Daniel Hayward: “Blow one of the boats up and see them stop coming then.”

On the 9 News Facebook page


Oh and here’s Daniel Hayward


Daniel lives on the Northern Beaches. And his mates are Pacific Islanders so we presume he’d say “I’m not racist” – we wonder if he gets the irony of that.


He’s closely followed by Andrew Charlesworth.


Andrew’s humane attitude to asylum seekers is matched by the groups he likes to join. Stupidity and hate love company.


Andrew then reinforces his stupidity by using the phrase “border protection“.


“Border protection” would have to be the dumbest concept ever dreamed up by anyone.

It unfortunately conveys a picture of millions of invaders perched at the edge of the continent waiting to overwhelm us while millions of Facebook racists stand on the parapets waving their keyboards, bottles of steroids and fridge magnets, instead of its worthy original and real intent of keeping the country safe from plant, animal and human pandemics, and the smuggling of illicit drugs and other prohibited imports.

Actually Australia is not all that attractive a place for an invader, being mostly baking hot desert but maybe these guys would like it if they were after a warm climate.

Millions of determined invaders from the south want to breach our border protection.

Presumably keyboard heroes like Andrew will beat their puny chests and prepare to “defend arr siol”.

Now for Stephen Thomas.




Please note Stephen’s employer. We are sure they’d be impressed by how he practices his Christianity.


Now here’s a real rocket scientist who has somehow managed to link asylum seekers to some bogot myth about Christmas and Easter. And she wants to join the blokes and bomb asylum seekers as well.


Guess that beats being bored in Glen Innes.

You can read the rest of the hatred here

14 thoughts on “Daniel Hayward: “Blow one of the boats up and see them stop coming then.”

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  2. I’ve noticed Andrew C and his comrades from the copy & paste corps spamming the threads at the ASRC FB page over the last few days – I wonder if they get a special place at the back of the parade on ANZAC Day?

  3. Wow, that FB link was a regular rollercoaster ride of stupidity and strange self-entitlement I never wish to take again. Why is there one decent human being commenting/defending these poor people to every ten or so morons just spewing dumb uninformed hatred?

    And what is with the stupid fucking mentality that Australia’s some “exclusive” club you have some kind of birthright to get into?

    I never say this (mainly because I find it sounds cliché and worn out), but I am so embarrased to be part of the population of this country after reading these comments, holy fuck they’re horrible people that write these things.

    • Totally random, but I love your username.

      One thing that makes me smile a lot is comparing the usernames of this site, and the extremist groups profiled here. I don’t see a lot of “Knittingexperts” or “Irishgals” on the ADL page. I see a lot of people called “Crusader” and “Fcukya” but nothing nice. And I think when you’re on the same side as the knitters, you’re on the right side.

  4. To me, Stephen Thomas isn’t a real human being. Whenever I pass him on the street I give him a real nasty look.
    I mean, if he gets into trouble, or has an accident, he expects free health cover, an ambulance, a Doctor, all this luxury that I have to pay for! To think he missed all these places he could have neded up when he was being born-a doctor’s clinic, and adoption agency, another country, but no, he came to Australia for free health and housing. What a leech.

        • Oh well, hopefully he gets hit by a large diesel vehicle of some kind and preferably caught under the rear wheels/axle, slowly writhing in pain and dying.

  5. Checked out the link and every time I see the phrase ‘I am not a racist, but…’, all I can think of is say “NEXT”!

    As for that Stephen chap, the prat really talks out of his ass.

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