Facebook supports misogynist killers – and their cheerleaders

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From the Department of Why are we not surprised

Destroy the Joint is not surprised either



Scores of people on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in  The Guardian, complained.




Some of the responses in The Guardian

…”The page itself may have been created specifically to provoke”…

I’m sure it was and the person responsible is obviously a complete tosser.


Why won’t facebook listen to it’s users and enforce it’s Rights And Responsibilities code? It shouldn’t take a newspapers involvement to bring about the removal of the page.
This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Seems as if their conscience is only pricked when bad publicity comes calling.

How many hate pages are still up on Facebook despite thousands of reports?

I reported it as well.
Might have to post to the page, including a photo of a nipple. That might get FB to act.

Facebook has a weirdly warped concept of “Community Standards”. One wonders what loony “community” they reference.

The First Amendment does not apply to Facebook having to give a platform to people. The person who claimed it did is either lying or very stupid.

Someone needs to tell Facebook that. Do they think that anti-social entities like racists, bigots and killers and their supporters are more likely to click on their shonky sponsors’ ads?

What the fuck is Facebook’s problem? How can it possibly defend hosting a tribute page to a murdering psychopath? I’m all for defending free speech. But when it becomes a platform for bigotry, and rabid sexist bilge it is no longer a champion it is a symptom of the murderous social malaise besetting America.

I’m glad its taken the page down but the fact it did so under protest I find revolting. Especially when it will delete a pic of a woman breastfeeding with gusto.

Facebook has very disturbing issues it needs to address. Get some therapy.

One wonders indeed at the intelligence and mental health of people at Facebook.

The fact that one individual could target women is terrible, but I would not jump to the conclusion because of E Rodgers that misogynistic thinking is now the norm in western culture. However what is truly terrifying is Facebook’s continuing failure to remove sites glorifying violence against women. What does this say about our society? …They haven’t even got the decency to have a proper customer complaints department and show complete arrogant contempt for their users. .. Apparently there is still a site showing a young girl being gang raped which they refuse to take down. What really goes through their minds? Why have we allowed internet based corporations to operate outside normal boundaries? The press, TV, cinema and Advertising outlets all have to operate within codes so why do we think that the internet is different? There is no effective age restriction either;all this is available to children.This is not freedom of speech but oppression, terror and incitement of hatred. It needs an international government response.

Rape sites which can be seen by children – that’s Facebook for you