Dumb, drunk racist loses his keys, blames Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis

So you’ve had too much to drink, and you’re on your way home.  In your drunken state, you drop your keys on the tracks of a very busy station platform, with trains coming and going regularly.  You ask staff to retrieve them for you, and it seems you may be in for a wait, because of the trains.  You were drunk and you dropped your keys, so this is essentially your own doing.  You may be annoyed, but realise it’s your own fault.

Unless you’re this guy, which means you’re a fuckwit.

So instead, you blame the fact you dropped your keys on train tracks on Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.  Somehow, it’s their fault.  It’s also somehow their fault that you don’t have a good enough job, because they stole it by… I don’t know, taking a job as a CityRail employee who is unfortunate enough to have to work a shift where drunk asshats are catching trains.  You verbally abuse one staff member, along with generally making abusive, racist comments directed at anyone who isn’t white.  When a fellow commuter happens to ask you to calm down and tries to talk to you rationally about why what you’re saying is disrespectful and ridiculous, you get frustrated.  You stand up and tower over him as he sits.  You get in his face.  You yell, you rant.  You push his shoulder.  You call him a geek.  You tell him he needs to stand up for himself because you’re verbally abusing and pushing him the non-white people took your job.  Or something.

As a supreme example of the ‘master race’, you stagger around and display your shiny white arse crack to the world as a confirmation of your alpha male status.  Because you are a fuckwit, you think this is acceptable.

Seems legit.


Nutzis in Love Part 2

Again we have left the worst(?) till last.

3. Christopher John Merrett, Chris Merrett, CJ Merrett alias “Ralph Ball”, “Lizzy Dolphin”, “Frank Stawiarski, “gippy 257” etc. etc.

Anyone who has been posting regularly here will unfortunately know Ferret Merrett. Centrelink client, matrophobe, cyber-bully, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, misogynist, known to police, convicted felon – of such stuff are our enemies made.

But even Nature’s junkpile needs a root occasionally. So take a look at Ferret’s MSN profile.

Looks like he’s looking for someone to share his truly sad lifestyle with him. In fact he even found time to post his thoughts on marriage, his qualifications being he has at least one failed set of nuptials, with the former missus thankful no doubt she had dodged a bullet. Hopefully only a metaphorical one.

Merrett on marriage

Looks like a cut-and-paste to us from this maestro of manufactured personas.

It seems as if some time in the last couple of years Ferret may have got together with someone. Check out this profile.

Merrett finds love

Regular Facebook users will know the lovely Ms Wassenaar, from Murray Bridge, South Australia. You can follow her less-than-illustrious career through the turgid swamp that is far right politics in Oz by clicking on her name in the tag cloud.

Sami Jo last we heard was a trusted comrade of Pathetic Party leader Darrin Hodges and had some official capacity in the APP. Daz, who is paranoid to the max about his Facebook groups, having had a few snatched from him in the past, made her admin of at least one. Rather surprising given her association with a loud and proud anti-Semite, but maybe Daz, who has been cultivating his relationship with the Jews to avoid the fate of Frederick Toben increase his vote, chose to ignore it.

Or maybe he didn’t know? Well he will now.

This conversation with someone on a Facebook group page apparently run by Ferret is most revealing. We have disguised the identity of the other person, who has nothing to do with this post.


Sounds like she’s really hooked there. However, all this was some time back, and since Ferret loves this blog so much he visits every day, we’d really like to hear his version… or is there something he doesn’t want us to know? Are they still an item?

In that case we’d like to hear the truth.

Southern Cross Soldiers: PLEASE Believe Us! We Aren’t Racist!

The Southern Cross Soldiers have hit the headlines once again. This time they are heading an article about racism on Facebook. Surely racism on social media doesn’t exist in Australia. Right?

Okay a few questions for you Cheyne Haartsen:

1. Who are you protecting Australia from, and how?

2. How do you intend on halting immigration in the future?

3. How do you suggest you will rid Australia of Islam?

4. Are you and the Southern Cross Soldiers racists?

5. How can you pretend to be in a position of moral upstanding when several of your members have served time behind bars?

More on the Southern Cross Soldiers here.

