Rafed Al-Lami Wants To Burn (Sunni) Mosques, Children & Rape Women

With the Syrian war entering its third year, tensions between groups in Australia that support the brutal Assad dictatorship and those that oppose it are threatening to boil over, with some happy to light the match that ignites the fuse.

Meet Rafed Al-Lami from Melbourne. Website designer, iPhone App developer…

Rafed Allami Profile

…and pro-Assad sectarian warmonger.

Rafed Al-Lami - Burn Children Rape Women

He doesn’t seem to think much of people from the Indian subcontinent either.

Rafed Al-Lami - Stink


Tell us what you think of Rafed Gonzo Al-Lami and his plans to ignite a sectarian war in Australia.

Better yet, contact counter-terrorism and police officials like we have.



We thought we’d give Rafed Al-Lami the benefit of the doubt seeing as most people we feature here complain that it wasn’t them that made the comments but that their profiles were hacked… or some other fairytale.

Rafed Unrepentant

96 thoughts on “Rafed Al-Lami Wants To Burn (Sunni) Mosques, Children & Rape Women

    • He replied:
      Rafed Al-Lami ^ No offence but you stink like a pig you are ^

      Don’t fucking comment on my page you son of a slut
      Charming fella.

  1. I stumbled into a conversation on Liveleak yesterday after looking up some clips for a compilation video. The pro and anti Assad commentators quite literally frightened the shit out of me, the depth of hate and feelings of revulsion articulated with descriptions of what they each wanted to do to the other was nasty, to put it mildly. To think that blokes like this want to do those things when he lives safe and secure here is just mind blowing, no doubt he is all talk but shit, you wouldn’t want to risk it that he wasn’t.

  2. Do you inform the target of this post? Please don’t misunderstand me, I think it’s important for people to know that they are judged for hate speech but I’m curious to know if he knows.

    • I am just wondering whether the bogots and hate site merchants message their prey before they stalk, intimidate and harass.

      All we do is republish their garbage. After all they are all advocates of “free speech” – as long as it is their own.

    • A previous poster, Tim, did post on this idiot’s FB page. MMU posted the response made to this by Rafed Al-Lami.So, yes, he does know.

      The mindless hatred exhibited to one another of those of different sects within the muslim religion is horrifying. Still this happened & is still happening within the so-called christian church.

  3. This person, by his simple existence here, hands power to the extreme right in Australia. If paranoia isn’t enough then a living example of everything most feared by the anti-Islamists and the boat-haters is right there. Doesn’t matter if its accurate or not, doesn’t matter if he is representative or not, he is a poster boy for the shock-jock agenda.

    • Ali you’re a low life piece of shit ok, don’t talk about people you don’t know cunt!
      people post abusive crap on my page so how do you want me to respond?

  4. I’ve already reported My FB account to Facebook and your forum to the police, As my photos have been posted here without my consent, I have been accused for no reason and there is no hard evidence that indicates I have said what you’ve posted here.
    Im not going to waste everyones time with questions and answers
    So if you’ve got anything to say, The police is now aware of this whole situation.
    If you have any issue please contact your local police.

  5. Thats not my comment buddy!
    I just explained that.
    Im a muslim why would I want to burn a Mosque??? WTF
    Like I said if you have any concerns feel free to contact the police quoting this forum and my name.

  6. pig pig !!!! no halal scum!!! dont worry you will get your day and all will laugh at you and your piglets ,, sunni for life,,,!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck the rest straight out waste of life!

  7. I continue to be surprised by those that don’t understand the legality of those making public comment – especially, in this case, a web developer. I’d be very curious what the police would actually say when they get approached with this stuff.

  8. Anyone who believes that the Syrian authorities are innocent needs to read the truth and look at all the images on youtube. Any person who wishes to harm another let alone innocent women and children needs to be locked up, but if they are immigrants to this country then send them back for breaching our laws.

