The gathering of the Scotts – ” ‘She was SCREAMING! With LOVE for her own people!’ “

Not content with huddling in their very own hate groups, several of the more daring xenophobes have ventured out to make their unwelcome appearance at mainstream Facebook sites, specifically at fan sites for various current affairs programmes.

We understand how it must be frightening for them to be confronted by normal people, and especially so when these normal people actually dare to argue a different, more normal viewpoint.

The nerve of them…

Perennial favourite lonely impaired white guy Scott Pengelly was first out of the starter’s gate recently at Weekend Sunrise as he moaned and complained bitterly at public reaction to the unhinged racist on the train we recently featured.


Then Scott lets everyone know why the demented harridan was screaming racist insults on the train…well only in Scott’s alternate universe could you come up with an explanation like this.


And along came one of Scott’s besties,  the Nazi commenting at the bottom with some cut-and-paste dirge from every failed neo-Nazi group we have seen.


Lots of disturbing content on this guy’s profile. And we don’t think he’s joking either.

Then along comes another Scott. This one is from Queensland, used to be in the Army (thankfully not there now) , follows crazy Christian Danny Nalliah’s new political party and likes to mouth off in the usual ignorant fashion about Muslims and Islam. He starts off by having a go at Andrew O’ Keefe, the presenter and points out that O’ Keefe “laughed and scoffed” at Wilders.

Well guess what Scotty, we all did. That clown is the Eurojoke of the decade.



One unnamed commenter sums Scott up nicely. Scott’s response?


Err… may we interrupt to remind Scott that cutting off heads etc was fairly normal battlefield behaviour back then. Perhaps Scott should have paid more attention at school when they studied Macbeth.

The great Irish patriot Hugh O’ Neill used to take their tongues as well and the great Scottish patriot William Wallace was a dab hand with the broadsword, being 195 cms tall and built to match (unlike weedy little anti-Semite Mel Gibson, who played him in the movie).

The “child bride” myth about the Prophet Mohammed is unlikely and apocryphal – but hey that madman Khomeini believed it, so obviously in Scott’s Islamophobic world it must be true.

David Bates then carries on about how “we” feel about Muslims – do us a favour idiot and speak for yourself or “we” might just give you a special sorting out.

Bigots don’t speak for Australia

Speaking of which Scott rounds off with a lament for a simpler time when no doubt he’d have been forced by his feudal lord to marched across a  hostile Europe, risk death from bandits and lethal contagious diseases for which there was then no cure, starved more often than not, perpetually in danger from human traffickers and faced with a fanatical and well-armed foe.

That was what the Crusades were really about.

Defamation Row

with apologies to the great Bob Dylan


Just after we published our last set of musings on the racist and bigoted sewers of the Internet we happened to come across a stolen picture of one of our friends on one particular scumsite complete with defamatory comment.


That is nothing new for us since just about every anti-intolerance activist has been labelled and defamed as paedophiles since Facebook began. Some of them notoriously so.

It seems the enemy, lacking any factual or moral underpinning for its garbage, can only resort to the criminality which comes so naturally to it.

However the person in question is a blogger who happens to support the Australian Labor Party and the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Just like about 50% of the Australian voting-age population going by the results of the last Federal election.

He has never actually confronted the enemy nor has he written about them. Yet.

Now note the only comment showing.

Here’s the brave person making the comment hiding behind a fake profile.


Yet another numbingly boring robotic troll created to make the scumsites look like they have more interest than they actually have. There must be a Dalek factory somewhere producing them.

This one seems to be American. We hope for its sake that it has deep pockets.

And just take a look at who has “liked” the comment.


“John Jones” is a fake. But Scott Pengelly, of Melton in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, is not. Moreover he is allegedly employed in a child care centre!


Maybe it’s time to remind it that in Australia we have defamation laws and a large amount of precedent-setting case law and its foreign origin does not protect either it or Facebook from litigation. Check out Gutnick V Dow Jones [2001] if you don’t believe us.

In fact scummies you are all on the wrong track. An association between child sex offences and far right political views, beliefs and culture  is emerging in the literature.

Paedophilia: The Public Health Problem Of The Decade (Dr William F Glaser)

If we do not deny the offences, then we refuse to recognize the victims. If we do not deny that there are victims, then we refuse to recognize their suffering. The reasons for this state of affairs are complex and arise from a combination of entrenched patriarchal values, child (and woman) hatred disguised as pseudo-science …(Rush, 1980; Masson,1985).

Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and the politics of paedophile rings: The Conversation (Michael Salter)

It is well recognised that commonly held views about masculinity, sexuality and power are used by offenders to legitimise child abuse. In some circumstances, the abuse of children and women can become a means of male bonding.

So perhaps scummies you should all look in the mirror before you continue to defame decent hard-working progressive Australian men.

The 2012 Olympics Limpdicks™

Most Aussies were able to enjoy the recent London Olympics either in person or via an extensive television and Internet coverage. Over a hundred athletes went to London and competed in a wide range of events.

About 30 of them won medals; the rest turned in what were often personal bests. Now the Paralympics are showcasing the great performances of our athletes with disabilities.

Sadly, the bogots missed out on selection for London since they have little or nothing to offer an elite sporting team. Or a nation for that matter.

So we thought we might feature a sample of their memorable signature performances in their very own competition.



As we can readily see, TAB and Facebook favourite Scott Pengelly loves rapid cycling. So much so he features in not one but at least two track events along with some road racism racing. We look forward to seeing Scott pedalling away, packing down with the lads in the peloton,  attired in his tight Lycra while declaring his 90 degree straight masculinity.

1. Teen Pursuit

2. The (H)om(o)nium

Over to the water now where several seasoned performers and their cheer squad express their hopes for the day’s performances. Josh wants to express his fine notions of sportsmanship though Mitch has some fears that they might be dragged down.

However confirming some media speculation, Atlanta does not seem as focused as perhaps she should be on the coming event but seems more obsessed with the  Festive Season.

3. 10km Marathon Asylum Seeker Drowning Attempt

4. Mixed Double Trap

A very special welcome to “John Harris” . Having featured prominently in marathons around Queensland and with memories of the torturous kilometres north of Brisbane, “John” recently fronted a packed media conference to announce its intention to compete in shooting off its mouth events.

Witness “John’s” performance in its qualifying round against a female opponent. Note its clever attempts to size up her position before he takes aim. Watch its close attention to the target. An obsessive performer indeed.

However we have no idea which event it was that “John” was attempting to qualify for. And its constant reiteration of its nickname “Gimpy” did not help – an obvious reference to its chosen shooting outfit.


John “Gimpy” Harris in its favourite shooting gear

5. Bogot Bitch Volleyball

Grubby sheet afficiandos B & B have fronted up again this year to contest this event. Don’t be fooled folks by the bikini-clad women in the picture, they are just smoke and mirrors designed to distract B&B’s opponents.

Rool bogot bitch volleyball players dress like this.

Bitch volleyball players in their stalking walking out uniform

Third team member Michelle is known to us from her previous efforts in intimate equine encounters. She has now left the horses alone to try her luck on the sand.

Michelle Alexander

Michelle gets up close and personal with her latest mount

As you can no doubt tell from our featured competitors, banned substances are a big problem amongst the bogots. However, efforts are in hand to eliminate dopes in sport.

Now to wrap up

Dope Testing at the Limpdicks

And sports medicine expert Anne not only is conscious of the epidemiological implications of having a bunch of ripe, diseased and sweaty bogots in one place, she is also mindful of the prohibitive costs facing bogot teams.

A shame she has it all completely wrong, but that’s bogots for you…

“Racism against Strayans”

Recently the Australian Human Rights Commission announced a number of initiatives for public consultation on strategies for the promotion of anti-racism.

National Anti-racism Strategy

Here’s the Australian Pathetic Protectionist Facebook group Party in full chorus.

Pathetics reverse racism

And not to be outdone, of course Facebook hate group Australia IsDying was right onto it as well, urging its members to send their privileged self-centred whinges and moans grievances to Canberra.

Dopy bogots 1

We are sure that amongst the ensuing correspondence will be an outline of the sort of “final solution” the bogots favour – accompanied by the usual flurry of finger-pointing at all their favourite hate targets.

Gunsmoke 1

And we think that the AHRC may be having an uphill battle if this Q&A question is going to be typical of public understandings and perceptions. Though it is good to know that the need to support and promote the languages of Indigenous Australians was felt to be so important…oh wait…

Q&A question

And here’s Scott Pengelly adding his two cents’ worth

Scott Pengelly

Mistaking the many who ignored his dumb comment as signalling agreement, he then continues

Scott Pengelly 2



A year ago serial whinging blog troll Niqi “Grant” made the following observation

Whingy Grant

Anyone with any personal ethics or feelings of self-worth would have ceased visiting this blog after that if it were such an affront to their beliefs. Not so “Grant”, since he possesses neither. He keeps coming back, just like virulent herpes or a persistent and odorous fungus.

