To summarise Mark Thomson:

* Women are the only ones who lie, therefore they should not be granted positions of power;

* Women only need perform in the kitchen and in the bedroom. All other talents and skills are to be performed by men;

* It’s okay to tell a magistrate how you feel while facing a tribunal – as long as you don’t recoegnise (sic) the rule of law and you type in capitals.

Queensland Health Worker Threatens To Glass Woman Online

Some choice quotes from Danny Pascoe, Queensland Health worker at Redcliffe Hospital:

* “…my ancestors paid for this country in their blood …so that gives me far more stock than it does you…”

TAB: No it doesn’t.

* “…i’ll fuckin glass you [Heidi] and we both know how that will turn out!”

TAB: Your public threats against a woman have been immortalised.

* “…three/nil to me …i win!!”

TAB: You have handed yourself the ‘win’ in a debate on the Interwebz. Congratulations.

* “…im pointing my dick at your head on the computer screen”

TAB: Lucky Steve. Man love just urging itself out of the hard-man’s closet.

* “hey steve …i feel a glassing come on son…”

TAB: Redcliffe Hospital would be a lot less busy if Danny just stopped glassing people.

* “…defence of australian culture and people and places and food and everything else australian (except the abos)”

TAB: Except the people who were in this country before anyone else. Yeah – they’re not Australian at all.

Gay Marriage Infringes on James Darby’s Rights

Apparently Ms Naidoo infringes on this jerk’s rights by stating that marriage should be about equality, and that over 60% of Australians support gay marriage. That apparently prevents him from ‘encouraging’ his ‘offspring’ from being straight.

I can’t imagine anything worse than being encouraged by this braindead fuck to make a choice about who to love.





Deni Pasic – “Sluts Until Proven Untrue”

Meet Australia’s latest arsehat, Deni Pasic. Are you a girl? Apparently you’re a slut until ‘proven untrue’. Simply meeting this guy and telling him that he’s a turdburger and walking away from him would prove that you wouldn’t lower yourself to the point of sexual interaction with him. Oh how I’d love all females in our country to prove themselves untrue sluts to Deni.

Note: Deni has a fascination with not only ‘sluts’, but also 15 inch black cocks. Go figure.

Chris Matthews Owns the Land, and the Women



No it isn’t.




Wait – the ‘coons’ look dodgy? You’re the shmuck hiding behind a fish..



Yeah, where they belong, while the men are out working hard (fishing).



But if it was a bunch of white guys still drinking at 9:30am – they’d be heroes, right?


More True Blue Respect For Women

Serial racist and neanderthal Danny flexes his flab and declares that women should be prepared to wait on hand and foot for him, read to do all of his washing, cleaning and cooking without dissent.

He belongs back in the 40’s.