The Latest Round of Home Grown Aussie Nazism

Yeah, this blog is about re-publishing what people publicly (ie. willfully inviting the world to read/view) put into the public sphere (note: by themselves – not at the hands of stalkers)- while using their names, photos and employment details as verification that they are indeed real people   real fuckstickians. So while we present to you SimmonS2679 and his non-comprehensible ‘sieg-heil’ rant (see 0:28 for lolz), we won’t give you his real name, as he has gone to the effort of keeping his name out of it while sitting in a dark and stanky bomb shelter (perhaps his living room?) while wearing aviator sunglasses and a C18/SS military cap as he presents his opinions.

But here are some other nazi bogots, who have shared a little more on public Facebook pages and open profiles.

Fucktardery at its shonkiest.

Editor’s note: Homophobia and Nazism once again proved to be bedfellows.

Note: theantibogans apparently mooch off Centrelink (see Nathan Townsend’s comment on Joseph Adams aka Tommy Cor’s post):

And theantibogans are also all Nazis. But these featured guys aren’t.

Chris Likes Snapping Indians’ Necks

No reason given whatsoever as to why Chris wants to snap Indian people’s necks other than they ‘aint (sic) got no (sic) fucken ballls (sic)’.

Is this our way of life, Jason? Breaking people’s necks because of their skin colour? If that’s the case there would be very few people willing to respect the Aussie way of life.

Of course, we know this isn’t the Aussie way of life, it’s just the only way of life known to people like Jason, Chris, Andy and Andrew.