Armchair crusaders invade Woolie’s Facebook page

Woolworths is one of many retailers which has a Facebook page where its customers can head over and talk about products with whom we assume are customer service reps . Most conversation there is of an innocuous nature – there isn’t much of great ground-breaking excitement you can say about breakfast cereals and baked beans after all.

Unless you are a dedicated wacko Islamophobe of course. Like the ones we found below.

Former Army sergeant Phillip Needham, now thankfully retired (so no longer a workplace hazard issue for our troops) and having seemingly suffered some cognitive impairment, leads the Charge of the Blight Brigade with a sloppy dollop of misinformation.

Hey Sarge there is no “Muslim Tax” you idiot!  Our contact at the ATO is still cleaning the coffee off her keyboard from when we read her your crap.


Along trots Paul Corias who sputters some incoherent babble about 10% of something going to “Jihad”, followed by traditionalist Catholic Paul Bennett.

You know about the likes of Paul Bennett – Vatican II was a socialist plot and all that?

Actually Australian  Muslims, like Australian Christians, are morally obliged to give to charitable causes. Causes like these.


Very much the sorts of projects World Vision and other Christian charities support. And non-Muslims are welcome to contribute.


More invented statistics from the mob that never give us any verifiable testable facts.


Here’s Paul C again. More enhanced figures than a 50s Hollywood  movie.


He did correct his typo to “religion”. This did not make the comment any less lame and dumb. For Paul’s information, we have a large number of halal accredited Muslim abattoir workers right here. That’s why we should not need to export live sheep and cattle (but that’s another issue)


People standing in checkout queues must just love Paul Corias as he wastes everyone’s time ranting his hate speech.

To paraphrase Woolies’ latest jingle

“Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…” – “we hate them”…

Glad that Lee Morgan has given up eating. One less bogot = a smarter country.

If only.

Anyway go laugh at more Islamoloons here

31 thoughts on “Armchair crusaders invade Woolie’s Facebook page

  1. Gosh… Love the part where Phillip completely forgets that this is not his ‘ancestral home’ where the beliefs of some foreign other have been forced against an indigenous population.

    • Unfortunately little girl it is my ancestral home. I’m Aboriginal and I take real offence at your racist comment. Your site claims to be for free speech, that is as long as you agree with it. You people are nothing more than ideologues who closely follow the Nationalist Socialists Party of Hitler. Agree with me or I will belittle you, how sad. You people need to get out of your bubble. Finally say hello to [name redacted] for me. I know his name, where he works and other details.

  2. Halal Vegemite???? Shows how uneducated these ignoramuses are. Vegemite is made from yeast which is not meat.

    Reminds me of a rabid & ignorant Roman Catholic who would not eat Vegemite on Fridays as it had Vit Bs in it. Thought these only came from meat. D’uh. She was so bad she wouldn’t buy anything made by Sanatarium as they were owned by the Anti-Christ, the Seventh Day Adventists.

    Things haven’t changed much have they? Haters just have to hate & people like the goons mentioned above will always find someone or something to fill that need.

  3. ‘Halal’ simply means “permitted”. So yeah, Vegemite is halal … but so is water, air, grass, turnips, etc. Watching these halfwits fulminate is pure gold!

    • Wait… so they can’t breathe because it’s halal? Oh there are so many horrible things I could say to that. Sometimes these types are a complete waste of our nice, halal, kosher, vegan oxygen.

  4. Very true Mo, but these ignorant fools are crapping on about the halal slaughter & blessings for meat critters. Idiots like these also rave on about all butchers selling halal meat for god’s sake

  5. I haven’t noticed any taste difference in my lamb chops because someone said a prayer while preparing the animal, has anyone? Also whilst I agree that live export is barbaric, it is barbaric because of the conditions and stresses on the stock, not the fact they die at the other end. they die anyway, and as TAB says we have plenty of Halal butchers here so live export could be phased out. I love the Vegemite argument, they should apply that argument to air and stop using it, save it for the normal well adjusted people to use constructively and allow the haters to expire into oblivion, they are already irrelevant.

    • And those complaining about Halal label food, would not noticed any taste difference in if there was no label, but as soon as they see the label they panic thanks to shows like Today Tonight.

      But I am wondering if they panic if they see Gluten,Wheat and Sugar Free Label food and drinks?

  6. Just quickly, live export will always be necessary to at least some degree as a lot of the end consumers don’t *have* fridges or freezers. In those instances the stock needs to be alive until it is time to consume it, as it can’t be kept fresh otherwise. Of course, that certainly doesn’t preclude restriction of the trade and the betterment of conditions.

    That total derail aside, it looks like Woolworths has already removed those posts. Good to see.