Thank God the Cheyne Haartsen, Mathew Green, Bradley Haartsen and their SCS are fighting for, um, against… Um? Well they’re wearing a lot of black, saluting Hitler’s Nazis, advertising motorcycle and alcoholic brands and holding prohibited weapons. Breathe easy Australians, these guys are protecting us from, ah, um…. What?

Meh fuck it.

A lot of alcohol worshiping coupled with slogans like ‘fuck off we’re full’ and ‘love it or leave it’. Nah not racist, bogan, drunken fucktards at all.

Nothin’ racist about ‘fuck the Lebs’. Can’t believe the SCS got a negative write up from the media.

Hitler loved hanging around with shirtless young boys too. You guys are on the right path. SCS ’til I die motherfucker!

I’m pretty sure there’s a similar pic of Layne Beachley around somewhere. Although, possibly without the motorcycle helmet and extended middle finger.

*Sigh* what a tiring day kicking shit and whinging about my life. Time to sit on my couch and drag my sweaty back all over the Aussie flag while wearing a Freddy mask and drinking a VB longneck.

Okay Rhys Connelly – will definitely ensure that I don’t recommend Galston Service Centre! Would hate to think that you guys are just sitting back drinking beers for every non-white Australian that tries to get a pink slip from you.

Not-so-classy Paul Watts

Classy Paul Watts

We’re not impressed either. In Australia as an immigrant you are supposed to respect our way of life, or so the bogots tell us.

Guess that means you can send abusive messages to a 74-year-old woman because you don’t like what her kid posts?

Classy eh?

Classy Paul Watts2

Obviously too ugly to use his own picture, Paul Watts is using UFC star Tim Sylvia’s picture as his profile pic.

More class

You will also note that Paul’s idea of class is to join up with as many hate groups as his limited intelligence can manage, get into the adult sex club scene, listen to hate music and to post abusive messages on an Aussie  tennis star’s Facebook pages.

A real class act this one. Maybe his mates Daniel Ahrens and Allan Ellison can lend him the fare home.

Why don’t you just fuck off back to England – we’re full!!

Chris Merrett Provides Actual Footage of Terrorists in Australia! MUST WATCH

Remember this guy?

We are talking about All-Muslims-Gassed-by-2014 Christopher John Merrett of course. Nazi lovin’ faux Australian.

Good news! Chris has been very busy preparing some videos and photos for us, but in particular this absolute gem where he gallantly identifies terrorists in West Sunshine, Victoria and more importantly interrupts their terrorist activity (filling their car tyres with air) by whispering quietly into his mobile phone while filming the head terrorist going inside the service station to pay for petrol.

No need to contact ASIO though, he’s already sent it to them:

*NOTE: Scaredy-cat has removed the YouTube channel.

If you’d like to thank him in person, he will be here:

Case Number: B12225676
Case Date: 16 Mar 2012. 09:30 AM
Prosecuting Agency: Victoria Police
Informant: Morgan, K
Accused: Merrett, Christopher John
Accused Representative firm name: Not Represented
Hearing Type: Committal
Prosecutor Representative Name: Not Represented
Location: Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Here he is, illegally filming a sleeping girl’s breasts while he rides the bus:

Chris introduces himself and offers to take requests for topics to talk about:

Now look at his mad skillz – on the side of a building this time FTW!

Don’t quit your day job Christopher.
Hmm wait.
On second thoughts, don’t get one.

Google gippy257 and you’ll find a handy collection of all his video comments. But most entertaining of all, you’ll discover his amazing YouTube channel – 32 videos uploaded so far! Keep going Chris! You’ll get over 100 views soon!

Chris (pictured here with Kate Winslet) proudly takes the Australian population onto a sinking ship of embarrassment:

When society rejects you, simply start your own country!

Pedophile EDL Administrator Defended By Braindead EDL Minions

The behaviour of racists and the far right white nationalist neo-Nazis has never been exemplary. Not only are they out and proud discriminators, happy to push propaganda and opinion over facts and intelligence in the name of ‘freedom of speech’, but they’ve historically always been involved in stalking, harassing, intimidating, threatening abusing and assaulting anti-discrimination activists who in their right are expressing their freedom of speech – the freedom to publicly speak out and oppose discrimination. The further right, the further supremacist that they are, the more violent and abusive they generally are.

