Facebook “boobs” again!

Facebook takes its overarching responsibility to protect its users from the uncovered human female nipple very very very seriously

Squads of vigilant non-bot human admins scour the pages, gimlet-eyed, fingers ever-paused over the database delete button, ever alert to the glow of an areola or the actual wink of a nipple itself. Female nipples that is.

Zuckerberg's brain

So it was no surprise to read at Yahoo News just after we published a post detailing vile Facebook-based defamation of an anti-racist activist, how Facebook was responding to an activist group of breast-feeding mums and their babies.

Boob out 1

Anyone who runs an activist group on Facebook and who has attempted to get them to act on legitimate complaints will be very familiar with the stone-walling experienced by the activist mothers detailed below.

Boob out 2

We can imagine what happened to the letters of protest once building management got their hands on them. We wonder why Facebook’s Australian reps were so afraid of. That they’d be asked to change nappies?

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One of our own fans expressed it so well:

Double standards really. Blatant racism, hate speeches and pages are ok, as well as young women posing semi nude in front of mirrors in their bedroom or bathroom BUT a baby having a feed deemed explicit?! The world has gone MAD!!!!

So for future reference for those women and for others aggrieved by Facebook’s poor management of legitimate complaints and poor management of its site administration we are going to publish as much detail as we can about how to contact your not-so-friendly Australian Facebook rep.

Facebook’s Australian representative is Stuart Wragg

He is CEO of a spin doctor PR company called N2N Communications


Email: info@n2n.com.au
Tel: + 61 2 9213 2300
Fax: + 61 2 9212 0366 Address:

Level 3, 104 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia

However the duds cannot let an opportunity for stupidity go past them. ADL barrel-girl “Lauren Rivera”:

"Lauren Rivera"

And now for something completely different…

Mr Creosote

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