Jason Toon Wants to Hack Muslims to Death

Another public threat of violence and murder @QPSmedia @the_bully #auspol #ausmedia

* Credible, public threat of violence/murder towards Muslims in Rockhampton;
* Negative generalisation about Rockhampton police based on evidence of one officer engaging in police brutality.

Jason Toon, ladies and gentlemen:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 5.53.39 AMScreen Shot 2013-06-25 at 5.55.40 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 5.57.53 AM

111 thoughts on “Jason Toon Wants to Hack Muslims to Death

  1. OMG, another FW. Where do they breed these brain dead idiots?

    Problem is Facebook has readily given these creeps a public outlet for their violent fantasies about racism & sexism with a loutish ignoramus audience all too willing to join in with their crap.

  2. They’re as thick as a plank, M. It would also be frowned on calling the police the names he proudly posts on his timeline.

  3. So do the local rozzers know his thoughts on their efforts in Rocky? Does his employer maybe think Tapout Twat is an ok bloke and can keep his job? Maybe a nudge in the right direction will get this chubby little drop bear look alike to consider his words more carefully.

  4. Correction we don’t want these tensions in OZ.
    Jason looks and sounds like he is one can of coca cola short of a 12 pack of coke.

  5. Even in the photo, which seems to be at a wedding and should be a happy day, he appears to have the angriest eyebrows ever.

  6. What Jason should be focusing on is overpopulation. On a world scale much can be done to improve living standards if we collectively address overpopulation. With a place like India having a population estimated into the Billions not a great deal can be done at all by throwing money at the situation.

    Throwing money and Aid at a place like India is like throwing a drop or two of water on a ten foot high bon fire. It effectively does nothing.

    By getting that bon fire down to a large campfire, it is much more manageable and living standards improve.

    The Middle East’s population by all accounts is growing quite rapidly. There are a number of reasons for this, but failure to practice birth control is the main reason, and having large families is quite common. The growth of the middle East’s population is something that should be of concern to these people, as it will in the future invariably affect the standard of living in the region.

    It’s in the worlds interests and humanity collectively that countries populations be managed and controlled so that many avoidable problems do not arise.

    If Jason truly wanted to do something productive, he would be exploring the global issue of overpopulation rather than writing hate felt statuses which do little more than exacerbate tensions and just feed into those racial tensions.

    A lot of people are rightfully outraged by the Soldiers death and rightfully outraged by comments made by Muslim extremist about the death, but facebook statuses inciting violence and negative generalisations towards Muslims is not the way to go.

  7. you guys have no idea but thats not the problem. what you are doing is illegally using photos without my permission and slandering my name if this is not removed i will be taking this into the legal step

    • Haha you haven’t a legal leg to stand on. You published your nonsense on a PUBLIC forum. We have merely reproduced it.

      If you don’t want repercussions, don’t write bigoted shit where people can read it. Keep it to yourself.

    • Please explain the slander aspect! Assume I have the same level of intelligence as you so you can keep it simple yeah? I mean you say TAB has no idea, but then go on to say they are illegally using photo’s, when I last checked, a public posting was just that, public, kind of why people use forums like Facebook. To show off their cars, or themselves at say, weddings and the like, because they are proud of the photos and what is in it, same for you yeah? So your pic, public pic, which you fully knew would be visible to all and sundry, even when you choose certain settings for it, the third party access is made clear by the site policy and implementation software people. So, for example your pic, available to you think just your friends and family, is in fact available to people they know, and when they like it, voila, those others can see it. Same goes with your post about hacking Muslims or Lebanese folk to death. It may well have been set for friends and family only (why your family want to read that shit is another matter), So someone who initially you didn’t plan on seeing it got to see it when some bonehead of a mate liked it. That opened it to all the people he or she knows. See where this is going?, anyway stop for a second and think, who made that post known to TAB? A friend or family member who saw it, or someone who saw it after old mate liked it and opened it to a wider audience? Your downfall may well have come from a friend, family member or friend of a friend. Because believe me, the likes of TAB and others do not trawl through the web looking for this shit, it is all done by referral, you have been burned by someone within the circle of wagons you thought were your mates and friends. Same as military imposters are outed, the public or concerned genuine service men and women let certain people know, and bang, an investigation starts. As is the case with you, your own profile, and words and actions condemn you, you have no legal leg to stand on with the illegal use of photos crap, your family or friends as well as you gave implied consent then direct consent to use it when you uploaded it and then had it liked by some of the pond scum you call mates lol…So here you are, along with whoever the fuck Bluey and the rest of the wrecking crew are, all butt hurt over something you were in control of, you had the power to drive this, but you relinquished it by letting your prejudice and hate and bile dictate what you posted, there is no one to blame but ultimately yourself, and whoever the rat in your ranks is. Good luck flushing them out, they will hide in plain sight probably, heaping abuse on the TAB page and admins, or telling you offline what cunts the TAB people are lol Or they may hopefully have a set, and let you know how disgusted they were and that they pointed your hate out, wouldn’t that mind fuck your world. Anyway get back to me with the legality aspect you have told us all you have under control, I would like a good laugh.