  9. i heard several times that there is a pope who wants to burn the Holy Quran . did any one do any thing about it ??

    did you guys post his comment and his photo here ?
    how come i ve never seen it ??

    look mate , if this guy Rafed or what ever is telling the truth about him not posting , then he has the rights to file this to the police , since he claims you dont have an evidence and he also mentioned that he did not post it ….

    i recon your the one who wants to start hatred amongst muslims , your the one who is posting things here so that other people could respond with anger …

    Dile 000 if you have concerns dont start up shits on websites


    • You don’t dial 000 for this sort of thing. That number is for emergencies.

      With regards to the admin of this site wanting to start hatred towards Muslims, there is no evidence of that. This site attests to your assertion being a falacy

    • What you’re referring to might be a Pastor in the US wanting to burn the Quran. This person isn’t from Australia, which is why you haven’t seen this person identified here. This person also isn’t attempting to hide what they think/believe, which is something that ‘Rafed’ is clearly attempting to do.

  10. As an Aussie and a Muslim I am absolutely horrified that anyone who claims to share my faith would say such things. I am literally in shock, killing kids, raping women! What the hell is wrong with you? These things are never ever permissible under any circumstances and if anyone is telling you different they are trying to lead you down an evil, evil path!

    • Can you like shut up please …

      The guy “Rafed” said he did not post it
      His acc was hacked

      Every one has a friend who wants to make a joke , I ve seen lots who post stupid jokes on Facebook on behalf of their friends

      This could be one of them

      He said he didn’t and I believe him

      And your talking about FSA the same army killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan

      Now your seporting them

      I have lots of Muslim friends who do not talk about hating

      I only herd that when the syria war started

      • The guy “Rafed” said he did not post it
        His acc was hacked

        “The dog ate my homework”

        We are not interested in your excuses. Anyone in this country who threatens others deserves exposure at the very least.

        We are mostly non-believers here and we have never figured out how people from the same ethnic background who speak the same language and who have the same holy book and believe in the same god and his Prophet can have such poisonous hate towards each other.

        Then again the Christians do it as well.

        Why are you using a US proxy? Or are you also Rafed?

  11. Rafed Al-Lami
    36 minutes ago
    Some Cunt Posted hate speech using my account and now i gotta explain to every dickhead that I didn’t post it!
    When that racist pope burned the quran I don’t see you cunts posting his photos and contact details on Facebook and on the so called “Islamic pages” that are doing no good for Islam but raging and promoting hate against each other’s sects.
    Next time how about you double check before you accuse anyone! — feeling angry.
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    Kit Walker The pope has never burned the Quran. The Pope kissed the Quran.
    27 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMrKet8S1qA

    John Paul II Kissing the Koran
    http://www.vaticancatholic.com/ Video clip showing John Paul II kissing the Kora…See More
    26 minutes ago · Like · Remove Preview

    Kit Walker There’s been 2 Popes since. Neither has burned the Quran.
    25 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Whom do you refer to when you talk about the Pope burning the Quran?
    24 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al He is not talking about John

    He is talking about the pope in USA
    24 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker There is no Pope in the US
    23 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Plus this is Australias
    23 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al Terry jones wants to burn the Quran
    23 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Jaafar Al Well how are we ment to know who is who

    So wat if this is Australia ?
    22 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Jaafar Al Then there is no pope in Australia , since ur talking about Australia
    19 minutes ago via mobile ·

    Kit Walker Your’re right there is no Pope in Australia. There is only one Pope. He is head of the the Roman Catholic Church, and resides in the Vatican City.
    17 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker How are you meant to Know who is who? Understand theology, then you’ll know who is who.
    16 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al Mate can u get of this page , if it does not concern you ??

