“Our gov is to (sic) gutless to throw them out”

Samantha Mitchell capslock

Because everyone knows if you use CAPSLOCK everyone will take notice right?

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Malcolm Farr

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Cost of detention? $113,000 per asylum seeker

The cost of detaining asylum seekers only — that is, removing costs for deterrence and anti-people smuggling activities — totals just over $2b since 2000. During that period, just over 18,000 people have arrived by boat. That means taxpayers have spent about $113,000 simply to detain each asylum seeker, on average, across the period. Our obsession with detention comes with with a big price tag.

Shameful Inhumane Australians

Myth 8 – If We Let Them In, They’ll Take Our Benefits

Fact: A common misconception is that refugees arriving in Australia will ‘steal’ the entitlements of Australians. The reality is that refugees, like migrants, create demand for goods and services, thus stimulating the economy and generating growth and employment. A recent UCLA study has shown that unauthorised immigration boosts the US economy by $800 billion per year.

The Big List of Reasons Why You’re Wrong About Asylum Seekers

5. Well, they won’t work, they’ll just sit on welfare and drain our resources.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this has happened, or will happen. There will be some, as there are in our own ‘culture’ where your cousin Ted spends too much time gurgling bong water and adjusting his crotch throughout the day.


Asylum Seekers: The Myths are getting Bigger

The Bogot Cut-and-Paste Show

The bogots’ Straya is a place of cutting-edge politico-historical scholarship, a veritable Athens for the modern world.

Day after day bogots who can barely spell their own names get together in their little hate groups and are suddenly filled with the wonderful gift of knowledge imparted from the pages of the Herald-Sun, the deathless words of the likes of Alan Jones or the many bogot-friendly hate websites. They then take this knowledge and impart it to others like them, or sometimes they even invade groups opposed to them in order to spam it and shove it down people’s throats enlighten the ignorant.

Just look at these profound words shared generously by Belinda Elisaia-Thomas with members of her hate group . Such fatuous rubbish surging patriotism would bring a lump to the throat of the hardest cynic.


In fact so enthused are her fellow bogots that they excitedly queue up to “like” her post.

Cut and paste likes

and social anthropologist Donna Collins, replete with the knowledge and experience gained from living on that great centre of venerable Strayan culture the Gold Coast and regular jaunts to to the local shopping mall breathlessly informs her fellow bogots that luxury hotels (where a local wouldn’t be staying anyway) are now full of “dumpsters”.

We hope she has informed the local Council.

Social researcher Donna Collins investigates a dumpster as it attempts to enter the Palazzo Versace at Main Beach

Now what about this heart-warming fragment of verse? Turns out that far from being an upsurge of fervent local bogot patriotism it actually originated in Britain.

Broken Britain

And of course it had previously turned up in a slightly different form at American-based neo-Nazi sewer Scumfront.

Original cut and paste 2

Now we go over to this hate group who, when they are not busy crafting final solutions for asylum seekers that would make Eichmann proud are reverently invoking their ancestors.

Another cut and paste

Or more accurately some boiler-plate American ancestors

Great grandfather cut and paste

Not content with ripping off some American guff,  the spam-meisters who originally circulated this stuff then concocted an e mail and pretended it came from the independent MP for Kennedy Bob Katter. Of course it did not, but bogot spammers have no qualms about slandering a Member of Parliament in their desperate attempts to get credibility.

Australian site Hoax-Slayer exposed it this way:

Hoax Slayer

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We’ll let the satirical site Failbook have the last say

Cut and paste

“No Sex Please We’re Bogots” – Special X rated edition

Bogots spend a lot of time thinking about sex. Probably not much time having it – after all come on now, have you seen them?

But they are very concerned about a range of sexual issues. The first issue which concerns them is homosexuality.

"Jack Stone" and Paul Toohey

Bogots are uncomfortable with homosexuality and often in denial about their own orientation. On the one hand, trawling for supporters for their hate pages as they do (because with them it’s all about size, not quality), they occasionally say things like “i dont care if two fags wanna get married i just hate burqas…” or words to that effect. On the other hand they are very quick to use words like “faggot” and “gay” to demonise their opponents, and when they are not drowning asylum seekers or chesting up for “white Straya” they can often be found frolicking in homophobic groups.

Andy & Donna

Secondly they are very interested in the sex life of Muslims. As far as we know, Muslims have sex just like everyone else on the planet, but not according to the bogotariat.

Ronald Monroe

Pedeophile? A new perversion there Ronnie.

Christopher O' Reilly

For a young bloke Chris certainly seems to know a lot more than he probably should about women’s bits. And “teh_FGM”

Female Genital Mutilation is a grave problem in certain parts of the world. It is certainly not confined to a small number of Muslims who practice it. But very very few Muslims in Australia would be victims.

Property tycoon “Ele Fre”gives us the lowdown on someone called “MOMO”. Scary stuff – “Ele”‘s theological knowledge that is.


Fabric expert Ang Os draws attention to the “gay Muslins” – that’s nice Ang, now we know what fabric is  in for Spring – before going down the predictable scary paedophile path.

