empowerment to be who I am. SubhanAllah.


When all else fails, you can resort to curse words that you can randomly tweet at people on Twitter. You can also download apps that will auto-tweet the same Islamophobic hate speech over and over again since you will surely run out of things to say.

Like this guy does:

I mean- when you run out of ISTs and ISMs and IAs, you can always just call Muslims “Welfare Parasites.” Who can argue with that kind of logic?

No – not really. It’s just the same old Islamophobia.