The resistable rise of $2 shop patriotism – or, fancy a flag for lunch?


The back story is – the business was originally owned by Theo whom we presume was Greek, then some Vietnamese people took over but kept the name.


We are not sure who “new owners” are but we don’t think we’d fancy their food much.

While we’re at it



Love of country based on the proximity of the flag to body parts and body functions not usually exposed

That’s Straya for ya


Leading of course to this conclusion



‘Love it or Leave’ – The Irrationality of Racial Bigotry in Australia

A Modern Major Xenophobe

By Mike Carlton and Ben Pobje

 I am the very model of an immigration minister

In charge of refugees and matters maritime and sinister.

At school I studied hard at maths and lessons alphabetical,

I learnt the scriptures backwards and the canon evangelical.

I made my rise to greatness from political obscurity

Conflating xenophobia with national security.

Endlessly I preached the word to ordinary Australians

Arousing fears their homes were being overrun by aliens.

I blamed the Labor gang for this invasion of Muhammadans

Who wear the burqa, pray to Mecca, starve themselves at Ramadan.

Fanatics who would have us all obeying their sharia laws

They’d ban the Easter Bunny and abolish dear old Santa Claus.

But! Now that I’m the minister I’ve vowed to turn the boats


I’ve got a three-star general to keep our borders safe and sound.

The bleeding hearts and Greenies call me cruel and confrontational

But I riposte: “My lips are sealed on matters operational.”

When Jakarta once accused me of egregious hypocrisy

I shrugged my shoulders lightly and replied: “Well, that’s


And though it’s not much help in dealing with the Indonesians,

I quote the Bible’s letters of St Paul to the Ephesians.

With humanity and decency my only motivation

I am standing resolutely at the frontiers of the nation.

And armoured in self-righteousness I spurn each rude inquisitor

For I’m the very model of an immigration minister.


Bogots refooling the language

Edited and republished from the mindmadeup blog

our laws – frequently and  frenziedly invoked by the xenophobes against minorities – unless they themselves are at the receiving end of an arrest warrant and a court appearance – a regular occurrence. Then the judge, magistrates, lawyers, court staff etc become Commie (see Commie) faggots (see faggots).

our land – the patriot loves the land even though by legal title it belongs to the British monarch, her heirs and successors, except for certain areas which have been reluctantly handed back to the people who really do own the land, and even when the only contact the patriot has with the native soil is when some effort with the lawnmower is required to remove three months of grass and weeds…unless someone else can be made to do it (see women)

our police – also revered and invoked by the xenophobes against minorities – until a copper pulls the xenophobe up for speeding or they fail the RBT. Then “our police” become the “fukn pigs”.

elite – Favourite insult of wealthy tabloid writers/shock jocks and their not-so-wealthy followers. Anyone who made it past Year 8 at school and who writes grammatical English, is tolerant of other cultures and who abhors mindless populism appealing to the lowest common denominator.

our culture – see Australian way of life. Undefineable by the best minds in the country, seriously lacking in references to art, music and literature and almost exclusively a male concern (see women)

legitimate concerns – the latest bunch of groundless fears emanating from spam e mails, shock jocks, Internet rumours and the paranoia of xenophobes.

Southern Cross – the constellation Crux which can be seen throughout the Southern Hemisphere but which in the mind of patriots is exclusive to Straya (see patriot). Needless to say it still adorns the white spotty corpus and over-modified gas guzzler of the Troo Patriot.

feral – anyone who does not subscribe to the unwritten code of practice of the full-blown xenophobe (see bogot).  Often teamed with the epithet unwashed. This descriptor can encompass behaviour frowned upon by said xenophobe to include:

  • disagreeing with the xenophobe
  • laughing at the xenophobe
  • lampooning the xenophobe
  • beating the xenophobe at an argument
  • using facts and evidence
  • being female or openly gay or even being thus perceived by the xenophobe

freedom of speech – a concept which belongs solely to the xenophobe for the expression of xenophobia. Anyone else who points out the irony and inconsistency is immediately labelled an elite (see elite), Commie (see Commie) faggot (see faggot) or an unwashed feral.

women – a prized possession of the male when it comes to stoushes with other groups (‘our women’). Ranks somewhere near the pet Staffy in estimation. Main job is to produce white babies, keep up the beer supply and wear as little as possible.

patriots – people who say they love Straya but don’t much like anyone living there who doesn’t look or act as they do. This includes the original inhabitants, though when convenient for the patriot, can be dragged out to reinforce their xenophobia (see Indigenous people)

patriotism – love of country – as long as it is confined to the deeds of white people and its history doesn’t reach back further than 1788.

multicultural – anyone who doesn’t drink VB or eat foreign food (unless of course it is from a franchise) Also see Commie feminist faggot.

Communist – (see Commie). An early Marxist party which has largely disappeared in Australia but which can be used by the politically ignorant as a handy insult.

Indigenous people – the group xenophobes pretend to like/have sympathy for but who become the target if there is no one else around. Xenophobes love to claim (distant) Aboriginal ancestry, as long as it does not exclude the patriot from the ranks of white supremacists (see Aborigines).

