“Our gov is to (sic) gutless to throw them out”

Samantha Mitchell capslock

Because everyone knows if you use CAPSLOCK everyone will take notice right?

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Cost of detention? $113,000 per asylum seeker

The cost of detaining asylum seekers only — that is, removing costs for deterrence and anti-people smuggling activities — totals just over $2b since 2000. During that period, just over 18,000 people have arrived by boat. That means taxpayers have spent about $113,000 simply to detain each asylum seeker, on average, across the period. Our obsession with detention comes with with a big price tag.

Shameful Inhumane Australians

Myth 8 – If We Let Them In, They’ll Take Our Benefits

Fact: A common misconception is that refugees arriving in Australia will ‘steal’ the entitlements of Australians. The reality is that refugees, like migrants, create demand for goods and services, thus stimulating the economy and generating growth and employment. A recent UCLA study has shown that unauthorised immigration boosts the US economy by $800 billion per year.

The Big List of Reasons Why You’re Wrong About Asylum Seekers

5. Well, they won’t work, they’ll just sit on welfare and drain our resources.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this has happened, or will happen. There will be some, as there are in our own ‘culture’ where your cousin Ted spends too much time gurgling bong water and adjusting his crotch throughout the day.


Asylum Seekers: The Myths are getting Bigger

Circle Jerk

TAB does not watch a great deal of ordinary TV. We have lives and a blog to maintain. So we are very selective in our viewing.

Bored as we are with the dumb outbursts of minor tabloid TV celebs, we have been waiting for an intelligent and succinct report on this particular incident and Tory Maguire of The Punch seems to have come to our rescue.

When you apologise

Exactly. Then Maguire continues

Circle jerk


And that should be the end of the matter. A fine soldier, alleged good bloke and VC winner was the subject of  idiotic comments by a couple of minor TV presenters on a low-rating gossip show. Apologies were given when the story hit the media.

Except that the whole incident grabbed the unwanted attentions of the Facebook rabble, specifically this crew.

Here’s Facebook woman-hater and rape advocate Trevor George

Trevor George

Trev gets mildly admonished by his unnamed female friend. And we are pretty damn sure that Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith is not particularly interested in fighting for Trev’s preferred way of life.

But Trev, like most of his kind, cannot shut up. In fact he heads over to Yumi Stynes’ Facebook page and lets fly – presumably like a rool man would…

Trevor George 2

We are sure after this loud and public declaration that Trev is going to attract a large following of female admirers.

Trevor George3

It’s clear to us that The Circle isn’t the only place you find jerks.