Racist rant caught on camera in East Perth


PerthNow June 07, 2013 9:58PM

A WOMAN has been caught on camera racially abusing another passenger on a train in East Perth.

A commuter filmed the aggressive, expletive-laden rant, which lasted more than a minute, at the McIver station on Thursday afternoon.

It was aimed at another woman, who was trying to stop a handbag from being stolen.

A teenage boy tries to push away the woman who was yelling the abuse and stop her from speaking by covering her mouth, but she persists.

The Public Transport Authority wouldn’t comment on the video to Nine News.

It is the latest in a series of racist outbursts on public transport in Australia that have been filmed by disgusted onlookers.

In February, ABC News presenter Jeremy Fernandez was the subject of a racist attack on a Sydney bus.


6 thoughts on “Racist rant caught on camera in East Perth

  1. I hope that young bloke was doing that for the right reasons, not because he knew her or anything, if he did then good on him, but she didn’t react to him so I can assume he knows her and either was embarrassed or knew this shit gets filmed these days and wanted her to GTFO of there. Well done to the passenger stopping the bag theft and for not retaliating with a tit for tat round of insults.

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