    Leave some space for others to comment , ur just boring
    14 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker Try wikipedia. Terry Jones is part of a non demoniational church. Hardly anything to do with the Pope or christianity.
    14 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Really? It doesn’t concern me? How? You’re spreading intolerance and hatred. That concerns everybody. Get out of my country.
    13 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker ‘i heard several times that there is a pope who wants to burn the Holy Quran . did any one do any thing about it ??

    did you guys post his comment and his photo here ?
    how come i ve never seen it ??

    look mate , if this guy Rafed or what ever is telling the truth about him not posting , then he has the rights to file this to the police , since he claims you dont have an evidence and he also mentioned that he did not post it ….

    i recon your the one who wants to start hatred amongst muslims , your the one who is posting things here so that other people could respond with anger …

    Dile 000 if you have concerns dont start up shits on websites’
    11 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Hardly sounds like he didn’t say it, does it?
    11 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al You wanted to know who wanted to burn the Quran , I answered you … Now ur talking about who is the pope and who isn’t …

    He did not spread hatred , some one hacked his acc

    And since you brought the topic of country . Lol Australia does not belong to you , you convict

    Australia is for aborigines

    And then in 1880 first fleet full of convict ” prisoners ”
    11 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Kit Walker ‘When that racist pope burned the quran’ which racist Pope wanted to burn the Quran? You still haven’t answered that.
    10 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Someone hacked his account? Then cancel it.
    9 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al I said terry jones ,, he is a pope , whether he is not catholic or not ” dose not concern me ”

    But he is a pope
    9 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker Someone hacked his account and talks like him and shares is IP address? Really?
    8 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Terry Jones is a Pastor not a Pope.
    8 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Terry Jones isn’t Christian.
    7 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker There is only one Pope. It’s not Terry Jones.
    7 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al Really ?? Man , are you off ur mind

    He is a pope or not I don’t give a crap
    7 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Jaafar Al Beside all … Lets get back to ” my country ”
    7 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker I’m Aboriginal
    6 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al Aust does not belong to u , nor to this gov …

    Aborigines are the real people of this country

    So why don’t u get out
    5 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker You claimed a racist pope burned the Quran
    5 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker I’m Aboriginnal
    5 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al Hhhh yea white abo … Nice try mate I believe you
    5 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker Not my pic
    5 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Plus there are many Aboriginals with white skin
    4 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al Kit walker . The white aboriginal
    World record hhhhhhhh
    5 minutes ago via mobile ·

    Kit Walker They’ll love this on the Anti Bogan
    4 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al ” Wanted ” to burn don’t put words in my mouth
    4 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Jaafar Al No there isn’t
    4 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker You don’t know this country very well, do you?
    3 minutes ago · Like

    Jaafar Al I’m Australia and proud
    2 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Kit Walker Good for you. Just don’t kill kids or rape women as your ‘friend’ wants to.
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Kit Walker Sorry it’s not wanted. It was ‘When that racist pope burned the quran’ The Pope has never burned the Quran.
    about a minute ago · Like

    Kit Walker A second ago you were saying Australians were Aboriginals. That’s me, not you.
    a few seconds ago · Like

    Jaafar Al Anti bogan , they love every thing
    a few seconds ago via mobile · Like

  12. Sorry for the long post. Just found his Facebook page and had a chat. He was pretending to be Jaafar Al. Then he deleted his account and sent me a Pm

    • To clarify, this is a comment I received from Rafed. I don’t Know any Terry Johns. It is Rafed, not myself, that claims the Pope wants to burn the Quran. Please check the IP address

  13. @ Rafed. I have sincerely had a change of heart with regards to this entire thing. I do not have to agree with your posts but I feel regret in singling you out. I would never email your clients etc, and was never serious in that threat. I believe it is taking it way too far. While I think what you posted is vile, I do not wish to continue harassing you. It was wrong. Sorry.

  14. Just exercising freedom of speech. Much like that ‘hacker’ did when he wanted to kill kids and rape women, or when you did when you complained about a ‘pastor’ burned the Qu’ran and whinged about that not being shown here. It wasn’t shown here as it wasn’t Australian.

    • Identity theft is a major issue. The police can quite easily determine where the posts came from, and with your assistance expose the guilty party. You will agree they should be exposed, as they believe in rape and murder.