    • Well I’m not rubbing the bean to these comments and pictures if that is your concern? You really shouldn’t say violent things, and you need to realise that you are saying them essentially in public. Had you taken any other line other than the violent one you would not feature here. You are just like the woman and her big mouth on the bus a while back.

  8. Yeah I don’t know Jason, I think you are a bit of a loose cannon.

    If I may make an unrelated comment, Jason you don’t look like you have been drinking horse milk. Horse milk is excellent for health and also weight loss, the big Australian Dairy brands need to pull the finger out and get more in touch with consumers. I want to see Horse milk available nation wide.
    Cows are not the only livestock traditionally milked. Cow, buffalo, goat, horse, donkey and camel. Please give us consumers this variety.

  9. loose cannon. i put money on it that if you were not sitting behind that keyboard and i fronted you you would be shitting yourself. your just some silly prick that thinks their smart. but to be honest im happy to just have a conversation with you and you can here my views and ill listen to yours. but not on here

    • Would you hit a woman?

      Who would hang around for a fight with you anyway? One would just need to run about 20 metres and you would get puffed out in the pursuit.

      Fat motherfucking piece of racist shit.

    • I put money on the fact that you would not say those things that you say on your facebook if you were in public, because if you did I don’t think you would be well received by the average Australian, who is much more moderate in behaviour than yourself.

    • I’d put money that if you weren’t sitting behind that keyboard and Muslims fronted you. You wouldn’t be alive any day soon.

  10. “Fat motherfucking piece of racist shit.”…..So, MMU, you hate racists but can pick on larger people…You have lost the plot, this blog is as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, you can’t pick and choose, you bigoted slag.

  11. “If you and your inbred bumchums are so unaffected by the blog, why are you all so lathered up in jism and tears over it?” Having a go now at gay and fat people, you, MMU are an ineffectual piece of bigoted shit, go stick your head in a bucket of water three times and pull it out twice, you fugly moll!

  12. Throwing names around like you have an inkling as to whom I MIGHT be, but still wrong, and you hide behind your keyboard warrior name because you know you are a wanted person, this hate blog of yours has started a war, bitch, and you cannot stop it. Naming and shaming people because of their personal views is a very dangerous path to go down, especially when it their family or job involved. You want to play this game, accept the consequences, either that, or get back in the kitchen and make me a dogdamn sammich, BITCH!

    • We know exactly who you are. You pretend to know ONE of our admins. You have no fucking clue.

      If this blog is so ‘dogdamn’ illegal, go and tell the police. We are more than happy to show them all the content on our pages.

      You are nothing more than a festering scab.

