Sexual predator Beau Miller – “I don’t see what the big deal is about rape”

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OK we don’t usually feature Americans but this douche-bag deserves total contempt




Remember what happened to this (fictional) turd?



Maybe these rules should be tattooed onto this loser



Oppressed Majority: the film about a world run by women that went viral

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Eléonore Pourriat’s short film imagines how a man might experience a sexual assault in a matriarchal society. ‘I wanted it to be not so realistic but frightening,’ she says

Have you seen the film Oppressed Majority (Majorité Opprimée)? In less than a week since its director Eléonore Pourriat uploaded it to YouTube, the version with English subtitles has been watched over 2.3m times – and rising. The 10-minute film tells the story of Pierre, an ordinary guy, on an ordinary day, in an unnamed French town. But something is different in Pierre’s world. Women are in charge. They run around barechested – hey, it’s hot! – piss in an alley, and offer sexual favours to Pierre when he is stuck at a red light. (He’s riding a bike, so his lack of physical barriers provides an opportunity if not a provocation.) Events culminate when Pierre is sexually assaulted at knifepoint. Inevitably, the police officer who takes Pierre’s statement is female. She raises an eyebrow, but only to check for accuracy: “She pinched my testicles … then she took my penis in her mouth and bit it”?

Still from Oppressed Majority by Eléonore Pourriat

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Watch the movie here.

NB: Some nudity

Gunsmoke (and mirrors) on Twitter

Recent violent crimes, particularly those committed  against women, have excited the small but aspirational  gun-loving community. Take this exchange on Twitter for instance between two people we will call Gunna, who is a fervent gun fancier, and T, his target.


Now y’all just hang on a minute Gunna. Surely the maintenance of  liberty and protection primarily lies with the judiciary and the police.

And it is about feminism because in stranger rapes it is overwhelmingly women who are set upon and sexually assaulted by predatory men.

In fact Gunna’s desire to be able to own and carry weapons would not have done one thing to protect Jill Meagher from her attacker. But a better probation and parole system would have ensured a dangerous predator like Adrian Bayley was not allowed onto the streets.

Gunna’s attitude to women

Gunna was rather peeved with author and commentator Anne Summers after her appearance on the ABC’s Q&A.  So no doubt lovingly clutching his hard shiny weapon, he decided that the “remedy” for her was…you guessed it.


Gunna may care to note that Summers has lived happily with a man for over 20 years so does not require his advice. She does not require his advice anyway.

So Gunna STFU.

But then again Gunna does have his tools to play with.

Now here he is probing into T’s personal life. He suggests an online dating site, an activity with which he is obviously very familiar. That is usually what certain men on social media do when they are losing the argument.


When Nigella Lawson was allegedly assaulted by her husband Charles Saatchi

Gunna decided to put the Shadow Minister for Communications, a high-profile politician, barrister and millionaire, in his place.

After all Gunna is such a roaring success because he spends hours on Twitter, and is a renowned expert on women.


Hates refugees and asylum seekers


Capitalises on the tragic murder of Jill Meagher to score points


Gunna happily boast he is a former engineer, implies he is married, and states that he has represented Australia in shooting events.

We only have his word for all this.

He is also a climate change denier. Funny how all the far right obsessions seem to coalesce in him. Gun-lovers tend to be a bit like that. Just look at the Shooters & Fishers.

You can catch Gunna if you are really all that interested, or at his blog here

We think we know what ails him.

Nick Folkes flogs a dead stalking donkey


Fresh from his latest non-triumph as chief dumb majorette for the recent visit of the Netherlands’ own bland bumshell, Niqi “36 votes” Folkes, failed Prime Minister, also now known as “Geert-by-sea” in homage to his new peroxided hero, has swiftly positioned himself and his dead donkey onto the Laura Norder bandwagon. This  follows inflammatory remarks from some intemperate Opposition front-benchers about a recent sexual assault which took place in university accommodation.

Never one to allow facts, the judicial process or compassion for a victim of crime to stand in the way of a publicity stunt, Niqi and his handful of pathetic rag-tag followers aim to turn up at Macquarie University to yell and wave signs at the students and staff there, thus achieving….umm….


Now we are sure that most people are concerned and outraged by the alleged sexual assault. There is no doubt that violence against women is a serious problem in Australia, and such violence is massively unreported despite reforms to legal processes because victims often are apprehensive of the legal process itself, and for good reason.

Surprising though it may seem (or maybe not) there is also a culture of acceptance at universities of abominable behaviour towards women by some men, both students and staff, and a culture of sexual entitlement on the part of these men.

And despite our very own Niqab Niqi, self-appointed champion of abused women, flogging his own knackered mount, he really does not have a good track record towards women. Not at all.


Niqi and disciples act like ladies

So sisters, you know what to do. Put it out there Niqi style.

