Magda comes out – but the bogots don’t like it

Popular and celebrated comedian Magda Szubanski recently “came out” as a lesbian on national television.

Magda comes out

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The reaction of just about everyone was either enthusiastic support (good on her) or non-judgemental indifference (so what? no big deal)

Except for “Australia is Dying” who gives us an unpalatable dose of homophobia. If Australia is indeed dying it will be because of intolerant hateful knobs like it.

Hate speech

And this nasty crew…

Scumsite rubbishes star

Fake profile and misogynist “Chris Hanson” was joined by the lead scummer in voicing its homophobia, followed by a troll and an Islamophobe.

Typical from a rabble who routinely use words like “gay”,”dyke”, “fag” and and “poofter” to try and insult their opponents and who routinely defame their opponents as “paedophiles”.

2 thoughts on “Magda comes out – but the bogots don’t like it

  1. I’m sure this would make her like cock even less, especially if “Trycoxagain” is the epitomy of masculinity in this group.

    The only choice a gay, lesbian or bisexual person has in their life with their sexuality is to acknowledge it. You can easily be gay, lesbian or bisexual and never, ever acknowledge it and thus hide it.

    Which is why her coming out is important. The fact that it didn’t raise the ire of most people shows a change in attitude, even from the 90s up until now. It’s not all roses and peachy, but as this becomes more and more common, the barriers that the bogots put up and the amount of haters amongst them get smaller and smaller.

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