And it’s not just on Facebook where you can find hard-done-by downtrodden white Strayans complaining about all that racism supposedly directed at them and their kind.

Whingy Robert

Note the standard line taken by “Robert”. He raises the spectre of a rash of race-based crime against white people but tantalisingly offers absolutely no evidence. As usual.

Back to Facebook for a minute where Christine Bailey and someone we assume is really called Kim Gibb are moaning and whinging about the mythical benefits supposedly paid to asylum seekers. As usual facts are not allowed to get in the way of yet another Strayan myth. At this rate the bogots will be rivalling the Greeks and the Scandinavians in the sheer volume of their fairy tales – except ancient mythologies are far more interesting.

Whingy Kim

And it looks like the bogots have even strayed over to that excellent Australian site Whirlpool Forums in order to share their tantrums with an unwilling audience of tech-heads, who in this instance were discussing the SBS reality show Housos.


Bogots have even managed to infiltrate the Fairfax parenting blog Essential Baby, specifically a forum discussing the recent ABC-TV series The Slap.

Who’d have thought that Mumma Bogot would actually have read an acclaimed Australian novel – though we best warn her that it was written by a gay man of Greek background before she plunges too enthusiastically into the heady waters of moaning about immigrants analysing contemporary literature.

Essential Baby whinge

We will let Angry Aussie have the last word, as he highlights Straya’s Whinger in Chief and steel-jawed inspiration for hate-mongers and whiney bogots everywhere – Andrew Bolt.


This Blog is Racist Against Whites… Or Is It?

Uluru Nonsense

Senator George Brandis wants you offended and insulted

From the comfortable, well-paid and powerful position he holds in the Federal Parliament, Senator George Brandis, Coalition Shadow Attorney-General, Senior Counsel (SC) and long-serving Parliamentarian intoned:

“Offensive and insulting words are part of the robust democratic process which is essential to a free country.”

Brandis wants you insulted


Now we know that Parliament is a tough and robust environment in Australia. We know that both sides attack each other with vigour in the Parliament and expect the other side to respond in kind. That’s why both Houses have presiding officers and Standing Orders to ensure that debate does not descend into defamation. We expect our Parliamentarians to both strongly represent us and to be thick-skinned enough to withstand a fair amount of invective, often confected.

However the situation enjoyed by the privileged men and women who sit in Parliament does not represent the situation faced by vilified minorities out in the community, who have neither the platform to speak out from nor the public reach of their vilifiers.

Hence, up until the Bolt case provided a (temporary) pause, shock jocks, trash media and tabloid TV have been able to create an environment where it seems any idiot can get into the comments section of newspapers, onto talkback radio and into social media and parade their hatred and freely defame Indigenous people, ethnic and religious minorities, refugees and asylum seekers, as well as GLBTI people and women.

Perhaps as George Brandis enjoys his comfortable office, his generous salary and working conditions, his ability to have his views readily heard and published and his community respect and prestige he may like to ponder the following – just a small sample from our files:

Batty and the Muslim race


Adolf Nationalist

Peter Murphy hate speech


Uplifting stuff for sure…

Freedom of speech

Nutzis in Love Part 1

We assume that given the amount of time the bogots spend on social media sites posting hate in forums, or stalking their enemies, or carefully crafting anti-Muslim videos, erotic encounters do not happen all that often.

We are often puzzled as to how bogots manage to hook up with the opposite sex when they are so socially lacking and when they all hate most of the rest of humanity (including women) – (see Sex and the Single Bogot )

Not to mention mostly being butt-ugly somewhat lacking in attractiveness. And any virulent bogotry is always a big passion-killer unless you are putting the hard word on one of your own. Which in the Bogotopia means you’d inevitably have to be gay, because psychologically normal women are non-existent somewhat thin on the ground in the dank swamps of Bogotopia. Of course being gay is a big no-no and liable to score you a bashing.

In fact, finding love for bogots is probably akin to what occurs among Giant Pandas, who without a substantial amount of medical intervention are well on the way to extinction.

Except we are all for the continuation of the Giant Panda.


Alternatively the bogot can make a lifelong commitment to solo sex (see Scott Pengelly).

Or even seek love in cyberspace.

In fact we have evidence that some of the hardest of the hard-core have done so. Let’s take a peek at our case files.

