‘Smelly Indian Cunts’ Say Australia Is Racist

Hi William. Yes we know you are a very proud Aussie. It seems that the ones that keep needing to remind us about how proud they are, are often the most intolerant ones going around.

So let’s get this straight. You will defend to the death that Australia is not a racist country, which is what ‘these fucking Indians’ are claiming. But then you go ahead and generalise the whole race as being ‘SMELLY CURRY CUNTS’. And then call for the deportation of all Sudanese people. So, while you’re making absolutely no attempt to mask your extreme racism, you try to say that Australians aren’t racist. As much as your argument has failed, you are actually right. Because there are people in Australia – a lot of us – who have no problem at all with Indian and Sudanese people.

People like you and Courtney are the minorities. You are bigots, so scared and insecure that you become the most vile scum on the planet while trying to shove your ‘pride’ down our throats.

Yes, some say you are a racist. We don’t have to ‘harden the fuck up’ at all. Your opinions are worth shit, and the way you express them is completely distasteful – not to mention illegal.