Brandon Schmidt: “Indian dogs…deserve to put their own face in a deep fryer”

Meanwhile in the city of churches…


Here’s a picture of Brandon enjoying a couple of bottles of what looks like bourbon – the bogots’ tipple of choice. Nice car too, and the “L” plates remind us that there’s zero alcohol in South Australia for learner drivers.

We trust Brandon remembers this as he rips down past the speed-traps and the breathalysers on Main North Road or the Anzac Highway on his way to sort the Indians at his next burger outlet.


Ron Munro Publicly Calls for Killing of Prime Minister

“Truly, she needs shooting.”

By the way, this came courtesy of Andrew Bolt’s blog. He has deemed it appropriate for publication.

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Note that Wonnie is a proud supporter of the ragtag street thugs calling themselves the ADL.

Ron Munro

Wonnie wasn’t too happy with our previous Prime Minister either

Ron Munro

Fortunately for Australia the ADF (specifically the RAAF Airfield Defence Guard) have rid themselves of Wonnie but you can report threats to Commonwealth officials (including politicians) via this Australian Federal Police form.