Aborigines – people whom the xenophobes have as friends until it is their turn to get bashed (see Indigenous people)

Australian Way of Life – An indefinable concept with vague parameters which seems to consist of mutterings of “a fair go” from a bunch of xenophobes. When you can actually extract a description it generally excludes anyone who isn’t white, male or is/was Christian.

nationalist – a xenophobe who wants to pretend he is Garibaldi (see patriot)… oh wait, Garibaldi was a wog (see wog)

patriot – a xenophobe who loves his whites-only fantasy land Straya (see nationalist)

protectionist – a xenophobe who wants people to fuck off cos we’re full – unless they’re white

white power – a neo-Nazi who uses a marketing slogan to define himself. Can we look forward then to Finish to indicate their genocidal tendencies? Or Omo for their backward social policies?

white flour

white pride – being proud of a tendency to melanoma.

feminist – a woman who won’t date a xenophobe.

faggot – a man who won’t date a xenophobe.

facts and evidence – with a zeal worthy of the medieval church the bogot is always on the lookout for opponents who use carefully researched information when mounting their arguments. After all every Troo Strayan knows that all that information is bad for you and can cause cancer or fade the curtains.

The xenophobe prefers to rely on his/her gut feelings which he/she happily shares with like-minded bogots, and will persist with misinformation even to the point of being publicly humiliated.

So every dodgy Internet rumour or fairy tale from some hate website is lovingly and tiresomely aired via social media to the rest of the population. Then hurt feelings ensue as the rest of the population not only proceeds to ignore the xenophobe but actually laughs at them.

Commies – anyone who votes Labor or anything left of Labor. Or Malcolms Turnbull or Fraser for that matter. The term has been replaced as an insult of late by Green and Socialist Alliance (a miniscule far left political party) which goes to show that it takes some 20 years for bogots to catch up with the rest of the world.

NWO – the New World Order. Something which greatly excites and awes many patriots though they cannot explain it. It has something to do with the Spielberg Group and their dastardly movies. Or a shopping list for Coles. Or something (see Illuminati).

Straya – a mythical land of melanin-deficient patriots (see patriot) who dwell on a fantasy past where everyone had a job, the bread was white along with the picket fences and there was no poverty (despite the Depression), no inequality (and those damn women were In The Kitchen) and people learnt good stuff at school (like saluting the flag and singing songs to the English monarch)

uni student – anyone who can spell and write (see elite). In Straya uni students live perpetually on Centrelink and do not wash. Unfortunately for the bigot, the vicissitudes of life necessitate that from time to time the bigot must tear himself away from Stormfront, conspiracy websites and Asian porn and attend the doctor, the dentist and the accountant. If the bigot receives the unwelcome attention of the law for enforcing his/her freedom of speech on the persons or the possessions of his/her opponent, then they will also need a lawyer. All of whom have been uni students at some stage (see elite Commie faggots)

Tough luck!

wog – an old pejorative term used to abuse immigrants of mainly Southern European/Mediterranean background. However those rascally wogs have taken the term and made it their own which means that it can no longer be used by the patriot to Keep Them in their Place. Sometimes life is so unfair. But fortunately there are newer arrivals to engage and exhaust the vocabulary resources of the patriot.

Islam – an ancient religion which is current Phobia of the Month with xenophobes, replacing long-time contender Judaism (for now).

Asians – undifferentiated vaguely threatening population which is going to Take Over Our Country. That is, when the xenophobes return from their holidays in Bali and Phuket, which aren’t really Asia are they?

asian girl

Newcastle mosque under attack – and the APP downplays it

On the 5th January 2012 this story appeared in the Newcastle Herald.

Newcastle Herald

Newcastle Herald 5th January 2012


There were many theories as to who committed the violence – some theories have pointed to local ratbag youths, some have blamed interstate hoods – an unlikely theory given the area’s poor public transport. Racist thickheads who cannot even find their own arses with both hands and a torch wouldn’t be too inclined to travel to Newcastle and journey to a quiet out-of-the-way suburb way off the railway line just to vandalise a mosque when there are juicier pickings for the dedicated xenophobe in Sydney or Melbourne.


Vandal 1Vandal 2

Vandal 4

Vandal 4


Predictably Xenophobe-in-Chief Darrin Hodges, eager for any media attention as his Facebook group micro-party subsides into irrelevancy, pipes up with his unwanted opinion right here

Australian Protectionist Party spokesman Darrin Hodges said yesterday he believed many people were ‘‘concerned about what goes on inside’’ mosques, but the attackers ‘‘could just be local drunks’’..

‘‘I’m a bit suspicious about all that,’’ Mr Hodges said.

‘‘It doesn’t mean they’re doing it because it’s a mosque.’’

The party’s Sydney-based organiser, Nick Folkes, said debate about a mosque proposal at Elermore Vale had created interest in the party.

‘‘We definitely had a lot of people wanting to know what we were about,’’ he said.

So this apparently explains the huge turnout at the APP’s anti-Muslim demo at Civic Park in 2010.

Newcastle APP demo

Thousands of Novocastrians don't turn up at the APP rally.

Don’t worry we have plenty of links showing exactly what the APP is all about.

So Nicky, where’s your disavowal of hate politics? Where’s your concern for the scared women and kids who were inside the building?

And where’s Nathan Smith? We thought he was your main mosque man in Newcastle.

Nathan Smith

And by the way, you really don’t have to worry about info getting out about your party either. It’s already out there. By the bucketload.


Yet Another Epic Fail: “It’s A Cowardly Racist Who Hides Behind Cars.”

and all the links therein.