Who Is Keeping Our Culture Alive?

The rant is unintelligent enough, but this once again begs the question: how does immigration ruin Australian culture? How do non-white people prevent us from going to the beach, eating meat pies, watching the cricket, drinking beer, wearing bikinis or having BBQs?

When are these people going to realise that not only is our culture nearly completely made up of the cultural contributions of immigrants, but that our culture isn’t even remotely threatened when a non-white refuses a beer, or wears a scarf on their head, or doesn’t eat meat?

Take a look at this idiot. Nobody has stopped him from growing a bikie beard, wearing a woman-beater singlet, growing a beer belly and wearing hobo gloves. He’s pretty comfortable, yet whinging like a fucking sissy.

14 thoughts on “Who Is Keeping Our Culture Alive?

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  1. What about the first cultures that were here? Long before European settlement? You’ve not made one mention of their culture and their connection to the land and their system of government. Yes, they had a very complex system of government through kinship which was subsequently decimated to the point where almost no-one now knows the extent to how it worked.

    This is the same crowd that tells anyone non-white, including Aborigines: “Go back to where you came from”. It still begs the question: “To where?”.

    I’m Asian-Australian. I was born and bred here. I do all the things that white Australians do, yet for some, this is never, ever enough. They feel threatened that I speak several other languages, that in fact around the world this is NORMAL. They feel threatened that I embrace my Asian culture as well, as it gave me shelter, food and emotional welfare from any external storm.

    • Hey, Umm… I have sort of the flip side to your story. My lived experience has made me certain that more often than not this racism veiled as patriotism is just that – racist. See, I’m a white girl not born in Australia, who was raised by an English mother, and we never assimilated. Even now, laying this out I’m actually afraid of being censured for saying that I do not feel at all part of the Australian cultural behaviours that get laid out as necessities for living here. I mean, I agree wholeheartedly with the fundamentals – equality, freedom, respect for all – but I am by no means bikini-sporting or BBQ-having. However, as much as I am a first gen immigrant, and as much as I do not fit neatly into the “Aussie” box, as an adult I have VERY often been on the receiving end of an attempt to have a mutual grumble about immigrants. Not once has that other person stopped to think I might fit more into the immigrant category than the Aussie category – I’m white.

      Growing up with the white Aussie kids being the ones to call me a weirdo, mock my accent and make me feel different over and over again, I developed a total refusal to embrace the things they then expected me to embrace and I cherished the differences that set me apart from people I could not like or respect. It’s through growing up like that in Australia that makes me think I might be able to understand a little about the difficulties of “assimilation” that children who are more obviously immigrants face.

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  2. But Skippy is an Australian icon, and this man is Australian. So I’m confused as to why being called ‘Skippy’ is a bad thing?

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