Victim forgotten in witch hunt against asylum seekers

True Courage

Republished and edited from mindmadeup blog

People gather at Delhi’s Mahatma Gandhi memorial to honour the 23-year-old rape victim. Photograph: Anindito Mukherjee/EPA


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The Indian Bar Association last week decided against defending the six suspects because of the nature of the crime, although the court is expected to appoint lawyers to defend them.

Indian media have reported that forensic evidence indicates the victim of the attack, who died on Saturday at a hospital in Singapore, struggled violently, repeatedly biting her assailants.



We must face up to our own rape culture

Cody Weiland and his rape fantasies

Your vagina is not a car

Clementine Ford

It seems like you can barely swing a well worn cliche around these days without hitting a sombre editorial lamenting how women suck at life. From the more asinine concerns around their geriatric-at-35 singlehood (could it be that you’re too picky, ladies?) to slightly more obnoxious frets about their clothing choices (when did empowerment start to resemble a porn set, amirite Angela?!), you’d be forgiven for thinking women stumble around all day like a wind up toy, only changing direction when they bump into a table leg or have a kindly man pick them up to gently urge them back towards the Safe Zone.

As irritating as this sort of fluff is, there’s something else that’s been worrying Concerned Citizens lately. Namely, why do women walk around without due diligence, refusing to take responsibility for their own safety in the badlands of society’s streets? While it’s true that reading maps is just one of the many, many things that women are bad at, even a cursory glance at urban cartography should reveal to them the giant land mass directly outside the perimeter of their home and local church that screams, ‘HERE BE MONSTERS’. And so, knowing how dangerous the world is for them, why don’t they listen and realise that they need to take more care?

In the condescending echo chamber that shudders into life every time conservations around harassment and sexual assault come up, there’s one argument that comes up time and time again. Where logic is concerned, it’s so ludicrous that it hardly bear acknowledging even by the process of contradiction. However, because people continue to use it to such stupifyingly large degrees, I thought it was high time that someone turned a hand to dismantling it once and for all. Let us begin.

If you leave your keys in your car, don’t be surprised if someone steals it.

Listen, it’s simple ladies. If you drive your vagina around and leave it double parked on a dark street with the keys dangling in the ignition and an apple pie on the dashboard, how can you expect someone not to amble past and just take it? I mean, if I were to just wander off and leave my wallet sitting on the table in a cafe, should I be surprised if I return later to find it gone? More to the point, if (as one commenter so helpfully asked a few months ago) I were to spread all of my possessions on my front lawn and retreat to the comfort of my living room for a Here Comes Honey Boo Boo marathon, can I really complain if I emerge, hours later, bleary eyed from the self induced high of a televisual acid trip, to the astonishing revelation that my worldly goods have been pilfered by opportunistic suburban thieves? Indeed, I cannot!

The lesson is simple: there are petty criminals lurking around every corner just waiting for hapless dames like you to walk around with money spilling out of your meat purses, so you should always put the club lock on your Honey Boo Boo.

It’s hard to believe, but such arguments are usually offered with a kind of arrogant ‘checkmate’ tone to them, as if sexual assault is merely the inconvenient by-product of Forgetful Girl Brain and not one of the most traumatic violations a person can experience. Worse, these kind of dismissive hypotheticals place victims at the forefront of blame. When we create and perpetuate caveats like this, we confirm to victims of sexual assault something that many are already deeply troubled by. That they could have done something different. That they asked for it. That they didn’t fight hard enough. That they deserved it.

The idea that we could possibly allow any victim of assault, sexual or otherwise, to think that they had somehow asked for it is so anathema to the idea of human decency that it beggars belief. Nobody asks to be raped. And vaginas don’t come with a goddamn steering lock.

Yet this argument persists because I think we’ve never really addressed the root of its logical inconsistency. A vagina is not a car, and rape is not the same thing as opportunistically taking someone’s abandoned wallet from a coffee table. Do you know why? Because if I leave the keys in my car – AND I’M SITTING IN MY CAR – anyone who comes along and tries to steal it will have to physically assault me in order to take it. If I sprawl all of my possessions on the front lawn of my house and then embark on my Honey Boo Boo marathon, that’s not an invitation to rape – it’s a sign that it’s hard rubbish day.

Presenting vaginas as disembodied possessions just waiting to be stolen isn’t just inaccurate (and searingly offensive – how many people who cursed Peter Slipper for comparing vaginas to mussels have invoked the old car key argument?) it also completely denies the reality of assault by shifting it into some kind of arbitrary narrative of property theft. Enduring rape has exactly zero things in common with the insignificant inconvenience of having to replace your credit cards, and it certainly isn’t done by stealth. When a woman puts on a short skirt, she isn’t signalling her exit from the building that is her body. She hasn’t left her car running on an empty street and wandered off to find some frozen yoghurt. All she’s done is put on a short skirt. You still have to ask her if she wants to have sex with you. You should still want to ask her.

