Who’s Going to Clean Up the Internet?

You know who’ll eventually “clean up the internet”?

It won’t be the government, it certainly won’t be users themselves, it’ll be your boss.

Sooner or later, your future employer will simply say at your job interview: “Please log on to your Facebook/Twitter page” (or whatever site has gained traction at that time).

And then god help you if you’re ranting about “whores”, “abos” or “towel-heads” and have pictures of yourself with flaming toilet paper stuck up your bum …

The managing director of a major online communications company says the first thing she does when vetting potential employees is to Google them.

“I track down their Facebook page and if they’re stupid enough to have it set to public, I check the pictures, read the comments and within five minutes I’ve got an idea who I’m dealing with.

“I can’t tell you how many applications I’ve passed on because of things they’ve said on Twitter or photos posted on Facebook. I understand people have opinions and a social life, but if they lack discretion there, it will surely translate to the workplace,” she said.

Someone old and wise once wrote “what other people think about you is none of your business” and though it’s a worthy sentiment, I’m certain the author didn’t live in the internet age.

If you think your boss or a racial group is unappealing, it really is none of their business if you keep that opinion within the confines of your head, what writer David Foster Wallace once described as our “skull-sized kingdoms”.

However, if you shout that same opinion at a work Christmas party, it does become your boss’s business. If you scream racist sentiments at a protest march, it can become a police matter.

This is why most people stay silent – while sober – because we don’t want to be punched, berated, jailed, fired or socially isolated for airing assumptions, prejudices, jealousies or disdain for others.

It’s how life works; it’s called being held accountable for your opinions.

This is exactly what happened last month to Gold Coast man Jason Dowling when he lost his job on the Hinze Dam Project managed by Thiess Pty Ltd, after admitting to posting offensive remarks on Facebook.

Following a tip-off by a member of the public, it was revealed Dowling had made hateful comments directed at Aboriginal people, Muslims, refugees and women as well as derogatory statements about co-workers.

Dowling’s handiwork came to light, in part, because of the website: theantibogan.wordpress.com, where Aussie internet users’ comments on sites such as Facebook are being captured via screenshots and displayed forever after.

You’ve got to visit the anti-bogan site to believe some of the racist vileness that springs forth from our countrymen, up to five of whom have now lost their jobs after being showcased.

Founder Michael, who asked not to be further identified because of the many threats he’s already received, told me: “It was never our intention to make people lose their livelihoods, we do not contact employers. The anti-bogan doesn’t serve as police, we’re not vigilantes, we just highlight what’s being said.

“People have the right to keep their private and work lives separate. Having said that, the vast majority of the screenshots we collect are of hateful comments on public Facebook group and fan pages,” he said.

Bizarrely, when the perpetrators are featured on the anti-bogan site, many pull out the “I was just talking to friends line” confusing a chat with a mate and screaming abuse in front of 50, 100 up to thousands of people.

What these idiots are learning is that, contrary to what many pundits have claimed, the internet has not meant the death of the written word, it’s made it more powerful, creating an enduring social artefact of our sometimes silliest moments and musings.

As US sports columnist Bill Simmons has written: “In 15 years, writing has gone from ‘reflecting on what happened and putting together some coherent thoughts’ to ‘reflecting on what happened as quickly as possible’ to ‘reflecting on what’s happening as it’s happening’ to ‘here are my half-baked thoughts about absolutely anything’.”

And while many in authority are worried about the implications of this, particularly when it comes to defamation, a list of people as diverse as Stephanie Rice, Catherine Deveny, Shane Warne, Spida Everitt and Jason Dowling have found that if you’re not careful, you might end up defaming yourself.



TheAntiBogan = Unemployed Bleeding Heart Lefties?


Well it certainly looks as though we are making some waves. The bogans are paying attention. Jumping to conclusions, getting confused and worried about the origins of our posts, messaging each other and acting concerned about our apparent support for terrorism. Because highlighting the negative connotations of racism and supporting the fair and equal treatment of all citizens in our country and worldwide is somehow pro-terrorism and racist in itself – apparently.