    • Stop scaring the women and children arsehole and talk to me, what consequences are you advising us all on? Please enlighten us as to the wisdom that emits from the nether regions of your gutter of a mind? Deal with me, straight up, cowboy the fuck up and say what you want, I am a white male, one of your privileged tribe I can take it, I am made of that oh so fucking hard stuff you cunts aspire to be made of but always fall short, must be genetic, your poor breeding letting you down. So come on cunt cowboy the fuck up. Come at me bro, or whatever other boneheaded phrase stands for being a man these days of internet warriors and metro-sexual cashed up bogans who still don’t get that Brut 33 or Old Spice is not cool, it fucking stinks and Lynx does not get you the chicks but you buy it anyway, in hope that one day the advert will prove true, same as the $50,000 urban assault ute you put Mack or Kenworth truck mudflaps on, and fucking truck exhausts and enough spotties to dull the sun on a bright day because fuck me mate she’s a beaut tough farking ute, just look at her, a junior fucking semi trailer you never got around to having the cojones to learn to drive and use at work.
      Come on I am waiting, give me your absolutely best fucking go, no holds barred, lay it out there, we all want to see the real tough cunt that is Bluey or Toony or Jason or whatever fucking retard is playing hard man today…This offer is limited to one time only, 7 days to come at me, wherever you feel you can, don’t be shy, lets see you in the open, I will give you a hint, fuck it no, I won’t you are special, you told us so, so get onto it Dick Tracy. You have 7 days, after that you go back into the “next loser box” I keep just for muppets like you. Before you start with the “you don’t know what you are asking cunt, or I am mega hard cunt I will destroy you”, remember I have heard it all, you have nothing I haven’t seen or heard. Bring something new to the game, you might get a nano second of respect, might, I cannot promise that. So get onto it, time starts NOW.

  13. Forget these foul-mouthed xenophobic, mysogynist morons with their low double digit IQs, their Mums & alleged Dads commenting over at the sickening, vicious, putrid, foul Pickering Post are even worse, if that is at all possible. God, I feel ill having just seen it. These “people” have to vote, for godsake.

    • Jason ‘Bluey’ Paul:

      Turns up to our blog to harass and be harassed in return, then cries when harassed.


      Turns up to our blog to tell us how much he doesn’t care about our blog, then cries about our blog.


      Tell the police. Make sure you use your full name in the complaint, Zarzoff Paul.

  14. lol, what a pathetic loser on a pathetic hate blog, you are the very person you rant about, this blog is the biggest joke on the interwebz, you play the intimidation game, but you can’t handle it being thrown back..I know who you are, so sleep with one eye open, clutching your pillow tight…You want to play this game, let’s go, bitch! Never invite the vampire into your home, Naomi.

    • Wait!!!! Naomi now?

      Fuck it I thought I was GOLFAG!

      Poor intel? Never mind, throw around a bunch of names and see if anything gets a rise. Nice game Jason Paul. Sleep with one eye open huh? So, when were you going to go to the police about our blog? We are all willing to share what we have on you with them.

  15. I don’t give two flying Fcuks what you do, idiot, I just laugh at this pathetic blog which has turned into the very people it is against, you are hypocritical wankers, so go cuck a sock, Naomi!

  16. Blah, blah, blah, Naomi, go get some new batteries for your vibrator and calm down, clearly, you need more Seroquel and Prozac, this hate blog is a joke, and you know it…Sniff, sniff…Is that the stench of your own self importance floating away I can smell?..Your hate blog has lost its impact, as you have become the very person you hate.

  17. Nice to see you are stalking what I do, Naomi, you must want a bit of Bluey, which is fair enough, you are only human, and I am a gentleman, and I know you have lost all self esteem, so come over here, baby, and give me a hug, all will be right with you in my arms.

  18. Bluey’s pissed off! and you would be too if your mum and dad were brother and sister and you had the cleft palate from hell as a result. Bluey’s such a bad muthafucka he goes right up to your virtual face, looks you in the virtual eyes and says exactly what he thinks, while covered in one of those Harry Potter invisibility cloaks. Fuck he even wears a balaclava while he types this shit on a communal PC at the local servo… just in case!

    And I don’t want any lefties laughing at my jokes, I don’t like you pussies either.

  19. By the way, Naomi, my arms are big enough to hug you and your daughter, the family that plays together, stays together, so let’s just have one big hug and love each other.

  20. You know the only thing worse than an Anti-Islam gronk who hates Muslims because he’s sore about looking like John Goodman’s downy son, is a self-righteous sandal-wearing smug lefty who Darwin is upset still lives, putting up photos of people who may or may not be legit, painting a bulls-eye on their backs for other feral hippies to target…. and still assuming the moral high ground.

    I’m better than ALL Anti-Islam Gronks and ALL lefty anti-racism crusaders. I’m smarter, more articulate, better looking, I run faster and jump higher, have a better haircut, make more money AND cook a better steak then all you chumps.

  21. He’s been speaking for Darrin and Paul all night because they were too pussy to defend themselves, but you have to admire that he’s willing to say “bring it on”, even it is from the safety of the shadows. Plus, you don’t think you lefties need a good trolling every now and then for the lives you’ve ruined? What lives you say?

