There (sic) Weddings Wouldn’t Even Have Free Piss

Check out the homophobe circle-jerk boys club discussing gay marriage.

Chris Poulson stupidly overlooks the fact that if gay men in Australia stopped having sex with each other they would probably end up having sex with women and thus adding competition and even further limiting Chris’ minimal chances of finding a female stupid enough to procreate with him.

Jarrod Trevanion knows so little about gay people that he mistakes them from regular alcohol enjoying humans, and stupidly overlooks the fact that if gays started drinking ‘piss’ it would limit the amount of kilolitres he could continue to ingest on a daily basis.




















20 thoughts on “There (sic) Weddings Wouldn’t Even Have Free Piss

  1. Someone should direct them to heterosexual porn (as though they’re not already well aware of it)… there is plenty of both of the acts that they reference, it’s not the exclusive territory of gay men. Something tells me they wouldn’t object if it was a woman on the receiving end, but it scares and offends them to think of a man in that situation (and perhaps it turns them on a little bit which scares them even more).

  2. According to the great anti-bogan H.W.Fowler:

    “Latin for ‘so, thus’, is inserted (within brackets) after a quoted word or phrase to confirm its accuracy as a quotation, or occasionally after the writer’s own word to emphasize it as giving his deliberate meaning. It amounts to ‘Yes, he did say that’, or ‘Yes, I do mean that, in spite of your natural doubts’. It should be used only when the doubt is natural; but reviewers and controversialists are tempted to pretend that it is, because sic provides them with a`neat and compendious form of criticism.”

    With bogans, a lack of mistakes of this nature would in all likelihood require the use of (sic).

  3. I’m just trying to figure out what part of being gay condemns an open bar. I’ve got nothing. If anything statistics would say that same-sex partners have more disposable income, therefore more money to spend on getting people drunk. But maybe I’m looking too much into it.

  4. Oh, and find the post in question. The old Adam & Steve joke makes an appearance, as well as a seemingly brain-dead woman who still thinks AIDS only affects gay men. How do all these morons get together?

      • …and not only does he have the nerve to blame the individual rather than take responsibility for this design fault but he then dishes out infinite punishment to the poor guy. What a wanker he would be, if there were a god.

        • You’ve got me thinking for humans MK2 (to repopulate the world after the second coming – sometime in 2012 I believe). He should get rid of giving birth to live young as we agree that this has inherent risks to both mother and child. How about an egg / pouch model – the egg’s laid easily into the pouch and the young is kept warm and safe until it’s finshed schooling.

          God? You listening? Of course you are.

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