Australian Flag Represents Other Country

The Australian flag debate was recently re-opened by Ray Martin and the ‘60 Minutes’ current affairs television show. Ray and his team of producers received piles of hate mail and death threats. What happened to freedom of speech? Most of the people writing these letters of hate mail and death threats were the kind of people who advocated freedom of speech in order to vilify people based on their race/religion/culture. Double standards?

Read the transcript of the story that went to air:

Vera is very angered that the Australian flag should acknowledge our cultural diversity and our Indigenous heritage – this outrages her completely. “…they want out flag to represent other countries…”. Well, Vera, that’s not what flag-change advocates want at all. They want a flag that represents the true picture of modern Australia, and a flag that allows us to stand as our own independent country. One in four Australians were born overseas. One in two Australians has foreign roots.

Take a look at Vera’s last name – hardly an Aussie name – or is it? Either way, Vera is unable to recognise that the Union Jack represents another country, and that the Southern Cross is something shared by half of the world. In fact, the Southern Cross appears on the following flags:

New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Presidential Standard of Brazil
Queen’s Personal New Zealand Flag
East New Britain
New Ireland Province
Simbu Papua New Guinea Province
Western Province
West New Britain
Magallanes Region, Chile
Tierra del Fuego
South Atlantic Islands
Olympic flag of Australasia
Flag of the Ross Dependency

That doesn’t include state flags. Hardly exclusive.

And as for having another country owning a quarter of our flag with their national flag – doesn’t this seem silly to anyone else?