In what passes for conversation in one of their covens, several Islamophobes come to grips with their belief that “child marriages” (code for “paedophilia”, their favourite perversion) are rife in the Middle East. Now “Ray G” actually tries to insert some factual evidence into the discussion but is quickly sat upon by the others.

Bonnie Caverly

Bonnie Caverly 2

“Ray G” of course knows as we do that the notorious picture showing young men with small girls is in fact a Muslim wedding, but  the little girls are actually junior bridesmaids. But then again it is not as much fun and not so loin-stirring for the phobes if they are faced with the truth. So after being pointed in the right direction they just keep going on and on. Obsessed much?

Next, Mary Jane for instance wonders about “dirty Muslim men” bringing “child brides” into this country. Never mind that  no one in Australia is allowed to get married before the age of 18 – perhaps Mary lives in another country? In both the state of Georgia in the US and the Republic of Georgia in the Caucuses, both Christian majority jurisdictions, and in Scotland, part of the UK, you can be married long before 18. In  fact you are more likely to find a “child bride” in Bonny Scotland than you are in suburban Sydney.

Convert to Allan

We are rather interested too in this new deity called Allen. Does she mean Alan Jones perhaps? We can assure her unequivocally that Alan Jones is not interested in having a child bride.

Michelle Alexander

Well Michelle, all religions are inherently anti-woman. And we know plenty of non-Muslim men in Australia who are dickheads where women are concerned. Just look at the stats on domestic violence and sexual assault in this country. And sexual predators don’t care whether you are naked or covered from head to foot because sex offences are all about power not sexual attraction.

Now can anybody help Ellen with a copy of the “quarne” (sic). We can’t.

But Steve Clayton has assured her that Muslims are “shirt-lifters” as well as having a perverted fondness for animals. One can only assume that Steve has deep and intimate knowledge of these things. Must be tiring being polyperverse, eh Steve?

Ellen Forrester

Ryan is obviously a serious seeker after truth.

Ryan Leaf

However it is unlikely he will find out though because no sensible woman of any religious persuasion would go near him.

Samantha Mitchell

Samantha thinks that Muslim women are very tiny. We doubt if Muslim women are under anyone’s thumb – certainly no more so than Christian women.

And Marg has a very unhealthy interest in the clitorises of other women. We would advise women to stay away from Marg. We are also amazed that these kids have managed to get married in Australia at the age of 9 – oh that’s right, we are talking about Marg now and this is Straya.

Marg Lennon

“Hammer Field” is yet another self-appointed “sexpert”. Check out his picture below and you can see why he might lack practical knowledge.

Hammer Field

“Hammer Field” is very excited about “thighing”. So are a lot of the bogots, we’ve noticed.

Nicky Folkes

Failed serial political candidate Nick of course is bursting with tumescent insight. After damning Islam with the charge of chauvinism he then makes a totally chauvinistic observation about women.

Continuing with the burgeoning excitement, he then lovingly describes bending over for terrorists.

Now despite their intense, somewhat obsessive and downright pornographic  interest in what they imagine  the sex lives of Muslims is, bogots cannot help assuming the high moral ground (you know, the one they are never on themselves) when it comes to their opponents. Here’s homespun homophobe Toohey again on motherhood.

Paul Toohey

So what were you fed as a child Paul? Oh wait…don’t tell us!

More Things Bogots Say

We received a good reception for our last post on this topic so we thought we’d increase the lulz and give you some more.

Dumb Linda

We actually agree with the notion that many media outlets are corrupt but we’ve seen what passes for news with Linda and wonder where she gets it from. Tea leaves? Or tea bags?

Tea Baggy

Marg stalker

Serial stalker Marg is obviously craving male company – this is one of three younger men we know of that she’s set her rather seedy-looking cap for. We don’t blame the “concrete purer” (sic) for not wanting to respond to someone who still wets her pants.

Dumb Musky

How does one go about suppressing discussion with Political Correctness? Is that some new sort of gag?  Then the self-appointed Warrior Poet of the rabble right inserts a thought bubble followed by a laugh. Weird.

Dumb Neville

From “Neville Bartos” , epidemiology  expert to the far right.

OMG protect us against the Dreaded Pluage!  Get the fridge magnets! And where is this new country called Sri Lanka Iran? Must let the UN know. Are you allowed to have country names with three words? Wherever the same (sic) you come from?

Nick the political expert

Ah Nick, astute veteran political commentator. Firstly, he breaks the startling news that our PM was sworn in by “the UN”. Obviously according to Nick that august body is one to be regarded with apprehension.

Simulating with the enemy sounds like fun – Marg might be interested especially if you get to wear a gag (see Musky’s comment)

Dumb Samantha

Well Samantha you are certainly not a spelling “genious” (sic). We are far more humble about our computer expertise but we are fairly sure that when a page is hacked it doesn’t turn around and put the hard word on us.

Err… Sparta came and went a long time before Islam. Sparta didn’t have much to do with the 100 Years’ War or the Spanish Armada either. Don’t these fake profiles ever read?