  15. Aaaahahaha the old Hacked Account chestnut. Hacked on the 4th with his Indians Stink video, then again a week later with his sectarian bullshit! Can’t you guys see that he’s the real victim here?

    Or, you know, he’s a racist vile scumbag promoting ongoing sectarian violence and the death of thousands of innocents. That Kit dude was fairly out there, but he did get one thing right – this country would be better of without him, just as it would those in the ADL.

    • I posted that Indian thing!
      I found it on YouTube an Indian guy talking about his own ppl and it funny so I posted it
      Big deal!

      That video is all over Facebook and YouTube
      Like the video that posted about prophet Mohammed and it was shared on facebook

  16. What does that have to do with what you posted? Or was posted under your name? If you (or that person) wants to kill kids and rape women, you are exactly the same as those whom you complain about. it doesn’t justify your or that persons actions

  17. Sincerest apologies to the admins of this board for my posts here. I’ve just felt rage at the fact that someone would claim this board was attempting to incite unrest based on the heritage of an idividual such as the hacker of this persons facebook account.


  18. Ian do you know what your problem is?
    I know what it is!
    your problem is no one is fucking you up the ass!
    Its clear that your arse hole is itching you and you cant shut the fuck up until someone fucks you!
    Don’t look at me coz I’m not gonna do it!
    Jump on some gay chat and you might get lucky Ian!
    or become a priest and you might be able to play with some little kids lolllllll
    lmaoooo Freedom of speech! Fuck it feels good :p

  19. This page has many examples of exposing those that use freedom of speech to spread intolerance.

    It’s annoying because I can no longer say the bigots are completely wrong about Muslims. I’ve always felt bigotry was adverse to the beliefs of a practising Muslim, as Muslims have always told me this.

    Are you telling me I’ve been wrong? That those that complain about Islam have been telling the truth?

  20. I can personally remember members of my family lodging Muslims from the former Yugoslavia whilst the ethnic cleansing was occuring. Your words unfortunately prove that those that complain about Islam are not compeletly misguided.

    I take solace that the extreme right (such as yourself and those such as the ADL et al) are the minority. I understand we can’t just get rid of you as this is against what our forefathers fought for, and to do so would make us no better than their enemies.

    Thankfully the majority of Australians feel the same way and will never give you power in this country.

  21. In case you’re confused by my comments I’m stating the fact that if we were to get rid of you or the other right wing extremists then we would become no better than you – someone that supports killing kids and raping women.

    • I lost you in the first line I don’t know what you’re talking about!

      You don’t want believe that my acc was hacked, that’s fine, but I got few question for you.

      So how is this post helps Australia to become a safer place?

      You guys talk so much about freedom and freedom of speech and the love for this nation like no other person does but you!

      This post resulted in criminals and extremist looking for me to resolve this issue with violance!

      Believe it or not someone actually gave me his name and asked me to look it up as he has been convicted for terrorism few time and he just came out of jail and he does not give a fuck if he goes there again!

      Is the aim of this post/page to rage people against each other in the name of peace?

      Clearly that’s what it seems on Facebook!

      Because it does not make you any different from those extremist who cause violance in the name of god.

      They (the extremist) promote violance using religion,
      and you (the admin) promote violance and rage extremists in the name of freedom.

      Many people have shared this link on Facebook and many have inboxed me that they will be coming after me!

      I’m missing the part of how violance would make Australia a better place???

      ok lets asume these people come out and harm me for a comment they saw on your page and a conflict starts and some innocents might die as a result!

      When that happens do you see your self as you’ve achieved a goal for making Australia a safer place?

      There is always more smart and peaceful ways to promote peace with peace.

      Don’t be a hypocrite, be who you claim to be.

    • You have just claimed the poster was in Gaol for terrorism. By failing to inform the police you are an accessory to this fact.

