there is Asians every wear

Playing ‘Spot the Aussie’? Here are some things to look out for:

* Poor spelling and grammar;
* Deep intolerance;
* Addiction to social media;
* Facebook profile picture containing dirt bike, alcohol brand, latest new-born, dog, hotted-up piece of shit car;
* Happy to express desire to kill non-white people.

Of course – not all Australians display these characteristics, but the people below would definitely identify such traits as exclusively Australian.


Bogans Love Playing ‘Spot the Aussie’

What’s an Aussie to you, Aaron? John Symond was born in Australia and founded Aussie Home Loans. His parents were from Lebanon. He contributes more to society than you it seems. Huy Truong is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, founder and director of more than one multi-million dollar business. He is a Vietnamese refugee.

How come you were removed from Australian roads for 12 years? Is that how you contribute to society? Is a true Aussie a person who makes the road an unsafe place for the rest of us?

Aaron, it’s up to you whether you share it or not. Perhaps you have a completely valid reason for being off the roads for 12 years, and Sara is just joking when she asks if you’re driving ‘legally’ these days. However, what you have chosen to share with the entire world is your racist comment and that’s all that matters to us. Oh, and this public offering:

Spot the Aussie indeed.

But you must be proud of little sister Hayley, stepping up to defend your comment with her own unintelligent take on Australian society:

*Hard working, Aussie battler Hayley Shipley. Born into the cycle of despair of free education, free health and dental care, social and financial security and access to food, water and shelter, provided by parents who aren’t oppressed by power hungry dictators.

New game: Spot the Racist Dope

Aaron Shipley