Max Tomlinson, Sexist Dickbrain

Too frequently, women aspiring to public office suffer from PMS: Patriarchy. Misogyny. Sexism.

                                                                                                                                 – Dr Caroline Ford

It is all too common to find immature knuckle-dragging misogynist creeps strutting their stuff on Facebook and Twitter, pushing their unwanted fear and hatred of women. We shouldn’t have to be dealing with them in the 21st Century but so far evolution has failed to keep up with the modern world.

It is more unusual to find them harassing journalists and commentators from the offices of Parliamentarians, particularly when these staffers are old enough to know better.

That didn’t stop one of Queensland Senator Ian McDonald’s staffers from attacking Dr Caroline Ford, who mildly criticised the lack of women in Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s ministry in an op ed

Courier Mail

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Crikey managed to obtain the full text of the e mail which we have  reproduced below

Tomlinson 1

Note the hectoring tone we so often hear from 14 year old dateless wankers on Facebook. You’d think someone who had actually been the editor of a newspaper would know better.

Then Tomlinson goes on to boast how he has managed to keep his own “little woman” in the kitchen having babies for many years.

tomlinson 2

And here is the Courier-Mail article which so upset Tomlinson’s delicate sensibilities.

A puzzled Ford herself was quoted thus in the Courier-Mail

Dr Ford said she had been married for 43 years and had three children and in her first lecture she talked about the work women did “both paid and unpaid” and was a supporter of stay-at-home mothers.

So not exactly the stereotypical feminist of Tomlinson’s wild imaginings.

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