Election special No.4 – Teresa van Lieshout “They can’t win without me, because I am one of the smartest people in this country.”

1. The little engine that (thought it) could

We must give serial far right candidate Teresa van Lieshout full marks for persistence. And having checked out the background material, that is all we would do.

2. It’s my party (and I’ll cry if I want to)



3. You don’t own me


Dumped WA candidate says Clive Palmer is promoting human trafficking


Educator and author Teresa van Lieshout will contest the Labor-held seat of Fremantle. Picture: Supplied Source: PerthNow

THE WA candidate dumped by Clive Palmer’s party says the billionaire is promoting human trafficking

FALL OUT: Mr Palmer labelled Ms van Lieshout an “opportunist”. Source: The Courier-Mail

with his idea to fly asylum seekers to Australia.

Education consultant Teresa van Lieshout was endorsed by the Palmer United Party as a candidate for the federal seat of Fremantle last month, but was dumped less than two weeks later.

Mr Palmer labelled Ms van Lieshout an “opportunist”, after previously backing her on the same day he met her.
In reply, via YouTube, Ms van Lieshout said Mr Palmer’s radical idea to allow asylum seekers to fly to Australia was akin to promoting human trafficking.

“Their asylum seeker policy is garbage because he wants to fly people in – which means Clive Palmer is really engaging in human trafficking,” Ms van Lieshout said.

“What they did to me was very nasty, very dishonest and very evil.

“They can’t win without me, because I am one of the smartest people in this country.”

The devoutly religious Ms van Lieshout will now stand for the far-right Australian Protectionist Party (APP), whose policies include a zero-net immigration policy, saying migrants should be “sourced primarily from traditional sources such as Europe and Britain”.

“That is to enable a homogeneous society where we can all live in harmony, free from the ethnic and racial strife caused by social-engineering experiments like multiculturalism,” the APP says on its website.

Ms van Lieshout said protectionist politicians demonstrated “strong determination, moral fortitude, vision, community ethos and worked tirelessly for the advancement of Australian culture, interests, and society”.

The APP said it intended to contest all 15 federal electorates in WA.


4. Fools Rush In (now with no added Niqi)


Here’s some of Teresa’s selfies.

They’re all too long to post  up.

We prefer the 60s hits anyway. Way more forward-looking than Teresa’s far right politics.