Neo-Nazi “Jay” and his dummy spit

Online Opinion is in its own words “a not-for-profit e-journal that aims to provide a forum for public social and political debate about current Australian issues. We publish articles to stimulate a public discourse on a range of topics.”

A recent article by journalist Alan Austin discussed the proposed amendments to a range of Commonwealth anti-discrimination laws. These amendments are designed to consolidate several pieces of existing legislation and to simplify the process of making complaints under this legislation.

What the release of the draft legislation is designed to do is to enable discussion by members of the public, advocacy groups and the legal profession.

So it was not surprising to see that a range of bottom-feeders had manage to lurch and slither over from their usual haunts

Racists, bigots, white supremacists, Andrew Bolt fans…

Let’s take a look at one of them – a full-blown neo-Nazi, no doubt amazed at actually getting to post in a mainstream web forum read by real people.

Nice change from Scumfront.


His ethnic group? Neo-Nazi is not an ethnic group.

And what a procession of racist losers he cites. Every one of them deserves every expression of loathing which comes their way.

This is what “Jay” and his kind do not get. No-one who is either sane or normal would embrace the loathsomeness of race hatred and white supremacy.

And what “Jay” and his kind need to learn now is that he speaks only for himself and his daft friends. He does not and never will speak for us.


“Anti-racists who look like me”? Jeez we hope not…

Oh noooooes!!!


Oh look we upset “Jay” and got a mention! Nice to see we are doing the right thing.

Oh, and that vdare place? If you’ve seen Scumfront then vdare is that site’s mutant little brother.



The APP grapples sweatily with same-sex marriage

On very rare occasions the Australian Pathetic Protectionist Party moves away from vilifying Muslims and ponderously chews over other issues.

Failed serial political candidate Nicky Folkes is bursting with excitement about a new petition he has found to sign.

APP Gay Marriage

Leaving aside the fact that the Labor National Conference delegates are unlikely to take any notice of him and his micro-party and with  his newly-discovered aptitude for theology Nicky then breathlessly informs the masses that the PM is possessed by the devil. We hope he has let the Labor Party know.

But wait!  APP stalwart Anna Dean dares to disagree with Nicky. Not only does she dare to disagree with Nicky she makes an intelligent observation while doing so.

Sadly this amazing event lasts a mere nanosecond as Christian soldier Harry Grech wades in, tells Anna to shut up  and treats fellow party members to his deeply intimate knowledge of same sex relationships.

In fact the only concession to compassion Harry the Hero will make is that he wants little kids to stop getting their heads twisted – something they have no doubt learnt from the APP.

APP Gay Marriage 3

Speaking of twisted heads, let’s go back to Nicky. After making a blanket statement about the Liberal Party which is not quite true (a controlling faction of the party is against same sex marriage, its leader has confessed he is “scared” of gays, but a considerable number of individual Coalition politicians are not), in order to maintain control  he then asks Anna a completely pointless question. Nicky then conflates same sex marriage with “the destruction of the family unit” and of course drags in his favourite political scapegoats, the Greens.

And Nicky, by the way we happen to think that a compassionate, decent, intelligent and tolerant Bob Brown would be a much better father to anyone’s kids than would just about any member of an intolerant racist misogynist white exceptionalist party like the Pathetics.

But there’s more. Enter the APP’s own sexpert Bec Atkins, accompanied by Dirty Harry, to add their 5c worth of mythology.

Bec is rather keen on this “species furthering” stuff. Maybe she’s trying to get a one-woman membership drive going for the Pathetics?  Maybe Bec should take up dog-breeding?

Nick Folkes chimes in

Err…hate to tell you this Nicky but “marriage” is not thousands of years old – not for the general population. Women (and to some extent men) were barter objects used by wealthy and/or powerful parents to cement alliances, ensure dynastic continuity and safeguard financial and property assets. People of the non-monied classes simply co-habited with the person they chose, or in the case of poor women, were abducted, or in the case of slave women, were often made part of a wealthy man’s harem. Their fates are not recorded.

APP Gay Marriage 5

Now grizzled veteran Jean Gilmour enters the fray. Jodie Smith is another one who is offering intelligent and reasoned opinions and Jean is here to put a stop to all that nonsense.

Then having put that unruly gel in her place, Jean climbs her personal Mt Sinai, assumes prophetic mode and declaims

God's law

 Imagine, a far right misogynist homophobic party with absolutist religious foundations. Do the Pathetics have a real Hizbollah thing happening there?

Yet More Amusement from the Bogots

Spring is in the air and along with the warmer weather the overheated brains of the bogots creak and splutter into action mode.

A wriggling handful of bogot larvae aged around 7 discuss TV superheroes….oh wait…

Arrested development

Now if these little tykes want a home-grown hero they need go no further than Queensland’s (and Texas’s own) dual citizen, ultra-conservative cowpoke and wearer of hats to rival Bob Katter’s, Colonel Wyatt Wharton.

Yes folks, Wart is a gennooine Dixie Colonel – of a Confederate re-enactment group located in the good ole USA. And we all know what happened to the Confederates now, don’t we?


Colonel Wart surrenders to the Antibogans

Tell you what if we were Jackie or Tom or John we’d be trembling in our boots as Big Wart relentlessly rides the range trackin’ down them thar varmints and keepin’ Laura Norder north of the Rio Grande Tweed.. Yee-ha!!

Wyatt the wart

Meanwhile back in Straya, True Blue Aussieboy, as distinct from that ole Woolloomooloo Yank Wyatt, is fretting about a world wide takeover that has left him totally incoherent, not to mention illiterate.

True Blue Aussie

Now what can it be? Extra-terrestrial aliens? Feral insects? Rupert Murdoch?

No, it seems to be a “Muslame”. They must be scary indeed if they can achieve world domination using only one person from within the dull bureaucratic fortress of DIAC. Chris Bowen needs to be told!


Now here’s another muppet presumably fearing the same dastardly “Muslame”.

stop islam

“People who live in australian (sic)” again raises the spectre of alien life forms taking over our bodies. They may want to “100% live and wish to live like australians (sic)” but they cannot be trusted. They might be “Muslame”. Or fake Americans even. But that’s OK. All the fake cowboys can go to Arabia and live in “there sand huts (sic)”

Trudging down the tired old path of white exceptionalism comes a two-headed creature called “Spike Heavens Angel”.


Now we are not sure which country it is in, but we are fairly sure that Australia has never been a “white country”. Nor have our near neighbours, New Zealand, PNG and Indonesia, nor any countries to the north, east and west.

Oh wait a minute. There is a land to the south of us, and it is pretty much white most of the year…except for the penguins, whales and seals. Damn their variegated hides!


A white-only (well almost) land

We look forward to waving goodbye to Spike as it sails into the south, both heads bobbing.