Viewing a woman’s clothing as any kind of sign that she’s abandoned ship just confirms the idea that women aren’t truly in possession of their sexuality – that it exists for them to guard and for other people to take. Crucially, the reason so many men are upset by this prospect and use this argument in such fearful ways is because their concern stems from a desire to protect women from sexual assault rather than prevent it, thus allowing it to continue unabated by never really putting in the effort to take a stand against it.

If it’s true that rape was traditionally used (and continues to be used in some instances) as a weapon not against women but against men, it stands to reason that one of man’s greatest fears is being unable to protect the women he loves from this so-called reality of sexual violence. So what is actually being said when we ‘remind’ women that they’re vulnerable is this: Men cannot be there to protect you from ‘the monsters’ all the time, so for heaven’s sake, would you please meet them halfway and give them peace of mind by not behaving in ways that they think encourages others to rape you and disempower them. It’s not unnatural to want to protect the people in your life – but in this instance, it’s immensely unhelpful to assume that the best advantage women can have is male protection rather than a commitment to create the kind of world in which they can be equal beings, entitled to protect themselves.

What we should be saying is this: there is no excuse for rape. Period. What we should be doing is taking the level of effort and energy currently heaped into educating women on how they need to modify their behaviour in order to prevent sexual assault (which doesn’t work and doesn’t account for the fact that the majority of rapes are perpetrated by someone known to the victim). We should be educating everybody that sexual assault of any kind is never okay, and you can’t just jump in a woman’s front seat and drive her away as if she has no one but her careless self to blame.

Next time: How men can help in the quest to radically change women’s safety on the street. And it has nothing to do with offering protection.


A tale of two sex offenders

TAB is repulsed by sex offenders. All sex offenders are loathesome individuals who probably should in many cases have longer sentences than are currently given.

Particularly offensive are those who offend against children. And most victims are girls, though boys account for a significant and under-reported number of victims.

Most victims know their assailants and are often in relationships of trust with them. Predators rely on this trust to commit their appalling crimes.

These matters are relevant to what TAB tries to do because they deal with justice for victims. Prosecution of sex crimes often lead to injustices because of the difficulties involved in proving non-consent as well as the intricacies of forensic evidence.

Two stories today about sex offenders. Both committed offences against girls who were 12 and 11 respectively at the time of the offences. Both girls knew their attacker. Both accused were found guilty of the offences which is why we can discuss the matters.

One appealed against  the sentence and won a reduction in the sentence, the other has indicated through his barrister that he might appeal against the sentence.

Named offender

Sex offender

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But – can you spot the difference?

When rape becomes “freedom of speech”

A large number of pro-rape pro-child abuse pages apparently originating in Australia have recently sprung up on Facebook with titles such as

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m going to fuck you with a rake

Rose’s (sic) are red, Violets are blue,my Rape mode is on and I’m coming for you!

roses are red violets are blue if i had a beer bottle id (sic) smash it over youRape page 1

Kicking sluts in the throat.

It i’snt (sic) actually a rape if you say “SURPRISE” first.

Missing your final exam because you were date raped the night before

Pro rape post

Calling your penis Jack the Ripper because it kills and eats prostitutes

These are just a few of the hundred or so page URLs supplied to the Facebook reporting group Report Hate Groups for reporting by members.

Now you would think that some of the far right pages which also infest Facebook like a nasty plague, and which are always clamouring that they support women’s rights and are always accusing minority-group males of being rapists and predators  would be front and centre at condemning these pro-rape pro-child abuse pages and calling for their removal.

Not so

Sex with rakes

And a far right site which is always pointing the finger at Muslims, asylum seekers and anyone they decide is a “leftie” has actually decided to inform one of the pro-rape pages that they are being reported.

The Tanty Bogans support rape

And when an anti-rape activist decides to let members of Report Hate Groups know that the Tanty Bogans have informed the pro-rape pages that they are being reported


the Tanty Bogans are so affronted that they decide to conduct what passes for a discussion on their page.

Please note that their page has recently changed its name so if you can be bothered looking for it you will find it as Exposing the or something.

Tanty Bogans support rape

And as the chief  Tanty finishes its tanty the peanut gallery chimes in with its usual ad hominem mouth-breathings. In fact Joel Rickard gets so excited at having seen a picture of a real woman that he feels the need to make the same dumb comment twice.

Joel Rickard gets excited

And when the Tanties are challenged for their hypocrisy and support of hate crimes against women

Tanty Bogan challenged

We know the Tanties hate facts and evidence, but it might be a good time to point out to them that in Australia one in three women is a victim of sexual violence –  so they, their relatives and friends either include victims or know someone who is a victim.

We can also point out that men too are victims of sexual violence and child abuse. For instance one in seven males has been subjected to child abuse.

But that doesn’t worry the Tanties. They are only concerned with their freedom of hate speech.

Something to ponder

Anti rape