Just in: Lies from the bogot’s favourite fish wrapper

The bogot loves Murdoch newspapers and derives much of its delusions knowledge from them (alongside its other education provider the shock jocks ) but it has a particular fondness for the Herald-Sun and its clone stablemates.

The lurid headlines are a particular attraction, full as they are of the bogot’s favourite buzz-words like “refugees”, “asylum seekers” (or the portmanteau “boat-people”), “Aborigines”, “immigrants” (often preceded by the word “illegal” almost always in the wrong context) and “Muslim” or “Islamic” (interchangeable despite having different meanings) juxtaposed cleverly with “rip-off” and “rort” and “terrorist” and accompanied by short and usually inaccurate pieces with a readability level of about nine years of age.

So today’s headliner was no surprise. We hope the retailer who owns that image is aware that in true Hun fashion, one of their promotional pics has been ripped off , so eager were the Seekers after Troof to get the story out to the bogot masses.

Herald Sun

In case you really want to read more

But sadly for the Hun the Refugee Council and a whole lot of NGOs who care for asylum seekers in the community were swift to denounce the beat-up and to present the facts. So we are happy to do likewise.

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And this post from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Facebook page.

Kon's post

We look forward to Media Watch taking the Hun slowly apart on Monday night.



Asylum Seekers – the Myths are getting Bigger

16 thoughts on “Just in: Lies from the bogot’s favourite fish wrapper

  1. You can also imagine the rage of the bogots if Today Tonight rocked up to see an asylum seeker family inside a house that looked like a refugee camp because they had no ability to cook or clean… or the exposé they would run on how they don’t even give their children clean clothes, etc.

    It wouldn’t matter what you gave them or didn’t give them… haters gonna hate.

    I had to stop reading the comments section on the Hun… full of people who live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world bleating ‘what about meeeeee’ and putting their proverbial hands out. Shameful.

    I wouldn’t have $10,000 worth of stuff in my house, but do I care? No. I had the benefit of growing up in Australia, being afforded health care and education and the opportunity to study and have a job and walk around relatively safe and free from harm. I have never had to see anyone murdered, raped or tortured, and I have never truly had to fear any of those things.

    Would I trade lives and suffer through all of that, just so I could get a house with (likely less than) $10k worth of stuff? Of course not.

    Selfish bloody whingers in this country… it’s disgraceful.

    • WAIT UP! ALERT THE PRESS! Let’s conveniently forget the cost of maintaining a single refugee in a detention center, because we just found out that some families have a fridge and a TV! SHOCK HORROR! (sarcasm, in case the bogots didn’t realise).

    • Obviously, it’s to stir up shit against the current government and to push the agenda that all of these types of “news” papers have in mind. Judging by the comments section on the herald sun’s website they’ve the perfect audience to do so with; people whinging “oh my lifes so tough, I only receive X amount from the government and they get to stay here with 53CM TVS!!!” whinging ungrateful brainwashed arseholes; that is all they are. Alot of them say “oh I’m going to leave Australia and come back by boat so that I receive ‘all of these benefits'” lets hope they do so and start in Sudan or somewhere they’ll surely be killed before reaching the boats they’re all so hellbent on destroying. I would also like to add I am someone who is on low income, pays alot of tax and has an infant son to raise, I would be more than happy if my hard earned/lost tax is going to an individual who is coming out of extremely tough circumstances in a foreign country -regardless of the way they arrive here.

      • Also fuck the herald sun they’re completely conscious about what they are doing and should be ashamed of themselves. I apologise to anyone who finds my comments harsh i.e the whole “killed in Sudan” part as the people who are commenting on the herald sun aren’t the only to blame for their stupid conclusion jumping ways, the paper itself is largely at fault.

        Do they even make 53cms tvs anymore?

        Can you gamble on what group of people the the brainwashed mass’s will take aim at next on sportsbet or something? Say like in 20 years time who will blamed for stealing a “battlers” pension etc… Im interested to know if this is a possibility and alot of users of this website could make a pretty penny if so, maybe we could put some refugees up at the Versace hotel if we’re good enough at it. Perhaps it would even make the pages of the herald son.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a 53cm TV is not that big.

    I remember getting a 51cm TV in the late 80’s which seemded massive at the time, but barely passes as a TV these days.

  3. The Herald Sun and other News Ltd should be called toilet papers , as they are full of shit, only written to stir up hatred with stories based on lies and scaremongering especially by people like Andrew Bolt.

  4. A quote I found:

    How many haters does it take to change a light bulb?

    None, as they hate change, even though it will make the world a brighter place.

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