    • The solution is simple, export the meat from Australia. The cattle are processed here , then the meat sent overseas. Every plane/boat etc has refrigeration, this is 2013. No refrigeration is a baseless argument. Even if where it is going has no refrigeration, there is no difference between if they killed the cattle then consumed the meat or if they just consumed the meat when it got there frozen.

      I am totally against cruelty to animals. I’m not a vegetarian, but I think the way an animal lives it’s life and then meets it’s death is important. I am a big advocate of free range animal products and humane ways to slaughter.

  7. actually about 80% (back in the day when my dad was a halal slaughter man) of export was already slaughtered… with regards to the meat from the abattoirs tht was packed into the containers n sealed at the abattoirs prior to going anywhere… live animals dont go from the abattoirs… most of those go directly from the farms… n they just have to be passed health wise by the vet prior to getting loaded on the trucks…

    Mo u have a point on the air we breathe… wht we should do is let the bogons know tht air has been approved as halal n watch the action unfold lol…

  8. I am confused. I don’t understand why you guys won’t debate the topics that are raised, instead of just slamming people for their opinions, videos etc? IMHO that just sends people off to find out more of what the anti-islam people are speaking about – is that not counter-productive to your cause?

    Surely a group of educated people such as yourselves would enjoy engaging in debate instead of simply trying to convince people that you are right, and everyone else is wrong?

    I am learning and exploring – can you please name me one single country or region predominantly occupied by muslims that is currently living in peace where women and gays are not being tortured and murdered, that people (especially Christians) are not being persecuted and murdered for their faith and the locals are not being blown up? Can you dispel the 21,017 known terrorist attacks since 9/11 (mostly committed by muslims against other muslims, with far too many western nations thrown in)?

    If you are willing to educate, then I would appreciate learning why nigh on 98% of this population is mostly, and unknowingly, buying halal food with approximately $3b p.a. allegedly going off-shore to the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups. That strikes me as being just plain wrong when our Indigenous, homeless and old people need so much more than we can afford to give them.

    Thank you.

    • I don’t understand why you guys won’t debate the topics that are raised, instead of just slamming people for their opinions, videos etc?

      Because most of the comments from them have nothing to offer. You cannot debate evidence -free rants or abuse. We do let some enemy through some times so we can tear their fatuous arguments to pieces.

      We will not act as a host for spurious hate videos from the likes of “Robert Spencer”. That is not negotiable.

      Surely a group of educated people such as yourselves would enjoy engaging in debate

      There is no “debate” on offer. You only have debates when there are two legitimate positions to defend. There is only one legitimate position and that’s the one we try and follow.

      I am learning and exploring etc…

      Are you aware that different flavours of Christians – dissidents like Wat Tyler, scientists like Copernicus, the Albigensians, the Huguenots, the Pilgrims – were viciously persecuted by other Christians in Europe for centuries.

      Are you aware that the Jews were persecuted in Europe for centuries by Christians? Heard of the Holocaust? The pogroms?

      buying halal food with approximately $3b p.a. allegedly going off-shore to the Muslim Brotherhood

      If this were the case the ATO would be onto it. Another baseless rumour.

      Do you know every time you buy a Gloria Jeans coffee you are providing money to Hillsong Church? That’s a FACT.

      That’s why we don’t buy Gloria Jeans coffee. And you don’t have to buy halal branded products.

      We of course will continue to enjoy halal food. There is nothing more Aussie than a yummy kebab after the footie or after a night at the pub.

      Just don’t come on here with evidence-free rubbish from US hate sites. After all we don’t let Nazis post here either.

    • you sure have hit the nail on the head, right here ! And it’s sure appears that a lot of pleb’s have no bloody clue, and many more don’t even know they are paying halal tax shit (On many general everyday things,now !) Wake up people , and realise just how much is being sent offshore and being used against us in the wrong ways ! As per training these feral terrorist bumhumping SHITBRICKS….

        • MMU, idiots such as these seem to like to be perpetually angry & scared. If it wasn’t this stupidity it would be something else that a rabble-rouser had a dream about or made up.

          It is a shame such nincompoops weren’t as ready to believe the real truth as they are scare campaigns. Guess they must like being continually frightened out of their wits for no reason whatsoever.