      If you have not informed the police that a convicted terrorist has used your account information on a carriage service it will not go well for you. If you are serious that these comments were not made by you then you have already contacted the police and identified the guilty party, Thankyou for doing this

      All those that want to kill kids and rape women need to be incarcerated (in my opinion for life). Australia thanks you for your support

  22. You used freedom of speech to call me a child molester. There are many cases that have come before Australian Courts of people having used this language. As a result of a person using this language the person who has said it has been beaten by the person they have said it to. In many of these cases the magistrate has said that the beating was justified.

    If you identify this terrorist no one will die. If you fail to do so you will be culpable under Australian law. You will be an accessory. You have no option but to identify this person

  23. Bear in mind you have admitted that this person is a terrorist and has recently been released from prison. This admisssion can be used in court. Contact the police now.

  24. If you’re talking to me, I’m not an admin here. You can make Australia safer by reporting this individual now. Australia will thank you.

  25. Identify the person haha, many hate and violent threat messages have been sent to me apart from those who contacted me!

    By the time I report everyone on Facebook and fill in police report it will be too late!

    Ive called you names because you’ve said untrue thing about me so you deserve what I’ve said to you straight out!, and please don’t give me the speech of about me getting beaten by the person I use bad language too because I don’t buy this kind of shit and it only makes me lough so don’t attempt to threat me with cheap talk please!

    As for the account, The police has my details and I was clearly informed that the police Anti cyber or what ever it is called will look in to this, therefore they will be accessing my FB account and follow up on comments which I am happy with because until this moment I believe i Am innocent.

    1) I have not been informed or asked that my photos will be posted here on this forum and I do not accept for my photos being posted here.

    2) I can take a screenshot of you conversation, open it in photoshop and edit the text , make it look like you said you want to kill kids and then post it along with your photo on the net.

    how would you feel then?

    oh by the way i noted out lots of question which everyone seems to ignore for some reason!, I think ignoring reality is part of freedom and freedom of speech, or maybe it is those who speak in the name of freedom would only like others listen to them when they create a scene.

    Long story make it short, I do no want my name nor my photo to be posted on this link and I would like the source of where the comments originally came from.

  26. and you can make me safer by removing my photos and name!
    keep the post, Im pretty sure followers would be interested in this post!
    If my photo and name are taken out of this post I don’t think it would make any difference for the reader unless they would want to attempt to harm me!
    I might have time to express my opinion on this page but i may not in front of a criminal.

    • So why make the comments you did in the first bloody place! Poor judgement on your part and the comments were vile. To wish harm to women and children living peacefully in Australia is untenable.

      None of these Sunni Muslims have done anything to you.

    • You do know you have brought a lot of this on yourself. If someone is now threatening you, go to the police but be aware that what goes on the Internet is there forever – you as an IT professional should know that – and don’t be surprised if someone, perhaps someone of the same mindset as you obviously have, takes exception to it.

  27. You’ve stated you know who the person was. You of course have informed the police as to whom this person is The police would have informed you to have no contact with this board. So why comment.

  28. What is the source of the comment?
    opps there is no source because its a photoshop image!

    I have never said the comments you posted against me!
    You just want to make a scene out of it.
    By Australian law you can not publish people’s images without their consent regardless of the reason you may have.

  29. So it’s changed from someone hacking your account to someone photoshopping an image. Just change your thinking.. And report this ‘terrorist.

  30. It’s illegal to record a conversation without someone’s consent.

    If you believe it’s illegal to publish someone’s image, please state the statute under common law

  31. First you say you are proud, then you say your account was hacked, then you say what about the Qu’ran being burned, then you say it was a terrorist that hacked your account and you know who it is, then you say it’s been photoshopped, then you say it might have been hacked. What’s the next excuse

  32. That’s because your account wasn’t hacked. it was you. Change your thinking. Whatever happens, you brought it on yourself.

  33. wait. I just found that my account has been hacked. And all admins accounts have been hacked. No one has actually posted anything exposing you Rafed.

    Well that’s sorted. Everyones accounts were hacked. That explains it. There is no way Rafed supports killing kids or raping women, nor would he complain about A US paster or anyone that produced a video about Mohammed. It’s all down to hacking.

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