1. Dr Jim Saleam

For those youngsters who do not know, Jim Saleam is the head of a tiny neo-Nazi “white nationalist” party known as Australia First. Blogger slackbastard has some information about his current political activities. A search on the slackbastard site will also reveal a treasure trove of info about the good doc, his colourful associates and allies, many of whom are known to the readers of Facebook hate sites as well as to the police.

Saleam is allegedly a little stingy parsimonious in his usage of social networks, which appears to match what we know about his courtship behaviour, so it is understandable that some people may not have encountered him online.

We hope for his sake and everyone else’s that things stay that way.

It has recently been reported to us that Dr Jim (yes ladies he really has a real Ph.D from the University of Sydney no less!) was availing himself of the services of the online dating site  RSVP about a year ago. He was apparently somewhat coy about his somewhat colourful past and present activities, realising what a passion killer full-blown neo-Nazism is, and thus preferring to woo with what we gather was the force of his personality (??)

The problem with nutzi dating

A recent search of RSVP however failed to reveal any trace of Dr Jim. We assume he may have met the woman of his dreams.

Is this the Saleam Dream girl?

2. Darren Bailey-Morris

Bailey-Morris, known to us here as Goblin, does not have a Ph.D, or anything very much else for that matter.  A minor functionary in an obscure government department by day, he seems to morph like a latter-day Clark Kent into – a minor functionary of a miniscule Facebook group. His brilliant career is detailed here and if you hunger for more there is a first helping here

Goblin seems to specialise in stalking anti-racist women and making them offers he thinks they cannot refuse. Strangely enough (or maybe not) he does the same with anti-racist men. Since Goblin is apparently married, the only reason we can think of that he would indulge in such vigorous and polymorphously perverse activities is that he feels himself to be such a man that he needs a variety of experiences.

Or maybe he just likes feeling himself.

And there’s no wussy online dating sites or introduction agencies for Goblin. Not when you have such a dynamic trio as Scott Neale, Dane Roberts and Tamelka O’ Rorke running their own “intelligence outfit” and willing to provide information to him. Even if it is totally wrong.

The APDM "intelligence unit" at work


APDM shares info on women

Now having received this “information” Goblin wastes no time in getting in touch with the object of his affections and letting her know How It Will Be. No time-wasting courtship stuff with flowers and bottles of plonk. Not even the suggestion of a walk on the beach though he does mention something about Sandy.


"Darren stop talking about me! I am not to be mentioned! Stop it! Repor...err stop it!"

Disclaimer: This is a stock porn image associated with a certain person.

That will be den mother and tea lady to the APDM Sandy Rogic – right? Who seems to be doing her own cosying up to the dreaded antifa if Goblin is to be believed – right?

Love letter

Looks like the Goblin still has the weird delusion that every anti-racist is a “Muslim”. He also seems to think his beloved is divorced from someone she has never met. He is also terribly excited by the idea of whipping someone.

You could almost construct your own dating profile for desperate Dazz. Interested in the law, loves a bit of S&M,  never shuts up great conversationalist, likes to fight with strangers and send aggro messages to women he has never met…and never will meet.

Then again sound and healthy mental processes have never been a feature of the bogots. Dream on Dazz.

Darren Bailey-Morris

“Alex Bell” or “Ron Peters” – Go back to where you came from!

Every now and again we get a scumtrooper straight from Central Casting. This week’s offering is Alex Bell. All he lacks are the laughable tatts and the comical regalia.

Alex Bell Facebook

What do we know about this rising star? Well firstly, he is from the UK. So it is quite likely he is not a citizen as yet. Perhaps people might like to contact DIAC and express their concerns.

After all, we don’t want any dodgy imports here, having just rid ourselves of one of Alex’s fellow London racists. Nor are we racist against Brits ourselves. We love them!

Monty Python team

Brits we love

We also need to have to have those regular visits from easy-beat Rugby, Rugby League and cricket teams as well to help make Strayans feel really patriotic.

But Alex has made a really bad start to his Australian experience when he defamed a poster here at the blog.

Alex Bell spam post

Next he decided to monster this poster whom he did not like. And magically his name changed to “Ron Peters”. Poor little fail boy…doesn’t even know who he is.

Alex Bell AKA Ron Peters

Next he made himself unwelcome at a couple of anti-racist sites. This time as “Alex Bell”.

Dodgy stats

For those who do not know, anyone can plot a professional-looking graph via Excel and present it as having come from an official site. The far right do this all the time.