    • the only money “going off-shore” is the money gathered by Kurbans which isn’t collected by some mysterious “halal tax”… what Kurbans are, are actually part of the Zakaat (which means charity). A Kurban is usually referred to as the lambs tht are slaughtered for both the Eids… unfortunately the meat cannot be sent to the 3rd world countries so the Kurban payment is sent instead n tht then purchases the lambs tht get slaughtered n the meat is distributed so tht those families can have Kurbans as well… The money for Kurbans are either collected at the mosques… or halal certified butchers or take away shops n restaurants… u elect wht country ur Kurban goes to…

      One of the 5 pillars of Islam is Zakaat n we must do charity to be able to fulfil it…

      A country predominantly occupied by muslims tht lives in peace n doesnt mistreat its women… children or gays is Bosnia… but then tht doesnt count to the bogans does it? coz Bosnia isnt an arab country… the Bosnians were persecuted… raped… executed by Christians (Serbia is an Orthodox country n therefore fall under the umbrella of Christianity)

      u cant unknowingly buy any product without knowing whether its halal or not… its like sayin tht u dont know if a product is heart foundation approved or not… or wht the nutritional value of a product is… it all shows on the packaging… so those alleged 98% of ppl need to take their fingers out their asses n open their eyes…

    • If you are in fact learning and exploring, then how come you didn’t learn that you need to back up your claims with facts, NOT BS?

      For example “98% of this population is mostly, and unknowingly, buying halal food with approximately $3b p.a. allegedly going off-shore to the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups”.

      Also if you so concerned about people being killed, why are you silent on those being killed and injured by Non-Islam groups like The IRA, Real IRA, ETA, Red Army etc etc?

      And if you are that concern about The Indigenous, homeless and old people what are you doing anything about like volunteer on the street vans?

      Or are you like the others screaming we should help The Indigenous, homeless and old people but sit on your arse doing f**k all?

      Thank you

      PS Are you asking “can you please name me one single country or region predominantly occupied by muslims that is currently living in peace” because you want others to do your homework, because you are too lazy to do it yourself?

      But people like you have proven no matter how much evidence is put in front of you, you still won’t believe as it doesn’t agree with your BS.

    • “98% of this population is mostly, and unknowingly, buying halal food”

      Wow what talent, knowing twenty-one million eight hundred seventy-three thousand six hundred people in Australia.

  9. Its a total bloody SCAM, and FRAUD of a major impost to just about everyone ,non muslim ! Whoever can truely say that somebody somewhere in the past, decided that a halal tax was needed is talking out of their ‘ARSE’… It’s those high up are just abusing the little pleb’s of this world. So get onto signing the protest in stopping this BULLSHITTING RORT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE….. Do it at the following site :-

    • What the bloody hell are you raving on about?? What halal tax??? There is no such thing. How on earth could (or would) such a “tax” be enforced?

      When you Google “Halal tax in Australia” all that comes up are nutjob web sites designed to put fear in to the minds of susceptible unthinking people. There is not one official Australian government site which discusses this alleged tax.

      • Y’knwo, there are a lot of connections to Islamaphobia and anti-semitism. A lot. And at least sometimes the generalised hate groups try and show some creativity when they apply conspiracies to each group to justify why we must hate a group of people we either do not know, or have had positvie experiences with.

        But this whole hallal tax conspiracy-it’s just lazy. It’s just taken the “Kosher” tax which is still kicking around online but was used as a justification for anti-semitic attacks for around a century now, and replaced the words over. So instead of a Kosher tax to fund the Zionic brotherhood, it’s the hallal tax to fund the Muslim brotherhood.

  10. To the person talking about Vegemite not being halal, I’m sorry but my jar has the halal insignia on it.

    My understanding is that it’s not a ‘halal tax’, rather, it’s royalties from every single product sold that is paid to the institution who Certified the product as halal in the first place. 😉

    • Yes, it’s to sell the item to Muslims. Companies like people to buy their product, you know, so if they think something will make their product more popular to Muslims, with minimal costs, and no change to the item at all, they do it. Same reason there’s plenty of kosher symbols on food items that involve no meat or animal product.

      As for the halal tax…’s a hoax. Just like the kosher tax was. The whole “Every website that mentions it is an anti-islam site” is a bit of a hint, but here’s another one:

      I’ve yet to hear any source on the whole “We’re funding the Muslim brotherhood” that didn’t come from an anti-Muslim website, and can be directed, eventually to Pamela Gellar who believes the Muslim brotherhood is also controlling CPAC, the conservative conference run by the more conservative members of the Republican party. What’s especially dodgy is that the boogeymen changes over time. No one and nobody suggested fees were going to the Muslim brotherhood prior to the Egyptian revolution…because no one in the West had heard of the Muslim brotherhood.

    • Because they cannot make up a conspiracy with food intolerances as yet. Don’t worry, next week they’ll decide that wheat and gluten are a mooooslamic plot to sap their vital fluids.

      • Quick run to the hills which according to Today Tonight you must do due to wheat and gluten mooooslamic plot to sap all of Australia Community vital fluids.

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