    How about Terry-Anne Verney and others that have been fired because some sneaky rats took their venting out of context and painted the picture they wanted?

      • In fact, let me break it down for you:

        Step one: Person displays their bigotry, publicly.
        Step two: TAB republishes public bigotry.
        Step three: Employer eventually finds out, one way or another.
        Step four: Employer makes decision on whether public acts of bigotry affect reputation of company/organisation.
        Step five: Employer either continues or discontinues employment of said bigot.

        Lost your job? Get off the Internet and go utilise unfair dismissal legislation.

        Ash Lorraway

    • Care factor zero.

      No employer wants racist sociopaths (for that is what racists are) as employees. Bad for customers, bad for the welfare of their other workers.

      No one has the right to “vent” racism and bigotry in public.

      • Of course people can harbour these opinions like Jason, and that is fine if he keeps it to himself and within whatever circles he mixes in. The problem arises when the public can see and read them and be offended, have a laugh or be afraid or whatever, each case is different to each individual. The fact that it gets re-broadcast seems to cause the head implosions on display here. So why do Jason and others get all butt hurt when they probably sit around telling each other how they “tell that immigrant cunt what they really think” all the time, whereas the truth would be closer to the likes of Jason muttering under his breath about it, and never having the fortitude to front someone, and even if he did what is he going to say, I don’t like you because you are a Paki cunt? He would then quite rightly get his arse handed to him.
        So the issue is the tirade against TAB and the moderators is wasted energy, they claim they do not give a fuck but repeatedly appear to spruik more BS, so it does bother them, like all criminals are bothered that they got caught, not that what they did was wrong in the first place.
        No one is asking Jason for remorse, quite the opposite, once exposed the people here and in general are quite happy for the matter to go no further than the bigots comments being immortalised on the internet forever, the attacks from exposed people are what constitute the main body of this site, those exposed need to recognise that if they accepted they fucked up and left it alone there would be no more said on the matter. As for casual readers seeing the hate and violent comments, well if they decide to contact authorities or employers how is that anyones fault but the racist bigots in the first place, long story short, keep your shit to yourself, it isn’t hard to do.

  22. lol, editing my posts again, you poor little weasel, I am down your way this week, wanna kiss and make love instead of war?

    • What, can’t even afford a brothel these days?

      Face it, some men are doomed to watch porn and play the stranger with themselves. You are one of them.

      Seriously you are really starting to sound like a potential serial offender. Might have to have a word with the local nick about you.

      And I am not who you think I am. No one of that name here.

    • You’re taking us to court now?

      Bluey: Hello officer, I’d like to report a website that has doctored my comments.
      Police officer: Okay, may I get your name please?
      Bluey: Jason Paul.
      Police officer: Thanks. What did they make Jason Paul say on this website?
      Bluey: Well, they didn’t make Jason Paul say anything, they made ‘Bluey’ say it.
      Police officer: Please leave now.

    • You need to see a doctor. Preferably a shrink. What, nothing to do since Facebook shut down all the anti-Muslim hate groups?

      Maybe you’d better investigate the world of wanking. But not here, it attracts blowflies.

    • Investigate, wow, does that mean looking online for any spurious link to Naomi in Australia, might take a while Einstein, in the meantime you may want to know that QPS are in possession of the pages that got your mate featured on here, so maybe circle the wagons boys, QPS do not appreciate being called what Tap Dance Toony says about them, in public forums that constitutes serious allegations of their being involved in misconduct purely because they wear a badge. Toony might find his traffic stops and contacts going up and up, along with some scrutiny as to who he hangs around with, talks to and posts on Fuckbook.

      • Just stating what has been stated over and over again… but isn’t it ironic how racists love going on about how “dem forayners” don’t kares bout our aussie lawes, yet they themselves are somewhat loathe to obey them and the powers who enforce such?

