George Christensen, MP for Dawson (Mackay)



From Gay News Network

Meanwhile, National MP George Christensen used a speech to say the attempt to legislate so that churches do not have to perform same-sex marriages is part of a Western march of christophobia.

“It may be news to the secularists but church buildings are not where Christians check-in and check-out the practice of their beliefs,” he said.

“Christianity is a lived experience and Christians are called to remain true to their faith in all aspects of their lives.

“But, despite the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, nation-states throughout the West have effectively outlawed public observance of Christian belief.”

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Liberal MP George Christensen has gone a little tutu far

Christensen in tutu

Blame religion for livestock torture: MP

There (sic) Weddings Wouldn’t Even Have Free Piss

Check out the homophobe circle-jerk boys club discussing gay marriage.

Chris Poulson stupidly overlooks the fact that if gay men in Australia stopped having sex with each other they would probably end up having sex with women and thus adding competition and even further limiting Chris’ minimal chances of finding a female stupid enough to procreate with him.

Jarrod Trevanion knows so little about gay people that he mistakes them from regular alcohol enjoying humans, and stupidly overlooks the fact that if gays started drinking ‘piss’ it would limit the amount of kilolitres he could continue to ingest on a daily basis.




















Gay Marriage Infringes on James Darby’s Rights

Apparently Ms Naidoo infringes on this jerk’s rights by stating that marriage should be about equality, and that over 60% of Australians support gay marriage. That apparently prevents him from ‘encouraging’ his ‘offspring’ from being straight.

I can’t imagine anything worse than being encouraged by this braindead fuck to make a choice about who to love.





“Gays should be shot really”

Cynthia has nothing to worry about. Because of her allegiance to God, she won’t ever become terminally ill and thus won’t need a blood transfusion. If she does, well, that’s just going to be awkward.