Craig Parsey and his Right to be a Racist

Please take the time to review some of the rumblings of Craig Parsey: proud racist, and believer in the ‘creativity movement’.

Note: Craig Parsey is a supporter and member of the Australian Protectionist Party and the Creativity Movement. He is a former employee of ATMR and a current employee of the Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW.

Asians (sic) Drivers

Possibly the most annoying thing about racism is the fact that it is generally full of double standards.

Yeah, we all know that there are some shit Asian drivers on our roads. No doubt. But they aren’t the only ones. 

Our stereotypical minds kick in whenever we see bad drivers. We always need to see the physical appearance of a driver as soon as we spot bad driving. If it’s an Asian, we remember it. If it’s not, we shrug our shoulders, blast them one more time with the horn and speed off, forgetting about which nationality they were.

Asians do tend to have a style of driving, and that seems to generally be a cautious, left-lane, observing the speed limit kind of driving. And I personally hold that kind of driving to be much safer than the speed right up and sit on your tail and then swerve in and out of tight lanes of traffic while running orange and red lights kind of driving.

At the end of the day, people in Australia go for the same driving test. If they’ve passed, then they’ve been observed by a qualified and professional driving instructor to meet the standard of skill required for driving in this country. If you’ve got stereotypical racial qualms beyond this, then maybe you need to take a look at yourself. You’re most likely an impatient speed merchant constantly aiming to wipe 8 seconds of your drive time by taking unnecessary risks. Best of luck.