The (many) ugly faces of “Mark Whiteman” “Rachael Dandridge”

By now we would have hoped that the racist anti-Indigenous troll page Did Aboriginals Deserve an Apology? would have been canned by Facebook. It has had thousands of reports for its racist and defamatory content and it has been reported to AHRC by scores of people.

Unfortunately not.

Of course this is Facebook we are dealing with – and NOT some ethical organisation which supports the notion of tolerance and inclusiveness and is pro-active against racism and cyber-bullying.

So we thought we’d feature the page barrel girl this week – the fake “Rachael Dandridge”, complete with the usual tiresome modus operandi – name stolen from a respected African-American civil servant and academic, inappropriate profile picture (in this case a stock image from Tumblr and several other social networks and aggregators, of someone who is most likely underage) – but that’s how the male behind “Rachael” rolls.

And here are just a few selections from the trainwreck that is “Rachael”.



We’ve concealed the identity of the young Indigenous woman on the picture stolen by “Rachael”.





One of the Aboriginal posters commented that the page creator was a 17 year old “stoner” from Perth.

Makes sense – the handiwork reflects someone who is off with the pixies, probably self-medicating with weed or worse, socially clueless, physically unprepossessing and heading for a life of failure.

So here’s an approximation of what we think “Rachael” would be like. We have probably been too kind.