But now we see that they’ve reached a new low.

It seems that the EDL (English Defense League) has a long list of sex offenders and messing in the ranks but it doesn’t seem to bother them. In fact, convicted pedophile Richard Price remains as an administrator at the main EDL Facebook page.

See article below:

Source: The Times (paywalled)

Verbatim: Copy & Redistribute.

A leader of the English Defence League who was described as a “political prisoner” after being jailed for violence at a march had already been placed on the sex offenders register for downloading indecent images of children, The Times can reveal.

The far-right group launched a campaign to free Richard Price, co-ordinator of the West Midlands division of the EDL, after he was jailed last month for violent behaviour. But Price, 41, had been convicted in June 2010 of making four indecent images of children, and possessing cocaine and crack cocaine.

That conviction followed an earlier arrest in 2009 for public order offences believed to have been connected with EDL marches. Police were understood to have seized and analysed his computer, leading to the discovery of sexual images of children that he had downloaded. His home was also searched and the drugs were found.

Price admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and two charges of possessing cocaine when he appeared at Birmingham Crown Court. He was banned from owning a computer for a year, given a three-year community supervision order and ordered to sign on to the sex offenders register for five years.

Price, from Quinton, Birmingham, and Collum Keyes, 23, also from Birmingham, were among 12 people arrested when they surged through police lines during a protest in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in May 2010.

When that case came to court in December, Price admitted using threatening behaviour. He was jailed for three months and given a ten-year Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order banning him from attending marches outside Birmingham. Keyes, who admitted disorderly conduct, was fined £150.

When Price was jailed, EDL members launched a campaign urging supporters to write to the Prime Minister and MPs to try to “win justice for Richard Price, EDL”.

The Aston Villa supporter, who has also been linked to football hooliganism, was even likened by his supporters to a modern-day John Bunyan, the Puritan Christian preacher and author of Pilgrim’s Progress who was jailed for continuing his sermons without the permission of the established Church in the 1600s.

But today’s revelation that one of the EDL’s leading members has been convicted of sex offences will come as a huge embarrassment to a group that has struggled to shrug off its reputation as a new version of the National Front.

In recent months, particularly following the political demise of the British National Party, the EDL has begun to attract more support. Its leader, who had previously used the alias Tommy Robinson, was traced by The Times and gave his first interview using his real name.

Stephen Lennon has vehemently denied that the group he started in Luton, Bedfordshire, is racist, saying that it has even set up a gay and lesbian division and given a prominent role to a Sikh supporter opposed to Islamic extremists.

Supporters of the EDL had claimed that Price became a political prisoner after he, along with Keyes, was banned from organising, controlling or travelling to any open-air protest outside Birmingham for ten years.

It was the first time a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order, sought by Thames Valley Police in conjunction with the National Domestic Extremism Unit, had been issued to a demonstrator connected to the EDL.

Last month, a database of EDL supporters was published on the internet. Hackers had attacked the group’s database of those who had made donations to the EDL and people who had bought clothing from its merchandise wing.


Follow the EDL antics on Facebook here.

Follow theantibogan on Facebook here.

Check out the EDL sex offenders hall of shame here.


Little White Clown Hodges Continues With Self-Image Sabotage

Darrin responds to calls for a right-wing neo-nazi gunman to chuck a ‘breivik’ to ‘take back’ Sydney suburbs with a truly political and diplomatic answer.

Shortly after showing yet more support for Anders Breivik and his actions, Hodges is at it again, this time calling for all Muslims to be deported from Australia, regardless of country of origin, background, criminal history or contribution to our country. He negatively generalises all Australian Muslims as being bomb-carrying, burqa wearing filthy murders. He’s certainly a radical Islamist’s wet dream. Needed a reason to hate Australians? Darrin Hodges.

Yes Darrin, ask 50% of our population to leave. The 50% that was either born overseas or has family that were born overseas. Keep Australia white indeed. Let’s take a look at how beautiful the white-as-snow Darrin Hodges is, and how he enhances the gene pool here in Australia:

(Note: is it time for Darrin to buy some more ties?)