        • Just received this:

          Dear David,
          Thank you for your email enquiry with Policelink.
          The Queensland Police are aware of this information and are looking in to it accordingly.
          If you have any further enquiries in regards to this and/or other matters, please do not hesitate to reply to this email or alternatively Policelink officers are available on 131 444. Policelink is open for telephone contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
          Yours sincerely,
          Queensland Police Service

    • Dear David,
      Thank you for your email enquiry with Policelink.
      The Queensland Police are aware of this information and are looking in to it accordingly.
      If you have any further enquiries in regards to this and/or other matters, please do not hesitate to reply to this email or alternatively Policelink officers are available on 131 444. Policelink is open for telephone contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
      Yours sincerely,

      Queensland Police Service

  23. Pay attention Jason Paul AKA “Bluey Zarzoff”

    New South Wales Consolidated Acts
    Stalking or intimidation with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm
    13 Stalking or intimidation with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm

    (1) A person who stalks or intimidates another person with the intention of causing the other person to fear physical or mental harm is guilty of an offence.

    Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for 5 years or 50 penalty units, or both.

    (2) For the purposes of this section, causing a person to fear physical or mental harm includes causing the person to fear physical or mental harm to another person with whom he or she has a domestic relationship.

    (3) For the purposes of this section, a person intends to cause fear of physical or mental harm if he or she knows that the conduct is likely to cause fear in the other person.

    (4) For the purposes of this section, the prosecution is not required to prove that the person alleged to have been stalked or intimidated actually feared physical or mental harm.

    (5) A person who attempts to commit an offence against subsection (1) is guilty of an offence against that subsection and is punishable as if the offence attempted had been committed.

    You really don’t want to spend five years in Cessnock. Or Silverwater if they think you are nasty enough.

  24. wow… the comments in this thread are funnier then tht guys face…. havent laughed my ass off like tht in a long time…

    thnx guys… 🙂

  25. What this guy has said isn’t racist.

    You are all calling him a bigot from two posts. One of which was on a young British man who was murdered in cold blood. He called them Muslim… that is what they title themselves. That doesn’t makeit racism.

    Take a step back, have a look what this site is doing.

    There is nothing positive about what this is achieving.

    • Stepped back, had a look at what this site is doing.


      I’ve now realised that this site is republishing what dopes like your mate put into public by themselves.

      • bigot [ˈbɪgət]
        a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own

        This sounds like you, “Mindmadeup” ?

        Food for thought 😉

        • Be nice if the bogots had “ideas” but they don’t.

          Here is the path of a typical bogot argument.

          1. Bogot cuts and pastes stuff from dodgy website

          2. Human questions material

          3. Bogot pastes dodgy YouTube video

          4. Human presents arsenal of facts in rebuttal

          5. Bogot tells human to fuck off

          6. Bogot calls up troll army

          7. Bogot send threats to human’s inbox

          8. Bogot posts pic of human’s underage kids.

          Frankly we’d rather watch a game of lawn bowls played by dead people

        • I am wondering if anonymous got their meaning of bigot from The ADL, as they well known for making up crap, just to get their name and faces in public as they are lonely people as proven by the lack of numbers at their cough cough protests?

    • Read the email muppet, they already had the info…Jesus do you guys work at being so obtuse or is it genetic? I would welcome any of you fucking retarded hard man wannabe’s to knock on my unlocked door. Apart from the usual security when the house is unattended, no I do not keep myself locked away on the off chance some fuck up like you or your mates just happens to have a stroke of luck and knows where I live. Like I say, they would really want to think twice about any course of action they took well before they even come within reach of me, so you, your mates and your circle of pond scum dwelling gronks can take this as a clear and unambiguous warning, do not fuck with someone who will hold you accountable in whatever way he can, you will lose, you will meet my friend pain and you will wish you had never been born. So this is at your level of information YA GOT THAT YA CUNT DUNT MESS WIV ME CUNT I WILL FUCK YOU UP CUNT…

    • You will notice as well when you stop huffing spray paint for a second that it says thank you for your email ENQUIRY, that arsehole is me asking a question, just thought you might need to have that clarified….*sigh* so many idiots so little ammo

    • When The Federal Police are knocking down Drunkenbum door, reality is they well turn into a police informant on their racist mates especially from The ADL or Australian dickheads League quick smart?

    • Logic? Where the fuck did you get the idea that you had said anything logical? Please enlighten me, I am genuinely curious about that comment, that I “clearly don’t understand logic”, should be a good read. BTW, I am a beer and bourbon man myself.

    • And Drunken as their names proves they are TOO DRUNK to make any sense and to understand logic even simple logic like they are a idiot.

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