Bendigo Councillor Elise Chapman’s Bigotry

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Councillor Elise Chapman claims that her opposition to a mosque in Bendigo isn’t on bigoted grounds, yet her comments on Twitter on 18th and 19th of June 2014 suggest that much of that opposition comes from a belief that Muslims are generally rapists and that the building of a mosque is a ‘concern’ because it may increase the likelihood of rape. Chapman’s comments also seem to suggest that Australians don’t rape women.

This is despite Australian statistics on rape stating that 87.7% of women who are raped know the perpetrator. Note: Muslims make up less than 3% of Australia’s population.

Rape is wrong. Suggesting that an entire culture of people are rapists is wrong. Suggesting that a person’s ethnicity dictates whether they will or will not rape is wrong.

Here’s some more about rape:

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Elise Chapman: standing up for what’s right.


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Opposing A Mosque Because it ‘Threatens the Viewscape’

The ACT Government will refer a pamphlet opposing the construction of a mosque in Gungahlin to the Human Rights Commission for investigation amid concerns the flyer was racially motivated.

The flyer was distributed to Gungahlin residents this week, urging them to oppose the development on Valley Avenue because of its ‘‘social impact’’ and concerns about traffic and noise, ‘‘public interest’’ and size.

The authors of the flyer identify themselves as the Concerned Citizens of Canberra and ask recipients of the flyer to attend a private, closed door meeting on Sunday about the development. The pamphlet does not disclose the address of the meeting and says it will only be provided to residents who register by email to attend.

‘‘The ACT Government, with apparently no social impact assessment, has agreed to the establishment of a mosque with a capacity of 500, to be erected at 140 The Valley Avenue Gungahlin,’’ the flyer says. ‘‘This 500 capacity mosque will dominate the viewscape and will impact on you and all other residents of Gungahlin.’’

The densely over-populated, traffic-congested proposed location for this viewscape-blocking place of worship. (See ‘A’)

The pamphlet continues by saying ‘‘honesty and transparency in communicating with others whom your actions may affect is the accepted way that Australian neighbours treat each other.’’
‘‘This developer and its client, appears to have made little effort towards this. ‘‘Therefore, it is doubtful that they will be a good neighbour to the Gungahlin community.’’
In a multi-party post budget estimates hearing this morning, Multicultural Affairs Minister Joy Burch said she was disappointed Gungahlin’s Muslim community had ‘‘yet again been ostracised’’.
‘‘We have an ACT ministerial Muslim Advisory Council that I talk with regularly about matters that affect them and sadly that group is continuing to be in existence because, unfortunately, of things such as this,’’ she said.
‘‘If my memory serves me right, when I went out to celebrate the claiming of the block so to speak in Gungahlin, it is within a stone’s throw of a church. ‘‘I do not recall the same sentiment around traffic, social impact, traffic noise, public interest, bulk, scale and height, which seem to be the concerns applied to that.’’
Ms Burch said she wanted the matter investigated. ‘‘To have a location and time for this to only be provided for those who register is not the way that Canberra operates and I am more than happy to refer this to the HRC for investigation,’’ she said.

Lisa Cox | The Canberra Times | June 29, 2012



Who Is Keeping Our Culture Alive?

The rant is unintelligent enough, but this once again begs the question: how does immigration ruin Australian culture? How do non-white people prevent us from going to the beach, eating meat pies, watching the cricket, drinking beer, wearing bikinis or having BBQs?

When are these people going to realise that not only is our culture nearly completely made up of the cultural contributions of immigrants, but that our culture isn’t even remotely threatened when a non-white refuses a beer, or wears a scarf on their head, or doesn’t eat meat?

Take a look at this idiot. Nobody has stopped him from growing a bikie beard, wearing a woman-beater singlet, growing a beer belly and wearing hobo gloves. He’s pretty comfortable, yet whinging like a fucking sissy.