Try it if you don’t believe us – for instance you may want to plot … the inverse relationship between penis size and membership of fringe extremist groups

Alex Bell vilifies

Using a pejorative term describing people of African descent which has no academic credibility except at Scumfront? Delightful fellow what?

And Alex’s two friends? Well here’s Mad Angela the Christian Soldier, wielding her pointy Bible to rid the world of gays and lesbians.

Angela Usher

And we all know and love Scott Pengelly, Melton’s most notorious shut-in, vestal virgin for the “white race”, devotee of Asian pick-up sites, the only person ever granted his own thread by a bountiful and generous TAB.
Scott Pengelly

Oh look, magic…

Alex Bell Ron Peters

So let’s join together to make Alex…or Ron… feel really unwelcome.

Fuck off tosser, we’re full!!

White Supremacist Argues Multiculturalism

Came across this gem of a loser. Check out his woeful rant.

‘Australians are British…so no-one with a different skin colour, apart from Aboriginals, are Australian.’

From the Australian Government citizenship website:

Australian citizenship is an important step in your migration story. Becoming an Australian citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that this country stands for. It is also the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian community. It is the step that will enable you to say ‘I am Australian’.
Australian citizenship is a privilege that offers enormous rewards. By becoming an Australian citizen, you are joining a unique national community. Our country has been built on the combined contributions of our Indigenous people and those who came later from all over the world. We celebrate this diversity and at the same time, strive for a unified and harmonious nation.
The strength of the Australian community means that we work together to solve problems and to make Australia the great country that it is. We have a stable system of government and Australians respect the authority and laws of the government. Our stability, our culture and our laws have been shaped by our history. By joining the Australian community, you will inherit this history and you will be in a position to contribute to it.
Australia was born on the backs of convict settlers from Britain, but that was over 220 years ago.

‘People simply do not have the right to come to OUR country…’

Actually, yes they do.

‘If people are paying taxes in this country and working (though they often aren’t!), then they have taken a job from an Australian… if they are raising their children here it is at the expense of Australian children…if they love ecah (sic) other, they are hating us.’

Where to start? So much ignorance.

Implying that some white Australians are only unemployed because non-white Australians are employed is possibly the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Imagine being granted employment not based on education or work experience, but because of your ethnicity..!

“Hi there, congratulations on being a white Australian. Here is your medical degree. Enjoy your life as a doctor.”

Part of the reason that successive governments have raised the immigration intake is to satisfy the skills shortages experienced in many facets of our economy. Ignoring people with skills and experience because of their ethnicity would be to the detriment of Australia.

Children attending schools in highly multicultural areas have exposure to a wide range of cultures and have the capacity that many adults don’t have to form cross-cultural friendships based on mutual interests and respect. Multicultural education is adopted by each state and has the full support of communities.

Suggesting that loving one’s family lessens an individual’s ability to love another is ludicrous. Love is universal and knows no bounds. Children born into loveless families are statistically inclined to perpetuate abuse onto their own future families. Alternatively, children born into tolerant, respectful loving families that teach the values treating all people with compassion are statistically socially healthy and more inclined to be motivated in education.

‘White, British, Anglo-Saxons and Celts founded and built this nation. It’s that obvious and simple. No-one else did.’

Perhaps many of the customs and traditions that we see in society today have strong British influences, but that is where it ends. Australia was built on the backs of migrants as well as white European settlers. The Gold Rushes and The Snowy Mountains Scheme are two examples.

‘Stating how “multi-cultural” Melbourne and Sydney are now only proves how wrong things are.’

Subjectivity is never a strong point in debate, Scott.

Nobody is asking anyone to leave their cities. There will be no defeat, there will be no uprising. There will be no retreat. These are all narrow-minded ramblings from an insecure bogan. We are being asked to share what we have with people from other countries, and to do that does not suggest that we need to lose any of what we have. We still have our pristine beaches, our freedom of democracy and speech, our entertainment and sporting influences, our BBQs and bikinis, our beer and State of Origin. We still have the right to choose our child’s education and we still have the right to practice our own religion. We have access to financial assistance and access to healthcare. We still have the right to come and go as we please and we have the right to love whoever we want. Where have our freedoms been eroded? When has our way of life been attacked?

You’re a racist scumbag, Scott. You are truly a dense bogan and the irony is that your ‘friends’ list consists of nothing but Asian models you will never have the luxury of being with.