The funniest part about this cousin fucker’s rant is not his bravado in falsely linking the authors of this blog to a Facebook group that happens to support our work, but his rant about University graduates being dole bludgers incapable of holding down full time or part time jobs.

Statistics taken from the Graduate Careers Australia’s survey, ‘Beyond Graduation’, state that 100% of University graduates are available for full time or part time work. 87% of University graduates are engaged in full time employment, and 11% are in part time employment. A total of 98% of University graduates are employed, and 2% are unemployed, some by choice.




“The sustained loss of jobs in the production of goods has lead to a major decline in job opportunities for men who have only modest levels of formal education.”


“Education is a major factor in influencing employability. An international forum on youth unemployment concluded that barriers to education, a lack of appropriate education and a mismatch between skills gained through education and job opportunities are contributing factors to youth unemployment. The OECD maintains that the high rates of youth unemployment can be largely attributed to the fact that numerous young people leave school without the skills needed to enter employment. An International Adult Literacy Survey also found ‘employment and unemployment are strongly related to levels of literacy proficiency’. And while internationally Australia is competitive in regard to the proportion of students achieving a high level of literacy (18 per cent of 15 year olds read at the highest level), it falls behind in regard to reducing the proportion of students with low literacy levels (12 per cent of all 15 year olds remained at the lowest level). The effects of education on employment outcomes for Australian youth will be further highlighted in the section below.”


So anyway, now that Matt Dobson looks like a bigger fuckwit than first thought possible, it’s time for us to get back to being ‘unemployable’ ‘racists’:

Revel in the immaturity and stupidity of this halfwit. He has the nerve to call authors and contributors of this site childish and racist. He represents a racist ‘political party’ that failed to attract 0.1% of Australian public support in the most recent Federal election. He strongly opposes Islam partly because of its treatment of women and homosexuals, yet represents a ‘political party’ that stands strongly against same-sex marriage, adoption rights for same-sex parents and government funding for homosexual groups. He claims to be all knowing, mature and anti-racist.












Go ahead bogans. Come to our site and stand up for the comments that you’ve publicly put into the online world. Defend them and stop complaining about us making comments that you already made public available to a more intelligent and critical audience.

Go ahead bogans. Tell us how we’re racist. Tell us how the comments featured on this website aren’t racist.


The Antibogan Is (still) Racist…

“…if you don’t stand up and be counted in the things that concern you in life, well you might as well blow your head off.”

The old guy has a point actually. In fact, that’s exactly what theantibogan does. It recognises that there are problems with racism in this country, and seeks to expose them and devalue their ideas. Within the walls of theantibogan, we find a minority of Australians who:

  • Call for violence and murder of people fleeing persecution;
  • Denounce people of non-white origin;
  • Denounce homosexuals;
  • Denounce disabled people and their carers.

Paul isn’t the first person to go down the path of calling theantibogan authors racist, because they refer to ‘bogans’ as though they are a race. Bogans sadly don’t even qualify as a culture: this is something that they lack. Bogans may distantly pass as a religion, however, as bogans are ‘anti’ many things, including non-Anglo citizens, homosexuals, environmentalists and disabled people. The bogan isn’t representative of the white-Anglo race, as the majority of people posting here, and authoring the posts are in fact, white Anglo Australians, sick of being embarrassed by the comments and actions of other white Anglo Australians.

Finally, Hobo Toohey signs off with “…[the antibogan are] against poor defenseless (sic) bogans that are not out to hurt anybody.”. Perhaps he should read over the archives of theantibogan, in particular the post ‘Shameful, Inhumane Australians’. Of course, his interpretation will be that we are referring to ALL Australians. But anyone with an IQ of more than 40 will realise that we are referring to a deeply disturbed, vocal minority.